flower mound: DOGS IN PARADISE - 08/09/19 05:41 AM
Thanks to human kindness from thousands of years ago dogs were tamed to become an accepted part of society. Their uncanny superiority of the senses makes them lovable and valuable to man, woman, child and isn't it interesting, they have the ability to foster and care for newly born kittens, chickens, and other animals including tenderly guarding a newborn infant into the family. Also, isn't it wonderful that Service Dogs are making a difference when it comes to health and well being in areas of medicine, such as mental, physical, and other disabilities? Flower Mound acknowledges their intelligence … (18 comments)

flower mound: In The Good Old Summertime in Flower Mound, TX - 07/30/19 12:21 PM
Cooler temperatures turned up the vivid blues in sky and Duck Pond in Timber Creek located near Timber Creek Elementary School in Flower Mound. In the good old summertime, life is always more fun and relaxing by the cool wet pond. Blue sky, puffy white clouds, imagination, and creative storytelling comes easier for children. Volunteers who love to give back to the community work hard to make parks and Duck Pond look beautiful.
As of July 30, 2019, there are 13 active listings that feed into Timber Creek Elementary School. 2 are under contract. 4 are pending. 8 sold in 30 days … (8 comments)

flower mound: One Minute Market Video & Affordable Homes - 07/27/19 08:09 AM
Click the link below to see what's happening in rate movement, the economy, and the housing market.  
In Flower Mound, TX, population 69,966 as of 2019,  the cost of living in Flower Mound is 33% higher than the Texas average, the cost of living is 20% higher than the national average, the cost of housing is 62% higher than the national average, the general sales tax is 23% higher than the national average, and the Texas state income tax is 100% lower than the national average per Areavibes. Yet, people continue to choose Flower Mound as their city of choice to live … (6 comments)

flower mound: Summer Fun at the Lakes in Texas - 07/24/19 04:33 AM
Fun in the sun in and around cities such as Flower Mound, Lewisville, Highland Village, Grapevine, and Dallas begins and ends at the numerous lakes at Lake Lewisville, Lake Grapevine, and White Rock Lake. Whether it's sunrise or sunset or somewhere in between the waters are a cool way to spend your summers sailing, water skiing, jet skiing, paddle boarding, canoeing, or kayaking. If it's fishing, swimming, or a picnic by the lake and/or picnic on the lake, there's something for everyone.

Different strokes for different folks is always available for anyone who comes to Texas Lakes and wants some good old … (21 comments)

flower mound: Local News to Residents & Commuters thru Flower Mound - 07/13/19 08:30 AM
Fingers crossed for Fairway Drive across the dam over Grapevine Lake to open by the end of July 2019. A slide at the dam caused two major repairs located at the downstream side of the dam and the other was guard rails and road surface. The Corp of Engineer's crew has worked on it since last August. The scope of continuous repairs is unknown and the cost is unknown. Meanwhile, Flower Mound residents and town criers whine, are they done yet?
Proposed Old Town rezoning has caused major concerns for residents in Lewisville. The opportunity for residents such as property owners, business and … (10 comments)

flower mound: An Evening of Celebrations in Flower Mound, TX - 07/04/19 07:44 PM
No rain, clear skies, breezy but not windy, united we stand in Flower Mound to wish everyone a very Happy 4th of July! Although there may be miles between us, we share our smiles, laughter, love, and cheers! 
My thoughts are with those serving our country and are working hard so that we can continue to enjoy our freedom. For their sake, and all those who weren't so lucky, peace begins at home. "Should auld acquaintance be forgotten, and never brought to mind?" What would that look like? No bullying! No harsh and disrespectful criticism? Enormous growth and opportunity with great jobs, … (8 comments)

