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Most people as you know are afraid to ask for constructive criticism because they are scared about what they might hear!  There truly is nothing to be afraid of.  The truth is not going to change!  We are all better knowing the truth than not knowing it.  How can you improve your life or relatio...
Do you have an "I Want List?"  An I Want List is a list that establishes what exactly that you want!  You should make several different lists.  On one list write down 15 things you want to do in your life, in your second list write down 15 things you want to have, and finally write down 15 thing...
Here are 10 great tips to utilize in 2009 as you strive to become a millionaire or whatever your company or personal goals may be!!! 1. Figure out exactly where you are in your business... assess what is going on. 2. Go after your highest goal and envision it being a success. 3. Be relentless. 4...
Attention Homeowners! Are you trying to sell your house in the traditional way, using realtors and paying exorbitant commissions and fees? Haggling and negotiating over every dime and detail? Are you trying to sell by owner, only to find yourself with expensive advertising bills and a house fill...
Problems weigh us down.  They stay on our mind and we become very unproductive and our business suffers!  These 5 affirmations will get rid of all that and make you the most productive employee or business owner you can be! 1. I am becoming more and more comftorable with letting go.  I let go of...
Below are the first 10 gratefulness statements that I have collected over the years that should be repeated everyday to maximize your potential, wealth and well being!  Watch the flood gates of prosperity open up to you as your vibration opens up to the well being of life. 1. I am so grateful th...
Are you wanting to make a ton more money in 09'?  Do you want your business to grow substantially?  Do you want the phone to ring off the hook?  Well, if it wasn't happening in 08' and you are doing the same thing in 09' then nothing is going to change!  You need to diversify and test new methed...
Whether you are an entreupeneur right now or aspire to be one there are so many wonderful reasons why its great to be an entreupeneur.  We know some of the obvious ones, freedom, creativity, and maximimizing your personal potential.  These 4 reasons below I feel are even more appealing. 1. Great...
  Its very important and we learn this as children that we only count or keep track of things that are valuable to us.  As children we counted how many times we could make a basket, the number of baseball cards we collected, how many times we skipped rope in a row, how many games we won in a sea...
Are you the best dressed real estate professional on Active Rain?  Are you totally dapper and look like a million dollars?  Do you turn heads with how good you look in your threads?  Well, lets see!  Send us a picture of you in your most styling duds and lets see who truly is the best dressed re...

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