selling: Selling Your Own Home Made Simple - 09/06/12 02:01 AM
Selling Your Own Home Made Simple
The Steps to Successfully Sell Your Own Home are not all that complicated, even if most agents will try to tell you otherwise.
Over the past 25+ Years, Victoria BC based Real Estate Expert, Peter Pfann, has assisted thousands of home sellers and buyers with the purchase and sale of their property.
For the First Time there is now a For Sale By Owner Handbook (the working title is Pfanntastic FSBO Handbook) available to you, written by an active Realtor that reveals all the essential steps and activities needed to sell your own property without … (0 comments)

selling: 10+1 Signs That It "Might" Be Time To Sell Your Home - 05/13/11 04:54 AM
10 +1 Signs That It "Might" Be Time To Sell Your Home
In following of a Famous late night TV Entertainer, who shall remain unnamed, we thought to offer our top ten reasons that is might be time to make a Move.
1. When you first bought your house, you lived in the country. Now that same house is part of the city core.
2. You can't get anything repaired because "they stopped making "those" parts years ago."
3. The swing set in the backyard has sprouted roots.
4. The plumber's phone is on your speed dial, and.......Your phone number … (2 comments)

selling: Victoria Real Estate Daily Market Watch For February 11, 2011 - 02/11/11 08:10 AM
Victoria Real Estate Daily Market Watch For February 11, 2011 Every Morning We take a quick barometer reading of the Victoria Real Estate Market (based on MLS information) for you. Below is a slightly crude method to see what activity has occurred  in the Victoria Real Estate Market over the past 24 hours. When you monitor our Victoria Real Estate Daily Market Watch over a period of time you can easily see if and or how the Victoria Real Estate Market is following a traditional or less usual pattern. As always it is nearly impossible to apply the generalities of the … (2 comments)

selling: Before you Sell a Home in Victoria BC Canada - 07/28/10 10:57 AM

ð Emotionally prepare for the transition in your life. Moving can be exciting, stressful and or emotional, your friends, family & Peter& Linda Pfann will help you every step.
ð Decide that Selling your property in Greater Victoria is the right thing to do for you.
ð Establish an Ideal Time Line, by which time you want or need to be moved from your current property and settled in your new home.
ð Select a Real Estate Expert Team, that will guide you & add value to your life & the … (0 comments)

selling: Victoria BC, Land of Delayed Re-actions - 07/26/10 09:11 AM
Recently our Victoria Real Estate Market is seeing a lot of mixed messages.
The economy is good or is it? housing starts are up, or are they? Sales Price averages are steady or are they? This is a bad time to move or is it? These are some hotly debated topics amongst Realtors and their clients and our peers.
Let's look at the last one first.
Is this a good or bad time to move......?
It really depends, but I would say that if you are currently a local property owner that is thinking about moving to a similar type of … (2 comments)

selling: To Move or Not to Move In Victoria BC? - 04/09/10 04:03 PM
Over the past decades we increasingly hear the question: To Move or Not To Move in Victoria BC?  by people of all ages.
As a Realtor, the expected answer from us is likely To Move, off course for obvious reasons.......
However more and more it seems to me that the right answer is often that moving my not be the right answer for all people and that it is very important to determine what the real reasons are as to why people would ask us this question.
There could be many reasons why moving is the right thing to do, but not … (0 comments)

selling: 12 Ways to Lose a Sale - 02/19/10 01:22 AM
•13.  Not working with an True Full Time  Professional Realtor
Some people still think that all realtors do is sticking a sign in the yard and wait for buyers to show up. Trust me over the past 25 years; we have seen some good agents, mostly average agents, and only a hand full of truly Pfanntastic Agents. The Right Realtor team in the right situation will not only create sales, they will keep sales together where others would have thrown in the towel and given up. Good markets or bad, there are always challenges in every sale, the best agents … (10 comments)

selling: Victoria Real Estate Questions Answered - 02/16/10 01:45 AM

We hope to answer questions received from clients, The Most frequently asked Real Estate question in Victoria BC is;
When is the best time to sell my property in or around Victoria BC?
Most Realtors will say, "NOW" is the best time, and they will say this in any market, any time of the year.
In reality the right time to sell is often dependent on the timing and schedule of the seller, and as such external issues may trump the typical market driven indicators.
External issues like Jobs, careers, health financial, birth, death, economy are not things we can … (0 comments)

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