flower mound: What Does the 4th of July Mean to People in Flower Mound? - 07/04/19 03:21 AM
In Flower Mound, many people stay local celebrating their freedom with a full day of planned activities. Our Town's tradition is organized for families and residents to start their day with the annual Children's Parade, and by the time evening comes the day will wind down to an evening program with live music, and a fireworks finale. Admission is free and shuttle services will be available to and from designated parking lots. For more information about the location and other pertinent information follow the Town of Flower Mound link.
Residents in Flower Mound who want more fireworks, bigger and better entertainment, including … (12 comments)

flower mound: County Commissioners Freeze SR Taxes in Flower Mound - 06/06/19 11:48 AM
Announced by the News from Lewisville, Flower Mound and Lewisville ISD
Effective immediately on May 14, 2019, a property tax limitation for seniors and people with disabilities was approved by the Denton County Commissioner. This allows those who qualify to seek tax limitations on their property to create a tax ceiling. In plain English, in the following year, if property values were to increase, the ceiling of current property taxes would be set to the lower amount of the two calculations. 
The good news is the individual homeowner would not … (5 comments)

flower mound: How is the Market in Flower Mound this Spring? - 05/15/19 03:59 PM
Despite the weather, it's a great time to buy and sell. There are two zip codes in Flower Mound. Comps are from 0 - 90 days.
Zip Code 75028 (as of 5/15/19)
There are 103 active listing
Minimum List Price: $260,000.00
Maximum List Price: $1,200,000.00
Average List Price: $481,010.00
Median: $416,000
The lowest price home was built in 1970 which is not your typical home for sale. This is the only home listed this low. All other active listings were built between 2001 - 2019. The home selling for $1,200,00 is priced at $206.90 per square feet and has 1.003 acres. 
The number of homes under contract, including pending sales, … (5 comments)

flower mound: My Thanks to T-Mobile in Flower Mound, TX - 05/14/19 11:10 PM
As a Real Estate Agent, I can't survive in business without my Cell Phone. My carrier is T-Mobile and the Flower Mound T-Mobile Store located at 2550 Cross Timbers Road open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. during the week is always there to support me and my iPhone. The people in the photograph may look like T-Mobile Store Manager and Employee, but I call them my Super Man and Super Woman. Elizabeth usually always greets me first and knows me by name. Her boss is readily available whenever I need him too. All of the employees provide excellent customer service.
This … (8 comments)

flower mound: Give Me a Brake & Rotors too Flower Mound Firestone!!! - 04/27/19 04:11 PM
Gratification Post for 4/27/19
by Patricia Feager
Shop Locally!
Firestone Complete Auto Care, in Flower Mound, Texas provided excellent Customer Service early this morning, thanks to Dan and everyone else who helped me get brakes and rotors in a hurry. They treated me with R-E-S-P-E-C-T which I greatly appreciated and the price was right and fair. Firestone on the corner of Flower Mound Road (3040) and Long Prairie Road (2499) really knows how to deliver with top-notch services, especially when it's urgent. 
"Our company is built on people - those who work for us,
and those who we do business with." 
--- Harvey S Firestone
Any Real Estate Agent … (19 comments)

flower mound: Recycle Man! - 03/19/19 09:08 AM
Architecturally Interesting for 3/19/19
by Patricia Feager
Now is the time to be green
--- Patricia Feager
While running into the grocery store to pick up groceries at Market Street in Flower Mound, I ran into the Recycle Man! This robot creation using Michelob Ultra Light Beers reminded me that today is my parents' anniversary. They got married 71 years ago. Although they only survived 50 years of wedding anniversaries, they taught me to recycle at a very early age. As first-generation Americans, the passed the torch to me: "The Golden Rule, truth, honesty, work, money, integrity, and family values. When my father served in WW11, … (22 comments)

flower mound: Hollywood Feed - Natural & Holistic - 03/15/19 03:44 PM
An inspiration for Pet Lovers
by Patricia Feager
"Pets are humanizing. They remind us we have an obligation and
responsibility to preserve and nurture and care for all life."
--- James Cromwell
If you care enough to give the best to your pets and you don't know about Hollywood Feed in Flower Mound, I give it the highest rating. Inside you will find pet-friendly employees who provide excellent customer service. Their sales Team receive over 40 hours of training from "veterinarians, nutritionists, vendors, and behaviorists every year." They are located in the same shopping center as Market Street at 3750 Long Prairie Road, Ste. 150, … (6 comments)

