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  The Mansions of Magical Mushrooms  
Musings by ©Patricia, 11/28/2016 Seller's MarketA home should be one of the biggest investments of your life. Seller’s love to hear, “It’s a Seller’s Market.” But is it realistic to ask the Buyer to pay more when the value doesn’t match the Lender’s appraised value or what the property is worth? ...
 Flaming enthusiasm, backed up by horse sense and persistence,is the quality that most frequently makes for success --- Dale Carnegie   ©Musings by Patricia Feager, 11/27/2016 I hope you enjoy Dale Carnegie's quote and this beautiful video. My insights are as follows:  The power of success is gre...
 This post is dedicated to AR Superstar Lenn Harley. Her AR Blog post has a wealth of knowledge, and if you go there, you'll find a library of information that is still applicable and very interesting.  Timeless classics never go out of style. Attached is a link of a previous YouTube Video about ...
 The two main reasons why a property doesn't sell is because of price and location. But what if there were other factors that a Seller couldn't see? What if, the Agent suggested to reduce the sales price but the Seller didn't want to believe that reducing the price was the answer? Less obvious be...
©Patricia Feager, Musings, 11/25/2016 I love to think and ask questions. For example, are Americans living twice as fat today as the year before? According to the National Turkey Federation: "In 2011, 736 million pounds of turkey were consumed in the United States... turkey consumption has increa...
Musings 11/25/2016 This is my 10th entry for Debbie Reynolds Thanksgiving contest. I am thankful for home ownership. A financial savings is the catalyst that causes people to have the ability to purchase a home. It takes discipline to save, purchase, and maintain a property. The United States is ...
Musings 11/24/2016 Today is my 9th entry for Debbie Reynolds Thanksgiving contest. I am thankful for the AR community. The gift of friendship is priceless. In the business world, the AR platform is our foundation - the place where we can go anytime, day or night. Many will log in and wonder, what...
©Musings by Patricia Feager, 11/23/2016 Regardless of where you go or if you don't go anywhere at all, the days before, on and after Thanksgiving Day are emotional days for all. We think about the ones we love or loved, the ones who are still in our life and those who are not, and we think and wo...
Musings 11/22/2016 I am most thankful for Serenity. This is my seventh entry for Debbie Reynolds Thanksgiving Contest. There are days when I feel like I'm in a fog when things are confusing. But the best days are when I choose to be in the fog. These photos are from a few weeks ago taken at a Wil...

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Selling Homes Changing Lives
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