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I'm not much of a reblogger but thought this article by Jon Zolsky deserved another trip around the block.  I strongly recommend you click through to Karen Anne Stone's post as well.  Another thought provoking read. One of my favorite bloggers Karen Anne Stone posted Realtors Charging a Retainer...
I took the day off today, away from phones, detached from my computer and all the things that tether me to my world of real estate and design.  Spent in the company of a charming young man, a facile raconteur with a twinkle in his eye, and a clear knowledge of where he was headed, I allowed mysel...
Anybody who has more than a passing relationship with me knows I'm a dyed in the wool, card carrying, flag waving dog lover.  One of my dearest friends used to call me the Mother Theresa of the canine set.  Never able to walk away from an animal in need, I can't tell you how many times I've stopp...
Think you know who your friends are?  Guess again.  If you've ever had a knee jerk reaction to someone you've met for the very first time, one that sets your teeth on edge like the screeching sound of chalk scraping on a blackboard, you know what I'm talking about.  It's instant enmity.  No warm ...
Dear Dad, I know you were a man of few words, even though feelings ran deep, and honor ran strong.  Moments of the life we shared still play over and over again in the theater of my mind as if years and age couldn't wear away at the fabric.  In the empty sack we all begin with, into which the man...
Sometimes over the years that I've been playing in the rain, I've been in the thick of it, other times I've watched from the sidelines, ever entranced by the undulating currents that move this incredible mass of people.  The one thing that amazes me is the recurrent fever that passes like an epid...
If you find yourself in Locust Valley, on the north shore of Long Island and you're in the mood for a relaxing meal, take a ride over to the Locust Valley Inn at 225 Birch Hill Road.  After spending the better part of the day and early evening at my clients' home in this quaint and charming villa...


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