prepare to sell: Get Your Home Ready to Sell, It Is Worth It - 09/23/11 03:36 PM
Get Your Home Ready To Sell It Is Worth It. In preparing your house to sell, ask yourself over and over if your house looks like someone else's dream house. Houses in move-in condition tend to be inviting to buyers; houses that are in like-new condition typically sell fastest and procures the best price because it outshine the competition. With that in mind, here are a few things to consider as you look over your house when getting ready to sell: Please know that in the interest of space, the information within this report is summarized to the essential suggestions, we … (41 comments)

prepare to sell: What The Home Inspector Writes Can Be Significant - 06/25/11 04:10 AM
This Morning we read a great article by Jay Markanich, one of our favourite online Home Inspectors,  who shares with us a great story about a recent inspection, that particularly home sellers should keep in mind when they are planning to sell and during the home selling process.
Home Inspections are all but a standard term in most sales contract, and home sellers can and should prepare their home for sale with that in mind, the condition and presentation of your home will receive serious scrutiny......... Thank you Jay, for providing an excellent example in what NOT to do as … (0 comments)

prepare to sell: Decorating Dimensions - 06/24/11 02:01 PM
Today We noticed yet another pfanntastic post by Karen Bernetti.
Karen is one our favourite home stagers, and Always offers superior tips and suggestions for those that are considering to move or those that are in the process of preparing for a move.....
We hope you enjoy this articel, and if we can answer any questions for you, or provide you with our preprare your home for sale package, please contact Peter and Linda Pfann today.
Thank you Karen, for a Pfanntastic Article.
Decorating Dimensions
This handy resource guide will help  you remember a few home decorating MATH FACTS...

prepare to sell: Thinking of Selling Your Home? Plan Ahead - Way Ahead! - 06/13/11 06:21 AM
This morning we found a Pfanntastic Article by Judy Klem, which cover just about all the details about getting your home ready before selling for the best possible results.
Judy's excellent article will assist all those that are considering to make a move over the next little while. In a very compeditive market place where not just pricing but also the overal condition of a home is very important, the steps and suggestions made in the Pfanntastic arcticle below will make a huge differnence.
If you have any questions about getting the best possible results when considering a real estate … (0 comments)

prepare to sell: When Your Condo Make a First Impression, It's Not About Your Unit! - 06/11/11 06:45 PM
Selling A suite in a condominium complex, is much more than just selling a home, it is all about buying into a lifestyle and the community in which the home is located.
Today we came across a great article that summarizes some of the key issues that can affect the appeal and desirability of any suite, possibly yours, even if your home looks awesome maybe the complex has some room for improvement.
If you have any questions how you may be able to improve the saleability of your suite, by improving the appeal of your community, please do not hesitate … (0 comments)

prepare to sell: How to Run a Successful Yard Sale - 05/18/11 04:55 AM
How to Run a Successful Yard Sale
As the Greater Victoria weather improves and we find ourselves with Spring Cleaning Urges, a Yard or Garage Sale, may be just the perfect way to dispose of those items that should become a treasure in someone else's home or garage.
For this purpose  Peter and Linda Pfann have compiled a FREE Pfanntastic Garage / Yard Sale Kit.Our Kit offers a number of great tips, tools, signs, equipment and benefits that will ensure the best possible resultsA well-organized and well-planned yard sale is more appealing and makes it easier for shoppers to see … (20 comments)

prepare to sell: 12 Ways to Lose a Sale - 02/19/10 01:22 AM
•13.  Not working with an True Full Time  Professional Realtor
Some people still think that all realtors do is sticking a sign in the yard and wait for buyers to show up. Trust me over the past 25 years; we have seen some good agents, mostly average agents, and only a hand full of truly Pfanntastic Agents. The Right Realtor team in the right situation will not only create sales, they will keep sales together where others would have thrown in the towel and given up. Good markets or bad, there are always challenges in every sale, the best agents … (10 comments)

prepare to sell: Victoria Real Estate Questions Answered - 02/16/10 01:45 AM

We hope to answer questions received from clients, The Most frequently asked Real Estate question in Victoria BC is;
When is the best time to sell my property in or around Victoria BC?
Most Realtors will say, "NOW" is the best time, and they will say this in any market, any time of the year.
In reality the right time to sell is often dependent on the timing and schedule of the seller, and as such external issues may trump the typical market driven indicators.
External issues like Jobs, careers, health financial, birth, death, economy are not things we can … (0 comments)

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