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It used to be that I made a New Year's Resolution every January.  Invariably by February 1st it was teetering on the brink of falling by the wayside where it lay discarded among all my other good intentions.  I am at heart an artist.  I think in broad strokes and have no choice but to leave it to...
On behalf of, or possibly in spite of the creators of this great forum, I'm going to establish the blog paperbacks for all those posts that go unnoticed the first time around.  They come out in hard cover, with pristine print and often great graphics and then seemingly tank in the active waters o...
It's simplistic to say we're all different, but we are in so many ways.  Robert posted a blog about listening to audio when driving in the car.  I agree and disagree with his observations.  First of all there is certain music that I try to listen to whenever I need a pick-me-up.  Tom Barabas' new...
I just had a closing on Thursday.  It should have been joyous for everyone but there was a pall over the proceedings that was clearly palpable.  Sellers sat on one side of the table, hands clasped in their laps, not uttering a word.  Buyers rifled through paperwork, occasionally engaging their at...
This is incredible . . .I've always liked tomatoes, but tonight I think I'm in love.  The Real Estate Tomato gives me hope I can finally, after years of frustration, get a divorce from Microsoft Word.  Can it be so?  I won't even shed a tear.  Check out his article about this wonderful new techno...
Admittedly we're in a relatively stagnant market, that's no surprise, nor is it singular to this area.  The ways of dealing with the problem are getting more and more creative.  According to Newsday, a local newspaper, a Long Island homeowner came up with a unique plan for engendering excitement ...
I have no predisposition to hate Zillow or Redfin or any of the parade of modalities (interlopers some have called them) that have made an attempt over the years to climb onto the gilded pony called real estate.  A lesson learned early in my career has taught me that there is room for all of us. ...
When I got up this morning I was in a perfectly good mood.  The sun was shining, there was a crisp feel to the air and I was on my way to take photos of a home.  On the ride to the house, I was mentally planning the rest of my day to accommodate some time to get a few personal things done. I got ...
Talk about lousy timing.  Responding to a phone call from my daughter-in-law and brand new mother, I hopped into my car and rushed over to her house so she could run out to take care of a few things.  I should tell you they just moved into a new neighborhood, a lovely development with nicely upda...
I got a phone call this morning.  I want to say it was from (something)MyHomesValue.  My typical reaction to these solicitation calls is "thanks, but no thanks," but for some reason I let this guy talk and give me his pitch.  This was just the latest in a long line of calls from companies trying ...


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