seniors: Will Your Next Move Be YOUR Choice Or Will Circumstance Force You? - 11/25/16 02:17 PM
Will Your Next Move Be YOUR Choice Or Will Circumstance Force You? An Important Topic of Conversation For Seniors and or Loved Ones.
Perspective You deserve to have joy and peace of mind during the senior phase of your life. Unfortunately, personal experience tells us that for too many people, this phase will be filled with stress, emotional turmoil, and often depression, or even anger, at being forced in to a dramatic lifestyle change that they don't want to make, or aren't ready for. When Is the Right Time to Consider Your Lifestyle Options?
As we age, we need to consider … (1 comments)

seniors: 7 Questions Seniors Should Ask Any Real Estate Agent - 11/21/16 03:26 AM
7 Questions seniors should ask any real estate agent
Buying or Selling Real Estate is Different for Seniors.
Questions and Tips to ensure that are working with a team of experts.
A little preparation will minimize your stress, prevent mistakes while saving you time and money.
1. What makes you different?        Why should I trust my home (purchase or sale) to you? Not every agent specializes in working with seniors. What you are looking for in an expert,  is a person who can recognize and resolve problems before they affect you. A person with a proven track record, a true professional with years … (1 comments)

seniors: Greater Victoria Seniors, Age at Home Safely. - 12/11/13 04:47 AM
Greater Victoria Seniors, Age at Home Safely. Safety At Home, is one of the most common concerns expressed by Seniors and their family members. Hallways and doors of old homes are often not built to accommodate walkers or wheelchairs, the vision of you (your children’s Grandma or Grandpa) falling and being unable to reach out for help is frightening.
And then there is the financial side of maintaining their home and paying the mortgage if it is still active.
Creating a Plan to Age at Home Safely is can be your Safety Net and a great way to determine how to … (6 comments)

seniors: Questions Seniors Should Ask: Do I Want To, or Do I Feel I Have To Move? - 12/11/13 01:14 AM
Questions Seniors Should Ask: Do I Want To, or Do I Feel I Have To Move? In case You have not asked yourself please allow me to ask you the question : Do you WANT to, or do you feel you HAVE To Move?
Certainly the; Do you WANT to, or feel you HAVE To Move question is asked every time we meet with seniors or their loved ones in one form or another when we discuss their reasons for considering their move.
Your answer to this question is very important in which options are available for you and what … (0 comments)

seniors: Why Taking Up Yoga in your a Smart Move! - 04/09/13 06:28 AM
Why Taking Up Yoga in your a Smart Move!
Linda and I have been collecting information about our own fitness and I must admit, my fitness is deteriorating by the minute, so aside from my selfish and personal need to get moving, I thought you might also like this excellent Yoga information.
‘Om’ is good for you, at 60, 70 or 80! As we grow older, we become more susceptible to age-related ailments, and, as a result, we tend to move less. But the less we move, the more susceptible we become to a variety of ailments. And so … (6 comments)

seniors: Power of Attorney Abuse of Seniors Can Be Prevented - 04/04/13 09:47 AM
Power of Attorney Abuse of Seniors is much more common than known by the general public and what the popular media reports on.
Just because Power of Attorney Abuse of Seniors is not very flashy, and often remains unreported to the police (due to embarrassment by family or other loved ones) this form of abuse and crime is often ignored and overlooked by the media and remains hidden from the general public.
Any form of abuse to any person, including seniors is unforgivable off-course, however Power of Attorney Abuse is often conducted by those nearest and supposedly dearest to the abused, … (2 comments)

seniors: Maintain Your Independence, Aging In Your Greater Victoria Home….. Safely & Affordably - 03/27/13 02:39 AM
Maintaining Independence by the Greater Victoria aging population is becoming increasingly an important topic in our conversations with present and prospective clients, so let’s look into some options and resources that might be of benefit for you and or your loved ones.
Over the past few years I have been asked to assist a number of dear clients with the sale of their home, because of an accident at home that they could no longer remain in their own home. It is staggering to realize how little it takes to have a small accident at home that can potentially be life … (0 comments)

seniors: Building Your House Wisely - 11/01/12 06:15 AM
Building Your House Wisely
An elderly carpenter was ready to retire. He told his employer-contractor of his plans to leave the house-building business to live a more leisurely life with his wife and enjoy his extended family. He would miss the pay-check each week, but he wanted to retire. They could get by.
The contractor was sorry to see his good worker go & asked if he could build just one more house as a personal favour. The carpenter said yes, but over time it was easy to see that his heart was not in his work. He resorted to … (0 comments)

seniors: Pfanntastic new edition of Maturity Matters Newsletter - 08/09/12 05:34 AM
Pfanntastic Maturity Matters Newsletter,  2012
As part of our Commitment to assist the aging and those that love and or care for them, we bring you this months edition of our Maturity Matters Newsletter for July 2012.
Once again this month we include great tips, suggestions and some laughs, we hope you enjoy a 5 minute read by clicking on the links below and send us your thoughts, questions and experiences.

