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It's no secret, I'm resistant to change.  I hate it.  I rail against it, always have.  I should know better.  The one constant in an ever changing world is, this too shall pass.  Nothing remains the same.  It matters little, however, as I sit here lamenting the imminent death of  One ...
 Even though this intelligently written commentary on a gross misuse of the AR platform has gone around the block many times more than once, I have to add my voice to the growing throng.  Words like audacious and outrageous come to mind when considering the way we've all been played, and for what...
With costs rising for so many products and services, and an aging population who sometimes live on a fixed income or face other challenges, a Reverse Mortgage (HECM) can be a viable option for homeowners 62 and over.  The important thing to do before taking this route is to understand all the ram...
I was just about to leave for an appointment this morning when Ruby, my little thief in the night, once more managed to get under, through or around the gate to the living room, set up to keep her out.  When I caught a glimpse of her, she froze like a statue and looked as if she were saying, "Ke...
Everybody knows you have to kiss a lot of frogs while waiting for your prince to come.  Of course, it helps a lot if the frogs you meet along the way are pleasant to be with, and it's a real bonus if they're kinda cute.  Sometimes it's easier to spot the real thing if he happens to be wearing a ...
I suspect, more than anything else, your formative years program your feelings about trust, or the lack thereof.  The child who learns early in life that he can't trust anyone, because his parents, for whatever nurturing skills they lacked, weren't there for them, will likely grow up wary of peop...
I know Apple product users are cult like in their devotion, but I've been a reluctant convert, preferring my almost iPhone, in the form of an android.  For the past few days, my old Blackjack (my second cell phone) had been giving me more problems than usual.  I had always had an issue of message...
There is no better antidote for the winter blahs than picking up a can of paint and refreshing a room.  It's inexpensive and the impact can be huge.  Whether you're planning on putting your home on the market or just want a little update, you can't get a better return on investment. Think color w...
This week's entry was a shot I took when my then new puppy decided he needed a job.  Personally I would have given him time till he grew up a little before demanding he contribute to the household, but he was in a hurry to earn his keep. Getting a photo of a moving target like a puppy required g...
After a short reprieve for the holiday, Santa Paws and his amiable family of elves return once more to hibernation till next year.  Their smiling faces will be missed by all who encountered them.  If I didn't think I might be perceived as "that strange dog lady," I might be tempted to leave them...


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