customer service: 12 Days of Giving Thanks - Day 11 - 11/22/17 07:10 AM
by Patricia Feager, 11/22/17
for Debbie Reynolds AR Contest
Today is the day before Thanksgiving Day. A situation I am thankful for when I am the recipient of services and what I hope to always give back to my community is exceptional Customer Service. What prompted this blog post was how I was treated yesterday when I called for a Heating and Cooling service request. Being in any type of business requires skills and competencies. Below are some ways exceptional Customer Services matters and how effective communication can result in exceptional customer satisfaction:
Promising what you advertise; then deliver customer satisfaction. Skill in oral, technological, … (23 comments)

customer service: Commitment for Excellent Customer Service - 08/25/16 01:16 AM
©Patricia Feager 8/25/2016
Commitment for Excellent Customer Service
The Dancing Horses
For my granddaughter's 4th Birthday, my son, his family and I went to see the Dancing Horses in beautiful Lake Geneva, Wisconsin to celebrate her special day. The performance was professional and the best I've ever seen. All of the Staff, equine stars, including the Interns (from colleges all over the country), made a commitment to provide excellent customer service. All of the horses were amazing, but this one horse in my photograph stood out above the rest. You can see his commitment, for excellent customer service and determination to succeed in his face and … (42 comments)

customer service: LIFE IS GOOD WHEN THINGS RUN LIKE A WELL OILED MACHINE - 06/02/12 01:17 AM
Although technology is key to running a good business, I’d like to think one of the most valuable assets a REALTOR® must have, without failure, is a dependable vehicle! Last Tuesday evening, I discovered my car wouldn't start and that is not a good way to start off your day.
Since this isn't the first time that happened to me in my auto owned lifetime, I figured I'd test the battery with my trusty electric battery charger - that didn't work. So I called AAA. The Triple A man couldn't get it started and worse yet, he tested the battery and the alternator and … (16 comments)

customer service: New Year's Started Out With A Cold Bang for Me? How About You? - 01/04/11 05:18 PM
January 5, 2010
New Year's started out COLD for me when I woke up and discovered the furnance went out. This is only the fourth time in less than 30 days that I had to call for a repair man. I didn't really think I'd get a service man out on New Year's Day, but I did! Thanks to Joe Cool's Cooling & Heating, Sherry answered the phone and she was professional, kind and empathetic because she already had a paper trail on me and my furnance. The first two Service Company's I called in early December told me I have … (9 comments)

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