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                                                        Savoring   Are we creatures of habit, savoring the break of every new day or do we jump into routine, business and/or family mode?   Here in Tuscany, I would wake up to greet the new day, savoring all the imagines of natural beauty. This bl...
    Dining Fuori (di) at Voltrona     Meals at Voltrona were served in an outdoor structure designed in proportion to the main house which blended seamlessly with the landscape. Breakfast is buffet style; lunch and dinner are served in this covered structure giving one a sense of being one with ...
    Bloodhound in Tuscany   One morning I traveled along the Tuscany road while the sun was awaking my heart up with a joyful glow. I was committed to walk, to frolic in the pleasures of sights I would devour to heighten my pleasure for a lifetime experience that perhaps comes but once in life o...
          Meet the Icelandic Horses     A small, majestic looking herd of Icelandic horses grazes permanently at Fattoria Voltrona, located in San Gimignano, Siena, Italy. I was fortunate to spend about a week reading, writing, sharing meals, exploring, and experiencing life with an amazing, div...
  Some tourists find happiness in souvenirs; I find treasures in nature. This blue butterfly caught my attention for the fields in Tuscany were filled with tiny blue wings fluttering around the prairie grass, landing on tiny yellow and purple flowers. It was then, in my chase for butterflies tha...
      In the region of Tuscany the farmer plants the grapes to make the wine. In the process of harvesting the grapes, I witnessed the farmer's passion for honoring the grapes with respect and appreciation. Instantaneously, I was filled with a new height of understanding with mutual appreciation...
    I can think of no better place to go on a retreat to awaken the senses than Tuscany in Autumn. The place where I stayed is a working farmhouse. Those are olive trees in the center and to the left is a red tractor, harvesting the grapes. This is the view I woke up to every morning. The landsc...
    A morning ritual in Tuscany is to wake up to the rising sun. The sun awakens the body, fueling it with nutrients. The main staple of everyday life for the people who live there is Chianti Wine and Olives. The grapes and olive trees are grown in the Tuscany region of Italy throughout the hill...
  Flying over Zurich was beautiful. The reflection of the sun on top the Alps gave me a glimpse of beauty beyond my imagination. This photo has not been photo shopped; nor did I use any other software or tricks to bring out the colors. What you see in the photo is exactly what it looked like fly...
  Blogging takes discipline. I find a formula that works for me and it has to do with 3 basic steps:  Reading Writing Listening   READ Read what you write before you post; then ask yourself, would someone reading this have some reason to be interested? The Title is a lot like curb appeal. If the ...

Patricia Feager, MBA, CRS, GRI,MRP

Selling Homes Changing Lives
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