abbotsford homes for sale: What is an open house? - 12/06/16 11:53 PM

What is an Open House?
An open house is just as it sounds. In the real estate world, it’s an open invitation to potential buyers to come and have a look at the house for sale without making any appointment on the scheduled day.
The realtor puts an open house sign in front of the house for sale so people walking or driving by can come in and make an offer on the house on the spot if they like the house. An open house is not an auction but potential buyers can bid on the house and if the seller likes any … (2 comments)

abbotsford homes for sale: Open house in abbotsford - 12/02/16 10:43 PM
What an informative article on open house. I have sold houses in Abbotsford by doing open houses. The other most importantly i get buyers leads from open house. Whenever there is a home for sale in Abbotsford with an open house sign I try to go there myself to check how that house looks like and compare the price of the house with one of my own property listed in Abbotsford city.

abbotsford homes for sale: Buy, Sell, Invest in Abbotsford - 11/21/16 09:26 AM

 If anybody needs help to buy , sell or invest in Abbotsford. We are here to help you. 

abbotsford homes for sale: APPROACH TO SELL A HOME OVER ASKING - 11/07/16 01:19 AM
I'll just come right out and say it:
"Great House" is NOT all it takes to get great price
You may think that I'm crazy for saying that...
But, as they say, numbers don't lie.
My unconventional approach to HOME SELLING quickly catapulted after launching from a blank Wordpress installation to 9k monthly visitors doing aggressive marketing for last 6 months.
(Not to mention 7,000 email subscribers and sold over 8 homes in very less period of time)
But not to brag.
I'm here to show you that there's a better way to SELL HOMES and get TOP PRICE.... approach that gets consistent results for a HOME … (2 comments)

abbotsford homes for sale: Call Me to List your Property in Abbotsford BC - 11/06/16 11:50 PM

Pervinder Khangura

abbotsford homes for sale: List with me - 11/04/16 01:37 PM


abbotsford homes for sale: Home Prices Dropping In Abbotsford - 11/03/16 01:59 AM
This house for sale in Abbotsford was on market for 43 days.
Today I sold my listing at 3367 Ashcroft dr, Abbotsford. This house was listed for $731000 and was on market 43 days and sold for $685000.
It looks like prices are dropping.
The house was 2 story with Basement 3060 sqft on 6000 sqft lot. 
The house was with unauthorized 1 bedroom basement and needed some renovations.
(Kitchen Photo)
(house front)
This house was listed before for $749000 in hot market when prices in Vancouver region was appreciating almost $1000 a day but never sold. 
I think no matter what seller wants for the property, It's the … (1 comments)

abbotsford homes for sale: List your home in Abbotsford and sell it top price - 11/02/16 02:15 PM

SOLD FOR $269,900

abbotsford homes for sale: What do Real Estate Agent Do in Slow time - 11/02/16 02:07 PM
How can I be more productive in my slow winter months as a real estate agent?
One of the best replies I got is:
Set a schedule for yourself. As an agent you few REAL responsibilities:
-Brand Building
-Lead Generation
-Market Research
-Converting Leads into Clients
-Education and Personal Development in those areas
Schedule that everyday and do not overwork yourself. Being more productive means to do more in less time. Don't try to overwhelm yourself. Enjoy the slow time so you can recharge and prepare yourself for the grueling spring & summer months.

abbotsford homes for sale: Step by step home buying guide - 10/26/16 09:26 AM
Step by step home buying guide  
Buying a home is one of the most important and smart decisions you will ever make.Buying and owning a home will eventually save your money by building equity.
Following are the steps you must consider
Ask yourself, Are you ready to buy?
Look at your savings and decide if you have enough down payment? Are you good in managing your debt such as credit card payments, car loan etc?

Check your affordability.
Make the calculation on, what will be your monthly payments including mortgage payments, utilities, property taxes, credit card payments, … (3 comments)

abbotsford homes for sale: VANCOUVER REAL ESTATE MARKET - 10/26/16 09:05 AM
Watch Vancouver real estate market in 2017
(courtesy iStock)
After implementing 15% tax, provincial govt tried to control the rising real estate prices in Vancouver but to the date, it's to no avail. According to the recent report despite the slowdown in a number of sales and dropping prices, the National report suggest's to keep a close watch on the Vancouver real estate market for 2017. This report is suggesting Vancouver real estate market will still be top in Canada.
This report points out that  millennials are playing a big part of it and moving from completely residential to mix retail and residential type complex.
The predictions for Next … (1 comments)

abbotsford homes for sale: Buy lots for $1000 in Alberta BC - 10/26/16 04:05 AM
Hello, ($1000 per lot)
A small town in Alberta named Rosemary, Canada is offering lots for $1000 CAD. These are fully serviced lot with water, electric, sanitary sewer on the lot has to start building within 9 months of the purchase.
This photo is courtesy of rosemary website
There is about $500 legal transfer fee on the lot plus GST and some property transfer tax. House has to be min 1100 sqft with detached garage. The population of the village is 420 for now. The biggest employer is JBS in brooks about 20 mins drive from rosemary. Bassano is another town 20 mins from … (2 comments)

