Selling Homes; Changing Lives

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    Don't stop because you're tired.Keep going because you're almost there! --- Ritu Ghatourey   ©Photography by Patricia Feager 9/28/2016 - Glacier National Park 
  Children Are the Most Valuable Natural Resource--- Herbert Hoover When buying a home, children need to be taken into consideration. Rounded corners, durable floors, walls that can be washed, windows, doors, pool areas that can be secured, the location of bedrooms in relationship to parent's bed...
 What I like best about Blogging is the educational aspect. I read to learn, become informed, discover something new, or understand an issue from another person's point of view. Today I read a post written by Kathy Streib:    Why Do I Have To Stage My Home If Homes Are Selling? Kathy constantly w...
 ©Written by Patricia Feager, 9/26/2016 When a Seller decides to move, the house isn’t new anymore; but to a new Buyer, the house is new. Expectations can be different, depending on who’s the Buyer; and who’s the Seller. Most Buyers and Sellers are cooperative, but there can be some who are more ...
 Source:  Thunder & Lightning - Heavy Rain started this morning in Fl...
 Red Spider Lily or Hurricane Lily (Lycoris Radiata)Red Spider Lily prefers part day sun location. They display spidery red blooms. Originally from China, they are from the Amaryllis family. They attract the butterfly and people!    Musings by Patricia 9/25/2016 Regardless of what the calendar or...
   In this world nothing can be certain except death & taxes.... Benjamin Franklin  Taxes are confusing but when hidden it must be stopped. For example, "your property valued at $200,000 last year is appraised at $220,000 this year and the tax rate of $0.48 per $100 valuation from last year remai...
  GLACIER NATIONAL PARK  GOALS It was nearly a year ago that I stood on top the Mountain in Glacier National Park. It has always been my ambition to exceed expectations by creating a plan, looking at details, assuming risks, as well as enjoying the experience. From this vantage point, I don't see...
 When AR members Alexandra & Ron Seigle challenged members to a Romanticize Your Marketplace: September Active Rain Contest! I began to think about the laws of attraction and how it relates to my marketplace. They say, "Most people buy homes based on their emotions and then justify their choices ...
    What's great about Flower Mound is the mutual feeling about patriotism. It's not unusual to see both the American Flag and the Texas Flag posted within just about every mile. Also, whenever there are school functions, City Council, Civic Groups, Chamber Meetings, Sporting Events, Meetings for...

Patricia Feager, MBA, CRS, GRI,MRP

Selling Homes Changing Lives
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