activerain: What I Love About ActiveRain is the Recognition/Support - 05/16/19 05:39 AM
by Patricia Feager, 5/16/19
What I love about the ActiveRain’s Community is its unique culture and Social Media Brand Integrity platform that consistently attracts members to engage with others in the Real Estate Industry which results into the power of knowledge exclusive to business owners for the benefit of consumers.

Because Culture is a place linked by courage, encouragement, and Professional Recognition, the Featured star posts are a means to positively stand out from the crowd while being supported and cheered on by others in the AR Community. Personally, I consider it valuable because it does impact a member’s ego and sense of … (27 comments)

activerain: Kudos to Ricki Eichler McCallum - ActiveRain - 04/15/19 11:21 AM
by Patricia Feager, 4/15/19
"The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand,
and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have
applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand."
--- Vince Lombardi
Kudos to Ricki Eichler McCallum, member of ActiveRain, Texas Broker, and Published Author effective March 22, 2019! When I learned that Ricki from Corpus Christi who after 40 years of serving the people as a Texas Real Estate Broker in the Texas Hill Country and the  Coastal Bend area was retiring to Northern, Michigan, and that she was getting published, I just had to contact her and … (20 comments)

activerain: Active Rain Community Guidelines - 01/08/19 08:36 PM
Community Guidelines
Active Rain 's Challenge – Community  Guidelines
By Patricia Feager, 1/9/19 
“ActiveRain is built for Community.” It clearly states:
1)   Have fun with the site. 2)   Let ActiveRain staff and other members know what you are thinking. 3)   Get connected.  
Members of ActiveRain have written blog posts that contains volumes of the integration of real estate and our life experiences. From each other, everybody learns! Some get personal and use their muscles and make miraculous body improvements to illustrate how beneficial staying healthy is to keep up with the business and stay flexible. Others ponder and fill our imagination with inspiration, beautiful … (16 comments)

activerain: Weltanschauung - What it Means - 01/07/19 11:57 PM
Weltanschauung What it Means
Active Rain 's Challenge - Weltanschauung
By Patricia Feager, 1/8/19
My years of experience on ActiveRain and in the business has given me a sense of belonging with people who share similar experiences in the real estate industry. Although I can make a case for each and every rule, I would have to say number 5 is extremely important because it touches on my values with regards to “constructive dialogue” between the membership which “fosters transparency among consumers about the industry.”
There is no doubt about it, consumers are bombarded with information from many different resources. Many sources are fake … (25 comments)

activerain: Ettiquette & Comments on Social Media - 12/19/18 02:22 PM
Inspirational thoughts for 12/19/18
by Patricia Feager
Our minds influence the key activity of the brain, which then influences 
everything; perception, cognition, thoughts and feelings,
personal relationships; they're all a projection of you. 
--- Deepak Chopra
Feedback and/or comments on Social Media is a way to improve business relationships with others on ActiveRain. How others see you is a perception. Perception, they say is a reality. A public blog post is designed for more than just members on ActiveRain. A Member's Only Blog could be viewed by Brokers, the Board, State Association, and State Real Estate Commission, including other agents from your community. Following are suggestions … (37 comments)

activerain: Happy Thanksgiving to All on ActiveRain - 11/21/18 08:36 AM
Inspirational Thoughts for 11/21/18
by Patricia Feager
--- W. Clement Stone 
To all my friends on ActiveRain...
May you enjoy all the beautiful joys of the season. Thanksgiving shouldn't have to come once a year but thankfully it does give us reason to pause and give thanks. If you are lucky enough to be celebrating with family, you are blessed. Always give thanks to those who come into your life when you need it most and wasn't expecting anything at all. But most of all, be thankful for children who come into this world ready, willing, … (33 comments)

activerain: I Am Thankful for The People - 11/09/18 09:01 AM
Inspiration 11/9/18
by Patricia Feager
For the November Contest
"Thankfulness," for Debbie Reynolds 
Today is my 9th entry for the November Challenge, "What Are you Thankful For?" I am thankful for "The People," who came into my life when I needed them most and didn't even know how much they were needed. Here's a snapshot of what I mean.
This photo was taken last September in Kalispell, Montana. I found myself alone at a coffee shop. There, I could smell the scent of delicious hot coffee and taste it too! I could hear the voices of people, talking about bears and people stories. I saw decor and landscape unique … (9 comments)

