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The man made famous first for hitting home runs, partying and steroids is now the most famous victim of foreclosure.  When he played baseball he was known for a powerful physique and swing.  His excess was legendary.  Most recently, he is the man that brought the scandal of steroids to the public...
The California State Senate has just taken steps to end neighborhood blight caused by the lack of maintenance on foreclosed property.   Banks and mortgage companies will face fines of $1,000 per day if they allow foreclosed homes to become run-down and a source of neighborhood blight under a bill...
In a total breakdown of AR security I have taken over Peter’s account (ok, he walked away from the computer for a moment). It’s not that big of a breakdown. The message is being delivered by his partner (who you also see on AR), Geoff Scowcroft.Today is Peter’s birthday. I’m not at liberty to say...
There are a number of desperate homeowner’s trying to sell their houses in creative ways. I’ve run across a few stories in this vein.  Today, I saw this:New Mexico couple offer home as prize in $100 essay contest(04-19) 15:45 PDT Santa Fe, N.M. (AP) --A couple have decided to give away their home...
If you haven’t heard, WaMu is shutting down their wholesale mortgage business and closing their freestanding home loan offices.  WaMU, which was one of the largest lenders at one time, suffered heavy losses in the current credit crunch.Let us hope that when this market is stabilized that we retai...
Symptoms of being a secret agent:-    The only number you give the MLS, office and your client’s is your office phone.-    You don’t return calls.-    No one sees you at the office, ever.-    Your office mailbox is overflowing.-    Your voice mail is full and can’t take new messages.Do you know a...
The other day I was searching for houses for a client.  I pulled 15 properties off the MLS and started to go through them.  Five out of the fifteen properties had absolutely no pictures.  This isn’t a new phenomenon.  I have seen it with high and low priced properties in good and bad markets with...
Buying your home can be one of the most exciting and one of the most stressful times of your life. We've compiled a few suggestions to help guide you along the path, and sometimes through the forest, of home ownership. The days of making incredible profits off short term investments are gone (fo...
Like a heartbeat, markets have a pulse. At times they are going up and at times they are going down. We have talked to many buyers who are trying to figure out the pulse of the current housing market. Their primary goal is to buy at the bottom of the market in price. The problem is that they are ...

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