dfw: Dallas - Commercial Development Economic Development - 10/07/18 07:21 AM
"A job is the best cure for poverty, and that is why
economic development and job creation has been
my principle focus." --- Luther Strange
Regardless of what type of real estate one buys or sells, all buyers and investors need to pay attention to what's going on in terms of growth and prosperity when choosing the right city, state, and location to live independently, raise a family, build and/or grow your business and your net worth. That's why I attended the 2019 MetroTex Forecast Commercial Development Update on Friday, 10/5/2018. Presenter John Terrell, Vice President Commercial Development, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport speaker is not only wise, … (5 comments)

dfw: Selling is About Attitude and Accessories - 12/08/17 07:41 AM
Selling a home is really more about "attitude", as so many things in life are. It all begins with cleanliness, functionality, and making your home comfortable enough so others see themselves having what you have now.
Accessories has always been able to make people feel good about that terrific look. Think about the old black and white movies and settings from the 1940’s, a time many buyer or agents weren’t even born. For movie actors back then, it was the Fedora hat, a brimmed hat with pinched crown that effortlessly elevated the height of every man’s head that seemed … (62 comments)

dfw: Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall - SILENCE most deadly of all - 07/19/17 12:04 PM
by Patricia Feager, 7/19/2017
F/U - CO
This is in F/U (follow-up) to my ActiveRain post written on 11/7/2014, "CO Poisoning, the Silent Killer." By definition carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas. For more information look it up and know the signs.
Since last night, qualified contractors and technicians have been working inside and outside my house, installing a new and complete Air Conditioning unit. Still waiting for the Gas Dryer technician... I can't say whether or not I experienced low to moderate levels of CO symptoms, but I can say for about 78 hours I have experienced the following: 

Headaches (not normal for me) Fatigue … (10 comments)

dfw: I Flew The Coop & Soaring at DFW FINE PROPERTIES - 04/06/17 07:56 PM
Musings by ©Patricia Feager, 4/6/2017
Every day is a new day, and you'll never be able
to find happiness if you don't move on... Carrie Underwood
After 14 years I flew the coop at Keller Williams Realty and soaring higher that I could imagine at DFW FINE PROPERTIES in Southlake, Texas. I am feeling:
Time to open up a new chapter in life, and to explore a larger centre.
--- Lillian Russell
My humble beginnings at my former Real Estate Company were great years. Regrets, I have none but a new beginning changes your perceptions and the long and winding hallway of … (25 comments)

dfw: Why Won't My House Sell? - 03/18/17 04:45 AM
©Patricia Feager, 3/18/2017
Whether it's a new listing or not, sellers want to know why the Agent hasn't sold their house? To be clear, the Listing Agent represents the Seller and is responsible for marketing the property, consulting, communicating, facilitating, negotiating, etc. All of the details and expectations should be spelled out during the listing presentation. To receive an offer, there must be 1) Motivation from the seller to sell; 2) An incentive, urgency, something unique, desirable, a good reason, the right fit, or an encouragement for a buyer to buy.
Controlling Clinging Clutter Trying … (49 comments)

dfw: Brands That Have Shaped My life - 03/03/17 06:55 AM
©Patricia Feager, 3/3/2017
Brands I have come to know, like, and trust outside of the Real Estate Industry and how they have shaped the way I think about my own Real Estate business.

Invention and innovation have played an important role in the lives of consumers. My perception on consumer products was shaped by personal life experiences, my parents, and their parents. In 1896, Eveready was the first manufacturer to develop dry cell batteries. They reinvented themselves in the late 1950's when they introduced alkaline technology. I was part of the first generation that experienced portable power. Transistor radios … (24 comments)

dfw: Market Trends for DFW - 2017 - 01/23/17 08:20 AM
by ©Patricia Feager, 1/23/2017
Official 2017 Blog JUMPSTART Challenge - Enhance YOUR Personal Best 
Trends for housing is a major factor to know and understand when looking to buy. The economy, your income, and ability to pay on time plays a major role in your decision-making. Don't be confused by National, Local News, or T.V. Shows when it comes to housing. The current market in the Dallas Metroplex is low inventory for residential housing. As of 1/23/2017, it is still a Seller's Market. New construction may or may not have existing inventory or may need time to build. If you sell fast you may need … (14 comments)

dfw: What's Hot in DFW - 07/17/16 07:12 PM
©by Patricia Feager 7/18/2016
Located in close proximity to DFW Airport and Love Field, the DFW Metroplex is ideal for people who travel frequently, such as Pilots, Flight Attendants, Aircraft Mechanics, and people who travel for business and/or pleasure. If you’re a City Slicker, Dallas may appeal to you, especially if you like to experience diverse cultural events, entertainment, and the arts. Here you’ll discover the eclectic lifestyle, great opportunities to mix and mingle with like kinds of whatever style you prefer. Dallas Zoo, Dallas Arboretum, American Airlines Dallas, The Arts District, Dallas Convention Center are just a few places to unwind.
Fort … (5 comments)

dfw: It's a Great and Gloomy Day! - 10/30/13 01:23 AM
It's a great and gloomy day today, storms are brewing. I am happy!

I woke up this morning without the sound of dogs barking, nor did I have to suffer through the noise of lawnmowers, the sound of grinding tree cutters, or the leaf blowers from neighbors and city landscaping services. In other words, silence comes with cloudy skies. The weatherman for DFW predicted bad weather and people are staying indoors. I love it!
Sunny days in Texas are wonderful; yet gloomy days can get me to lead generate, make phone calls to people who will more than likely answer the phone, get organized, learn … (26 comments)

dfw: Bold With Passion - Seeking Horse Property - 09/19/13 09:13 AM
When an out of town Buyer hires me to preview properties I am BOLD WITH PASSION.
If a Buyer is trying to sell their home in another state, they are counting on me to be prepared and to know what they want. A Buyer expects me to have properties that meet their criteria when they arrive. That is why I act BOLDLY WITH PASSION even when I preview without them.

It is better to be an example of boldness against passion than to give insult to a Buyer by sending them listings I did not preview. My buyers are … (29 comments)

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