activerain: I am Grateful for Architecture in the Sky - 11/02/18 02:16 AM
Inspiration, 11/2/18
by Patricia Feager
"There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds."
--- Gilbert J. Chesterton
I am thankful for blessings... 
Thanks to Debbie Reynolds for challenging me to another AR Contest. If you want to know more, checkout her invitation to all members on ActiveRain: Thanksgiving Challenge- Post What You Are Thankful For.  If like my writing style, and you're interested in reading my first entry, here is the link for the Day #1: I am Grateful for Lollipop Kisses, Hugs, & Love
For Day #2, I wanted to express my gratitude for Architecture in the Sky. The inspiration for this post came while driving home … (19 comments)

activerain: Three Wise Monkeys Revisit the Weltanschauung - 08/04/18 09:29 AM
Author: Patricia Feager, REALTOR®
This is a revision to a previous post written about what the Weltanschauung means on ActiveRain.
The proverbial wisdom from "The Three Wise Monkeys," keeps me in check. An aspect that most resonates from the Weltanschauung: the guiding principles and philosophy of an organization; a world view, is point #10: "ActiveRain believes that it is in the best interests of real estate professionals to build a community that is focused on educating one another.   
When it comes to real estate, every state has different regulations and requirements to follow the law. Educating clients, customers, and the general public about issues affecting Texas Real Estate … (24 comments)

activerain: ActiveRain "Hath Friends at Hand" - 07/20/18 10:58 AM
by Patricia Feager, 7/20/2018
                                          Who Hath A Book by Wilbur D. Nesbit
Who have a book
Hath friends at hand,
And gold and gear
At his command;
And rich estates,
If he but look,
Are held by him
Who hath a book.
Who hath a book
Hath but to read
And he may be
A king, indeed.
His kingdom is
His inglenook-
All this is his
Who hath a book.
Be all you can be says the Bee
Reading pollinates the mind says Patricia Feager
All religions, arts, and sciences are branches from the same tree.
--- Albert Einstein
All of these photos were … (9 comments)

activerain: Active --- Rain --- ActiveRain - 04/26/18 01:23 PM
by Patricia Feager, 4/26/18
All around me memories
Of people who failed to bloom
Or bloomed too soon
then quit
Rainers contemplate
The winds of change
Sucked into a cloud of hope
Active nope
nothing changes
--- Patricia Feager
Until now a blog has been a lifestyle, a unique personality, creative style; others, including myself have shared the current and interesting industry news, local expertise, including personal life stories, hope, thoughts, and dreams. Carefully or carelessly, words are chosen in content, photos, and comments. Does anyone care? Do members matter at all? Is ActiveRain simply about the Real Estate business? Can the process of blogging become obsolete and outdated? Is Social Media dead … (26 comments)

activerain: Who Are The People in Your AR Neighborhood (Part 16) - 03/17/18 10:04 AM
by Patricia Feager, 3/17/2018
Today I count my Irish blessings for the People in Your AR Neighborhood that are from the State of Arizona. Several series ago, I included Anna Banana Kruchten CRB, CRS, Broker from the great state of AZ whom I am proud to know all because of ActiveRain. There are many more great and honorable People in Your AR Neighborhood who are deserving of feature recognition. I hope you follow them because they have so much to offer. Respectfully, there is no doubt in my mind how much they love their career. They serve their clients with utmost respect and kindness. If … (22 comments)

activerain: Who Are The People In Your AR Neighborhood (Part 13) - 03/12/18 05:52 AM
by Patricia Feager
Who Are the People in your AR Neighborhood? Today's post is about the women of Texas. By proclamation of the Governor of Texas and in recognition of Women's History Month, "Congress has designated March for an awareness campaign," honoring Women who have "demonstrated incredible ingenuity and fortitude in building this great nation we call home." 

