People are buying homes left and right and now you want to own your own home too. Just how much is a down payment on a house today? Do you need 20% or more? This is the biggest misconception people have in assuming you need 20% down to buy a home. Back in the old days when I went when our parents...
So you're thinking of painting your house and maybe you don't have time to do it yoursels. Just how much does it cost to paint a house these days? Well I can tell your from my experience in painting houses it really depends on many factors. The common main factors that go into a house paint estim...
Did you know each state sets aside billions of dollars for first time home buyer grants? That’s right. There is a lot of opportunities out there that even banks don't know about or don’t want you to know about. Down payment assistance programs, bond programs and tax credits can really help you to...
Below is my 2nd video of my study how some real estate websites are outranking I talk about some interesting correlations here in regards to having a blog as well. But with further tests I hope you get a better picture.

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