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  Twas the night before closing and nothing was the matter... until the day of closing. The buyer and the seller closed but it did not fund. They need to wait until Monday before it funds. At that time, the buyer takes possession.   When a Buyer and a Seller agree to the last day of the month to ...
          HEADS OR TAILS?         Isn't it remarkable how entertaining a squirrel can be? The little guy was playing Hide-N-Seek and I couldn't resist keeping my eye on what he would do next. Squirrels, they run around in search of food, hunting and nibbling on nuts from the trees; they can be pl...
   John Meussner, our dear member of ActiveRain asked us for a favor and now I'm asking you to please read his post and let him know how much you care. I've asked AR Staff for a feature on John's post, how about you? Please don't shun me and turn your back on John's request. The 2014 Memorial Dat...
I thought a lot about what Memorial Day means to me before last weekend. I even wrote a post from a widow's perspective of a Soldier's wife before the actual holiday and the significance it has on me personally. A few people responded and that was important to me. But then Thursday, Friday, Satur...
 WHY DOESN'T THIS HOUSE SELL?   Is there something about color or lack of color that influences people's behavior? As a Real Estate Agent, I may get a listing that stays on the market longer than usual or I may work with a buyer who has a harder time finding what they are looking for. Everyone se...
 ONE SHOULD HAVE AN INFINITY POOL OF DREAMS --- PATRICIA FEAGER  WHEN I GROW UP, I CAN DO ANYTHING I WANT. I was young and naive, before the legal age required by the State in which I was raised. I thought to myself, When I grow up, I can do anything I want. I contemplated life's journey under th...
  As we come together as a country to celebrate the Memorial Weekend, let us never forget the sorrows, grief, pain, confusion, unanswered questions, and the heartbreaks that continue to linger like a painful wound that never heals.     Every day, somewhere in America the sun comes up; the sun goe...
  A visit to the Dallas Arboretum is fun! The things that I saw, kept me in awe!                            I'm convinced, a Visionary Leader is a Horticulturalist!   I was struck in awe by so many sights, sound, and aromas. My senses were awakened to a new level. Can you imagine how many years i...
    The Dallas Arboretum is a great place to seek joy and find contentment. Last Sunday I left the Church for my usual "Keep Holy the Sabbath Day," ritual. As I walked out the church doors, I had to ask myself, Is that all there is?   Rarely do I have a break from the business at hand. It seems l...
  ARE YOU UNDER THE INFLUENCE   As we live and learn from each other here on ActiveRain, I have to ask, are you under the influence by other members in the RAIN? I can't remember how long ago it was when I read a post written by Ron Marshall. At that time, he was just getting started making bird ...

Patricia Feager, MBA, CRS, GRI,MRP

Selling Homes Changing Lives
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