Women of Texas who have been recognized by Governor Greg Abbott for their accomplishments in history include: 
Sally Ride - first American woman in space Miriam "Ma" Ferguson - one of the first female governors in our nation Carrie Marcus Neiman - cofounder of Neiman … (23 comments)

activerain: Who Are the People In Your AR Neighborhood? (Part 9) - 03/05/18 10:08 PM
by Patricia Feager
It's only human nature to have a sense of belonging. Here on ActiveRain there are many people with diverse personalities and skill sets. Who Are the People In Your Neighborhood was created to give you pause to appreciate some great neighbors here on ActiveRain. For those following this series, thank you! I made it a goal to gather up some great neighbors who have really been a pleasure to get to know. As individuals in the real estate industry, we are all facing adversities, some bad weather, difficult transactions, and we have personal lives too. But there are 3 … (30 comments)

activerain: Who Are the People In Your AR Neighborhood (Part 6) - 03/03/18 08:29 PM
Author: Patricia Feager, 3/3/2018
For this part of my on-going series on "Who Are the People in Your AR Neighborhood," I'd like to introduce a sample of some amazing individuals promoting AR Citizenship. These are the ones who think global and have built a network of friends utilizing ActiveRain and/or their designation network. The contributions and resources to the community exemplifies quality standards of excellence.
The premise of this series is not to promote myself, but to help you get a better idea of what a great AR Neighborhood we have here on ActiveRain. It is because of what they bring to ActiveRain … (32 comments)

activerain: Who Are the People in Your AR Neighborhood (Part 5) - 03/02/18 10:49 PM
Author: Patricia Feager, 3/3/2018
With so many people on AR who are dedicated to their professions in the real estate industry, who are the people in your AR neighborhood? This is part 5 of an on-going series of recognizing talented agents and/or Brokers who are delivering exceptional Infographic presentations to consumers. 
Why use Infographics? It is an innovate way to connect with consumers. It is also a way to build rapport with new agents in the business or anyone wanting to improve the way they do business using fresh ideas. In real estate, to stay ahead of the competition, one must implement new … (22 comments)

activerain: Who Are the People In Your AR Neighborhood (Part 4) - 03/02/18 05:58 AM
Author: Patricia Feager, 3/2/2018 
Whether the weather is sunny or not, Spring is in the air and that means buyers are contemplating a move. There are members on ActiveRain in the Mortgage business who are the lifeline to the Real Estate Community. 
If there was one change I would make to the school curriculum beginning as early as pre-school, it would be implementation of progressive finance classes to teach children the positive influence money can have in their life. Ideas I have for change would include the following:
Monetary rewards in lieu of grades for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place performance
Toolbox to teach and learn … (36 comments)

activerain: Who Are the People In Your AR Neighborhood? (Part 2) - 02/27/18 12:36 PM
Author: Patricia Feager, 2/27/2018
Blogging on ActiveRain is contagious! Unlike the big, bad flu bug it is positively infectious! Who are the people in your AR Neighborhood? You may never know them in person; however you'll begin to recognize their writing style. You'll be reading their stories that may impact all of us in the Real Estate industry. Some, will illustrate issues and concerns that plague the Internet. Others are willing to share personal accounts that helps us to identify with them without feeling alone. Good readers (you'll identify them by how they comment on AR blogger's posts) won't be pessimistic or … (31 comments)

activerain: Who Are The People In Your AR Neighborhood? - 02/25/18 05:48 AM
Author: Patricia Feager, 2/25/2018
They call us bloggers, but who are the people in your neighborhood? They are by virtual reality, real people who supports the Real Estate community on ActiveRain. Although you may only know them by name recognition, they are people with diverse talent, unique perceptions, and genuine concerns about the economy and how it impacts the real estate business. Like a seamstress who performs a tedious task using a sewing machine or improvises creativity in ways to make new and improved products, they are storytellers, threading the stories we know about ourselves and share with other people. Here are three … (50 comments)

activerain: Profile of Tammy Lankford, Putnam County, Georgia - 01/30/18 03:41 PM
Author: Patricia Feager, 1/30/2018
Profile of Tammy Lankford, 
Tammy was born and raised in Putnam County which is one of counties that borders Lake Sinclair in Georgia. Parents should know that one day their children will grow up and leave them, but they never really leave a place they love. Part of what they learn, they take with them, and teach others new skills. Tammy learned to follow her parent’s example. She learned survival skills, such as, how to problem solve, discipline, patience, and self-respect. Tammy never settles for less. 
A long, long time ago, she decided it is important to know about relationships without depending … (21 comments)

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