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If you are looking for a knowledgeable, focused and goal-oriented Realtor in the NW Florida area who will help you achieve your Real Estate goals, please reach out to me directly! If you are looking for a pet friendly Emerald Coast Realtor who can handle and sell the most difficult properties that no one else could, please reach out to me directly!! If you are considering buying or selling a home, a luxury home, luxury investment real estate, luxury vacation homes, or luxury beach properties in and along the Gulf Coast.
Ready to turn your home into a haven?  Do you have pets?  Plants are another thing that can take the place of kids or pets and their care and feeding is a lot less.  Use this list to plant the seeds of tranquility with greenery that adds both peace and charm to your space. From succulent serenity...
It's the little things that make a house a home, and the same goes for finding the perfect property!🏡✨There might be a disconnect between this written message and the graphic that goes with it.  I have always been a fan of talking with my hands vs talking with my pocket book.  I really do enjoy h...
Homebuying isn't one-size-fits-all, and neither are down payments!🏡💰Whether you're putting down 7%, 10%, or more, let's customize a plan that fits your budget and goals perfectly.  There are a variety of Packages out there, just like there are a variety of lenders.  All looking for your business....
Here are the latest housing market statistics for Santa Rosa Beach, FL!  The market was alive since Thanksgiving.  Black Friday was more than just for retail activity at the local malls.  Discounts in ALL markets are available now that interest rates have dropped for two weeks in a row.  If you'd...
I hope your home is filled to the brim with joy, laughter, and thanksgiving today and every day.  There are still a few days in the year but it would be nice to keep this warm feeling internally year round.  There is really no reason why we can not do this.  #thehelpfulagent #home #houseexpert #h...
Imagine making memories in a home that feels like a Hallmark movie scene—let's turn that vision into reality!  We can do this together as we enter the home stretch towards the end of the year.  🏡✨Contact me today, and let's unwrap the perfect home for your storybook celebrations.#thehelpfulagent ...
Ready to embark on your dream home journey?  I don't really care if you are a first time home buyer or if you have multiple sales under your belt.  It is a different skill set required to accomplish both. Experience does matter.  Let's make the process as easy as pie! From finding the perfect sli...
From creating a cozy ambiance to arranging your space for warm conversations, every detail counts.  But don't sweat the small stuff.  You are not in a competition.Thanks giving should be a low stress holiday.  It really is all about giving thanks and enjoying your friends, your family. and all th...
November is national gratitude month!  I did not realize this until this popped across my screen.  I am very grateful for a variety of things that I am not going to go into here. Something I am so thankful for is each and everyone of you, your support, and your referrals!What is a referral?  It i...
It's hard to be-LEAF that fall is upon us, but that only means one thing! It's time to make our homes cozy!  The holiday season has started so now is the time to reward yourself for all the work you have done over the last year.  Real Estate is a great investment for the future.  Inventory and pr...

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