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I am in Seattle today and I love to watch people as they interact with others and how they treat their fellow man.  I see a lot of people hurrying, rude, complaining, talking about problems, always seeing the glass half full and outright miserable!  And they wonder why these things keep showing ...
  I have a mentor in real estate locally that has taught me many things about the industry.  How things operate, great strategies, marketing techniques etc etc.  But the best piece of information he has ever given me dealt with my mind and how I acted.  He said you must "Act As If" What he said w...
  Attention Homeowners! Are you trying to sell your house in the traditional way, using realtors and paying exorbitant commissions and fees? Haggling and negotiating over every dime and detail? Are you trying to sell by owner, only to find yourself with expensive advertising bills and a house fil...
Yes thats right my birthday is this Sunday!  I will be 39 years young!  I am looking for the love from the Active Rain community!  Send me some well wishes, maybe some sage, and why your jealous of my birthday being Dec 28th! Many think that having a birthday 3 days after Christmas is a disadvan...
If you want to become and incredible success at your job, business, in school, or in life, do more than is required of you!  Give or do something unexpected, give something extra and do more than is required.  If you go the extra mile you earn the respect, honor, and referral base of your custom...
I thought it would be cool to see who has the cutest dog in the Active Rain Community!  Is your mutt adorable?  Is he gorgeous?  Is he the cutest thing since sliced bread?  Well lets see your doggy and see how cute he really is!  Here are my 2 babies below!
We want to know your funniest and craziest stories you have had with clients over the years?  Are they wacky, weird, or outright strange?  Let us know so we can share our humorous experiences with others!  Until next time... Peter Olsen Rent To Own Homes, LLC www.50statesrent2own.com    
The numbers on Active Rain recently have been staggering!  Today there were about 27,000 people online at 1 time!  That is simply amazing!  The question you need to ask yourself is, "What am I doing to take advantage of those great numbers and get my business noticed?" I cannot stress how import...
There is a new community website in each major city in all 50 states around the country that is changing the landscape of how you network, advertise, and interact with your community!  It is called The Grapevine and it is the best of Facebook, MySpace, Linked In, and You Tube all combined into 1...
   Welcome to my Why Rent? When You can Rent To Own Blog!  Today we have a gorgeous home in downtown Whitefish, MT for rent to own to tell you about! It is a 5 bedroom / 3.5 bath 3100 square foot house!  This house is huge!  It has an attached 2 car garage!  The house comes with stove, window tr...

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