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 Life is Good when you find something to smile about that you weren't even expecting. The plant in my photograph caught my attention, but it was the frog that made me laugh!    While I was out showing properties Tuesday morning, I noticed the beautiful flowers and quickly snapped a picture with m...
      WHAT IS GOOD ABOUT HOME OWNER ASSOCIATIONS?    ARE THEIR ADVANTAGES?    LET'S EXPLORE THE BENEFITS OF A GOOD HOA     Retains property values stronger than non-HOA's Requires maintenance of property for all Maintains surrounding common areas accessible to all Access to Amenities, i.e., pools...
When I was growing up as a child, almost all photos were black and white. My father set up the projector and  my sisters and I  sat on the floor while dad showed family photos and told a story.  I didn't care how many times I saw the slide show, as long as we were all together and nobody was comp...
    When you narrow it all down What do people really want?   Pool? Granite Counter Tops? Gas or Electric? Ceiling Fans? Updated Kitchen? Updated Bath?        
Every study of high achieving men and women proves that greatness in life is only possible when you become outstanding at your chosen field. --- Brian Tracy One of the things I love most about being a Texas REALTOR® is MCE (Mandatory Continuous Education). The foundation of my professional career...
Life is Good when you hit a double. I’ve been a very busy bee and it paid off when I executed two contracts on Tuesday, June 20th – both are my listings. Both Sellers are good friends of mine. What keeps our friendship solid is honesty and trust. We respect each other, communicate frequently and ...
In honor of Father’s Day, let us all pause to honor the memory of a man who touched our lives in ways most people take for granted - Eugene Polley was the inventor of the T.V. remote control. He died on Sunday, May 22, 2012 at the age of 96. If this is old news for you, my apologies, I’m just get...
For as much as I love flowers; I cannot overlook the beauty of leaves. Leaves come in all difference shapes and sizes - not all leaves are green. These leaves have distinct markings. They remind me "that to everything there is a purpose." Observe - you don't have to be perfect to be who you are. ...
Life is good when you plan to grow old with the one you love, you know where you’re going, and decide where you want to be in life. Throughout our lives we learn to deal with a wide-range of decision-making strategies, from general to specific. Sometimes things don't always work out the way you p...
Life is good when inspiration comes naturally. There is something about creativity in nature that causes me to pause, and wonder, does it take a creative person to stand out in a crowd - are flaws just as important to the overall picture? Life is good when something jumps out at you and you can't...

Patricia Feager, MBA, CRS, GRI,MRP

Selling Homes Changing Lives
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