The most important step when it comes to buying a home is obtaining your financing. Because at the end the day if you don't have the money to buy a house you're not going to buy a house. So this is really the first step that you should take. From my real retate experience I know a good credit sco...
 In Order of Importance 1. Make Sure Your Have The Best Quality Server for Speed and Security.Of all the many site audits I do on a daily basis. I see page loads speeds take over 3 seconds on average. You page needs to load fast, not just for user experience but for ranking high in the search eng...
This is Just a Test Blog Page with 500 Words. I am doing a test to see how a sample ActiveRain blog post loads  in time to first byte and overall grade score. Test results here.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In sed dui et quam dapibus fringilla id at lectus. In hac habit...
Housing prices may have dropped in your neighborhood but there are still some smart ways to invest in your home to help hold the value whether you are buying or selling now or in the future. 1. Create Space flickr Remember those old kitchens with the serve pass through or bar?  Create more space...
     One major advantage of owning a home is to build equity; to increase the value.  When the times comes to Sell, you the seller hope to make a profit.  At the very least, you want to retain the value of the house, so that you won't lose money when you sell it.       Regrettably, some homeowne...

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