Is it Alzheimer's? Ten Warning Signs Memory loss that disrupts everyday life is not part of the normal aging process. It is a symptom of dementia, … (0 comments)

seniors: Aging In Place Safely, Home Remodelling Ideas for Greater Victoria - 09/18/11 02:21 PM
Victoria BC Aging In Place Safely, Home Remodelling Ideas and Tips. Peter and Linda Pfann assist many Aging couples and individuals that would very much want to remain in their own home. Peter is A Certified Senior Advisor as well as a Senior Real Estate Specialist. Making changes to a home so you and or your loved one can live in it longer is a growing trend among Baby Boomers and their parents. Modifications that ensure a safe and comfortable lifestyle can range from simple to incredibly expensive. However, resources are available to help you decide which remodelling should be done. … (11 comments)

seniors: Greater Victoria Boomers and Seniors, Let's Squeak Some Wheels! - 03/13/11 08:09 AM
Greater Victoria Boomers and Seniors,
  Let's Squeak Some Wheels! We have all become very aware that Various Greater Victoria local, British Columbian and Canadian Federal Governments are the type of institution that works on the squeaky wheel principle.  That principle, simply stated, is that the "squeakiest wheel gets the grease. " Applied to most politicians, that means that it will be those areas of life that public officials think will get them the most votes that will get their attention and the rest will get ignored.  It’s sad to say that about our representative system of government but it’s true. … (0 comments)

seniors: Pfanntastic Greater Victoria Senior Suggestions: Giving Your Time Away - 03/04/11 04:23 AM
Pfanntastic Greater Victoria Senior Suggestions:  Giving Your Time Away One of the joys of retirement is that you are into a time of life when making a buck and worrying about using your time “profitably” is less of an issue.  But it’s not entirely accurate that all senior citizens want to retire to spend the day rocking on the back porch and taking long naps.  Human beings are by nature workers and doers and that need to be productive and be a part of something bigger than yourself doesn’t go away the day you stop working for a living. This is … (2 comments)

seniors: A Safe Home for Gandma in Victoria BC. - 03/01/11 05:19 AM
A Safe Home for Grandma in Victoria BC. When you have a senior parent, the concern for their ability to maintain their lifestyle can be a significant worry.  Almost without exception, senior citizens initially resist the idea of moving out of their house and into an assisted living facility or nursing home.  You as a child of a senior citizen may see issues of safety if your aging parent continues to live independently.  If their spouse has passed on, there may be issues of loneliness and depression.  There may also be some need for improving social interaction, and ensuring that your … (4 comments)

seniors: Getting Old Sucks ? - 02/26/11 10:35 AM
Getting Old Sucks ?
Every day I am in someway reminded that I am getting older.
There are those days you get up and there are pains, in places I did not know one could have pain.....
Then there are days you walk around and look at how great life is when you have a little experience and perspective. Both Linda and I (Peter Pfann) work with and assist many of our Victoria BC (bound) Real Estate clients that are considered boomers and or more senior clients (and their families).
As such we often see a great diversity of … (8 comments)

seniors: Retirement isn’t for Everybody - 02/24/11 07:36 AM
Retirement isn’t for Everybody Are you the type of person who never was able live up to stereotypes?  We certainly are not, so when I attended a meeting with people who are in some fashion assisting and or working in the "senior business", we left wondering if it was just me or are the old stereotypes, in need of a major overhaul when it comes to retirement? It is not like retirement is a goal or an achievement upon itself, it is more a phase or stage in life, and how we experience and thrive during our "retirement" years is entirely … (0 comments)

seniors: "If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!" - 02/23/11 09:10 AM
National Crime Prevention Safety Tips
Telemarketing Fraud 
 "If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!"
Use of the telephone for the sale of a wide range of services or products can be an effective, legitimate marketing tool for any number of Canadian businesses. However, the legitimacy of well-known companies has provided an excellent opportunity for criminals.
Criminals use the same techniques as legitimate companies, but hide behind the anonymity of the telephone and attempt to defraud thousands and thousands of Canadians each year.
The RCMP is involved in a National Task Force known … (4 comments)

seniors: Canadian Senior War Veterans Miss Out on Possible Benefits - 09/02/10 11:40 AM
Canadian Senior War Veterans Miss Out on Possible Benefits This month in our Maturity Matters E-Newsletter for aging Canadians we touch on a topic of special importance to our War Veteran Seniors   This month's Feature article is important to all Canadian War Veterans. Other articles in this months newsletter include
What is Stugs, by  Dr. John Heart  Healthy Cheesy Chicken Recipe Joke or Quote of the Month Underweight Seniors at Increase Risk How to Recognize a Pick pocket. Canadian Senior War Veterans Miss Out on Possible Benefits, by Sharen Marteny If you served overseas during the Second World War … (4 comments)

seniors: Age in Place Safely for Victoria Seniors - 08/27/10 04:10 PM
Age in Place Safely for Victoria Seniors
 Aging in place "safely" is a high priority with many zoomers, boomers and seniors in Victoria.
With many preventable accidents happening in people's own home each and every year there are many valid reasons to spend time, attention and possibly some resources to ensure that you remain safe regardless of your age and or mobility challenges.
One of the more common questions we are asked by the aging and or family members goes something like this.
"Yes, we want to stay in our own home as long as possible, but what if any adjustments should we make to … (2 comments)

seniors: Victorians, Your Will is your Friend! - 08/24/10 07:35 AM
Victorians,  Your Will Is Your Friend! Every day in our practice in Victoria we are reminded that Estate planning is an integral part of everyone's financial plan, but to ensure wishes are carried out as intended, an effective will needs to be created.
Stop right there, even if you have a will, is it still reflecting your current plans, wishes and directions?  When was the last time you reviewed your Will? Be sure that your Will is your Friend (to you and your family, now and in the future). Many people in Victoria don't consider making charitable contributions through their … (0 comments)

seniors: Aging Population and It's Impact on Victoria BC Canada - 08/21/10 06:00 AM

Living in Paradise is a real privilege, Greater Victoria continues to be Canada's premiere retirement destination for decades and the are no signs of this changing anytime soon.
With its mild climate, short if any winter season, lush and beautiful surroundings, any and all amenities and essential services, and still being in Canada it is easy to see why so many people make Greater Victoria their home in retirement.
The question is, can Greater Victoria handle the continuing trend of more and more of its population retiring, both those that have lived here for decades and the newly arrived retirees?

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