Incorporating SEO in Flash websites is a common issue faced by search engine marketing companies and their clientele. It is commonly suggested that flash websites are simply not search engine friendly, and for that reason many assume search engine optimization for flash is impossible. If Google i...
Search engine optimization or pay per click?  This is a decision that is pored over thoughtfully, questionably and often.  Pay per click, or PPC, certainly would appear to be the winner in the simplicity department if a company has the financial backing for such an endeavor.  Large corporations h...
The annual shareholder meeting for Yahoo will be held on August 1st, 2008 in San Jose, California. Billionaire investor Carl Icahn is expected to pursue his preference to replace the current board of directors, including CEO of Yahoo at the shareholder’s meeting, with the support of Microsoft beh...
The World Wide Web presence that is Google has ranked number 1 in Harris Interactive’s ninth annual survey of the 60 most visible U.S. companies. Ratings were determined by more than 20,000 online, in-depth survey participants. The survey included six categories: social responsibility, emotional ...
Picking up where we left off, the field of Psychology is a wealth of knowledge. As stated before, Psychology is basically the science of our personalities with regard to perception, emotion, cognition, behavior and the individual and collective unconscious. Building on this idea, it is necessary ...
Wikipedia defines psychology as “an academic and applied discipline involving the phenomenological and scientific study of mental processes and behavior.” Psychology is in essence the science of our personalities, and therefore encompasses important information such as perception, emotion, cognit...
Ignition interlock systems are devices installed in vehicles that measure BAC prior to being able to start a vehicle and operate it. Currently in the state of Florida, the systems are only required after a second offense. However, lobbyists are calling for legislation that would require first tim...
The content of your website translates to the content of your character as a business. Visitors will take a few seconds to scan your homepage, taking in a couple of lines or tabs and either remaining on your site or moving to the next website. It is vital that the content of your website is writt...
The number one purpose and goal a business has in mind when making the decision to employ an SEM firm is conversion. Conversion rate is identified as the number of potential customers that become actual clients, or purchase your product. Many companies make the mistake of focusing on the percenta...
It is important to have a qualified and experienced SEM team behind your business. These individuals dedicate their career to furthering your endeavors, leaving you to focus on your operations. Knowing already that SEM includes SEO, and that the visibility and conversion rates of your business ar...

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