abbotsford homes for sale: Clearbrook Neighborhood in Abbotsford BC - 10/22/16 03:41 PM
Homes for Sale in the Clearbrook, Abbotsford Neighborhood Fraser Valley, BC Why Do People Prefer to Live In this Neighbourhood?
Clearbrook is a decent neighborhood in the town of Abbotsford found 65 km from Vancouver BC. This is in the west part of the Abbotsford city. This is blend of Single family homes, Appartments, Townhouses and one of the most established neighborhood. Everything is near to Strip shopping centers, Schools, Huge Sevenoaks shopping center, superstore, Canadian tire. Greatest favorable position is its near No 1 hwy individuals working away incline toward this side because of simple access from the city.
Looking for a home … (0 comments)

abbotsford homes for sale: Unique Abbotsford Houses Are Available Today - 10/21/16 01:25 PM
There are few places on Earth that are as intricate as Abbotsford, BC. Houses in the Abbotsford greater area bring inhabitants a city presence while living a country lifestyle. The British Columbia regions are touched by the sun and graced with natural beauty. Residents often live a more fulfilled, peaceful life and can enjoy everything that both the city and the country have to offer. 
Historically, inhabitants were required to travel great distances to retrieve the supplies they needed for their country lifestyles. Unlike the past, Abbotsford offers visitors and residents alike an unforgettable journey that doesn’t require day long traveling routines. … (2 comments)

abbotsford homes for sale: Adding Value To Your Abbotsford Home - 10/19/16 07:35 AM
The real estate cycle, like any other cycle is full of up's and downs. Abbotsford has grown more than ever the last 5 years and offers an excellent return on investment. Average appreciation on a house in Abbotsford, British Columbia is somewhere between 5-6% annually. Daily maintenance on your property is always the best way to retain its value. We're going to talk about some cost effective and simple ways to improve the value of your home by remodeling and renovating.
Many people today work from home and require a home office. In Abbotsford a home office is now less of a … (3 comments)

abbotsford homes for sale: New mortgage rule in Canada - 10/18/16 03:34 PM
Real estate prices increased almost 33% from Sep 2015 onward in Canada. It made housing affordability difficult for everybody especially to first time home buyers. The prices were increased to such a level, that it made B.C Provincial and Federal Govt worried about the possibility of housing bubble. People started criticizing about the Govt incapability of stopping the skyrocketing prices of real estate, Unaffordable rent, Insufficient rental properties, etc. The reason behind was supply and demand.
With elections just being 9 months away (in May 2017) made present Liberal govt worried about the outcome of the election if they were unable to … (1 comments)

abbotsford homes for sale: Abbotsford town in bc Canada - 10/18/16 02:56 PM
There are many lovely Abbotsford homes for sale, so anyone moving to Abbotsford because of getting transferred for a new job position should be able to find a style of home that they like within their price point.
Abbotsford is situated within the region of the Fraser Valley of the province of British Columbia in the nation of Canada. This city is not far from Greater Vancouver. In fact, the city of Abbotsford lies adjacent to it. 
The population is estimated to be 133, 487. This city is the largest one in the Fraser Valley area and is the fifth largest one of … (1 comments)

abbotsford homes for sale: The Booming Real Estate Market In Abbotsford - 10/17/16 02:56 PM
The real estate market in Abbotsford can be said to be going through a season of a boom at the moment – and rightly so. This is cheering news to both peppery owners looking to sell as well as prospective buyers. 
A lot of factors can be credited for this fact, including the general outlook of the real estate market world over (which seems to be on the up). 
The most important reason why this season of boom began has to be the housing crunch that beleaguers Vancouver, forcing residents further east, with the ripple effect of increased demands for properties that were … (0 comments)

abbotsford homes for sale: Beautiful home for sale in Abbotsford BC - 10/17/16 05:08 AM
Abbotsford is also known as "city in the country". Living in Abbotsford is like living in a country lifestyle with all the amenities of a big city. Abbotsford has 2 huge Malls ( Sevenoaks and Highstreet), 2 Wall-marts, Superstore, University and international airport. Abbotsford real estate market is hot as there is a shortage of inventory with more demand in place. This house on sale is located in the heart of the city on George Ferguson way. All the amenities like Mall, Superstore, Physician, Laboratory, School is walking distance from this house. Basically, there is no need for the car, if living in this location. … (4 comments)

abbotsford homes for sale: Abbotsford city near vancouver bc - 10/16/16 03:44 PM
Abbotsford is one of the fastest growing city in Canada in Fraser valley region of British Columbia about 50 km from Vancouver with approx 133,000 people as of 2011 census. Abbotsford city comprises majority of English population of 86,660 about 65% followed by Punjabi 24,660 about 18.71% and various other mixed ethnicities.
Abbotsford connects well with Vancouver via road and through railway from city of Mission 15 mins drive from Abbotsford. Rail called West coast express connects to Vancouver. About 62% people living here work here. Most of the remaining 38% commute to Mission, Chilliwack or Vancouver and its suburbs Surrey and … (11 comments)

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