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by Patricia Feager, 9/29/18 In a recent blog post on September 18th, I shared a story about the amount of rain that fell in Flower Mound and its surrounding communities. For anyone wanting to read all about it, you can follow the link called Survival - Never Give Up! Since that post was written, ...
by Patricia Feager, 9/27/20 "A positive attitude causes a chain reaction ofpositive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is acatalyst and it sparks extraordinary results."---Wadd Boggs   ORDINARY   EXTRAORDINARY The top photograph was taken with my iPhone5. After 61 days without rain, followed by t...
by Patricia Feager, 9/25/18   I spied a sign this morning that was perfectly rectangle, but only my iPhone's eye didn't see it my way, which is probably the way a cat thinks. Anyways..... I started thinking about the first listing I went to many years ago and the showing instructions said, "Pleas...
by Patricia FeagerToday's story was inspired by a just released BBC News Story this morning on 9/24/18.  INDONESIAN TEENAGER SURVIVES 49 DAYS ADRIFT AT SEAAs a recap, teen got loss at sea for 49 days by himself. He used survival skills to keep himself alive, such as using "wood taken from his ves...
by Patricia Feager, Sunday - 9/23/18  Autumn in Flower MoundPhotos by Patricia - Taken on a Vacant Lot Like an embryo that ripens inside of Mother's Earth, a big rock appears in the most unusual place. While living in Maine I found many rocks like the one in my photograph. They were very common i...
by Patricia Feager, 9/22/18  "Survival can be summed up in three words - Never Give Up!That's the heart of it really. Just keep trying" --- Bear Grylls(Photograph and blog post by Patricia Feager) As of 2:30 p.m. today, there has been 1.82 inches of rainfall in Flower Mound, and 3.94 inches fell ...
by Patricia Feager, 9/21/18  My first fall flower showed up 1 day early.I'm passionate about flowers & selling homes--- Patricia Feager  "Punctuality is the soul of Business" - Thomas Chandler Haliburton Anyone who ever interviewed for a job or was a Candidate Interviewer knows how significant th...
by Patricia Feager  Kids are up bright and early when school is in session. To start the day off right, they need food, love, and attention. Be a role model for kids everywhere! Responsibility begins at home. But it is everyones business to look out for kids. Keep your ears open and pay attention...
by Patricia Feager   GREEN ANATOLE Little lizards are common in Flower Mound, Texas. This one is a male and found something in the garden to blow out his sack under his chin to proclaim he is territorial. I'm glad they eat bugs but I would not touch them. Although people can turn them into a rept...
by Patricia Feager With all the seriousness in the news, I thought it would be fun to compose a tongue twister. As you know, a tongue twister is "a sequence of words or sounds, typically of an alliteration kind, that are difficult to pronounce quickly and correctly, as, for example, tie twine to ...

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Selling Homes Changing Lives
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