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Market Focus: Jobs, Jobs, and Jobs. The three most important reports this week. As Wall Street continues to digest events overseas, investors will focus on the U.S. job market this week. The Labor Department's March jobs report typically seestimatets the stage for the rest of the month because of...
Some days there is simply no explanation to why the markets do what they do, Yeaterday was one of those days. With New Home Sales falling to the lowest level since record keeping began in 1963. Only 19,000 single family homes were sold nationwide. The median price dropped to a little more than th...
With very little in the way of economic news today yesterday's events loom larger than normal. Today is the release of New Home Sales (new home sales in January fell a sharp 12.6 percent to a lower-than-expected annual rate of 284,000 units. The latest pace is just barely above the historical low...
The Day Ahead.... You cannot look ahead without a peak back. While today has minimal economic news with speeches from two Fed presidents and two weekly store sales reports a look at yesterday may help provide some guidance. Interest rates rose Monday after the Treasury said it will begin selling ...
Market Focus: Once again focus will be on Lybia and Japan. Stocks rose and oil fell on the news of a cease fire. The cease fire never materialized so Monday should be very interesting. The upcoming week's economic agenda is thin, with only a few notable reports like durable goods and initial jobl...
The Week Ahead.... Market Focus: With little to no economic news on Monday and Friday weekend events in Japan, Libya, and the Middle East will likely drive the markets. Look for lots of "Inflation" talk with producer prices, consumer prices and Industrial Production. Monday: Three and Six Month B...
Market Focus: Oil prices remain the big news. The rest of the week is pretty quiet until Friday. Monday: Consumer Credit: The dollar value of consumer installment credit outstanding. Changes in consumer credit indicate the state of consumer finances and portend future spending patterns. Consensus...

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