flower mound: News Break for Flower Mound & Argyle, TX - 01/06/19 07:01 AM
Motivational Thoughts for 1/6/19
by Patricia Feager
Gas prices dropped from $1.77 9/10 to $1.71 9/10 yesterday for Regular. With milder temperatures in the 60s last night I was able to drive with my window down without feeling cold. The skies were clear with many bright stars and traffic was light. Sunday temperatures should reach 65 degrees with partly cloudy skies. Temperatures are expected to cool down to 57 on Wednesday with sunny skies.
Turkeys gone wild! Wylie Coyote! Cat Fights! Invisible Intruder! Oh my!!! Just 14 miles north of Flower Mound the following incidents were reported by the … (7 comments)

flower mound: Advantages to Moving in Winter - 01/04/19 04:43 PM
Motivational Thoughts for 1/4/19
by Patricia Feager
Here are some good reasons to consider moving in Winter instead of Spring, Summer, or Fall to or in the vicinity of Flower Mound, Texas:
Cooler weather outdoors means movers move faster Hot weather outdoors means movers move slower Moving Companies may charge by the hour Moving Companies may be cheaper in off-seasons than peak seasons Many sales are offered after Christmas, i.e., Appliances, Furniture, etc. Less competition with other Buyers Sellers may be more Motivated Closing in winter means less likely to conflict with vacations, graduations & … (9 comments)

flower mound: Flower Mound Marching Band at Disney January 2, 2019 - 01/03/19 12:10 PM
Inspirational Post 1/3/19
by Patricia Feager
Everyone in Texas is feeling the Flower Mound Pride. Not only did the Flower Mound Marching Band participate in the 2019 Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade on New Year's Day, but they also marched and the Band played on at Disney on January 2, 2019. Their colorful band uniforms were just as bright and beautiful as the Band Members.
 Students who are drawn to music feel connected to the music and each other. They are a Team. Creativity flows like a river and when everyone is marching to the tune of their own instrument success is most likely. … (11 comments)

flower mound: Views Around Town in & Around Flower Mound - 12/01/18 06:05 AM
Inspirational Thoughts 12/1/18
by Patricia Feager
"The City is what it is because our citizens are what they are."
--- Plato
View from the top of the La Cima Club
(Lakeside Room)
5216 North O'Connor Road
Irving, TX
Many people who move to Texas get their humble beginnings employed in Las Colinas in Irving, TX. In 1997, I was one of them who was relocated. A lot of growth has taken place.
This view was taken where I attended a meeting yesterday afternoon. Many companies also hold conventions at the Irving Convention and Visitors Bureau located at 500 W Las Colinas Blvd. "Local historians think this city was named for … (14 comments)

flower mound: Green Anatole is Common in Flower Mound, TX - 09/18/18 04:51 PM
by Patricia Feager
Little lizards are common in Flower Mound, Texas. This one is a male and found something in the garden to blow out his sack under his chin to proclaim he is territorial. I'm glad they eat bugs but I would not touch them. Although people can turn them into a reptile pet, I prefer to keep them outside where they are free to roam on anything or anywhere, except me. 
In summer they are a very pretty shade of green. Now that autumn is near, I noticed they are more brown. Just like scavengers, they eat insects. Although some people … (5 comments)

flower mound: What's Up Around Flower Mound & Thoughts on Florence - 09/17/18 05:44 PM
by Patricia Feager
Weekly Weather
Monday 9/17, Partly Cloudy, 94/75 degrees
Tuesday 9/18, Sunny, 94/76 degrees
Wednesday 9/19, Mostly Sunny, 92/74 degrees
Thursday 9/20, Mostly Sunny, 91/74 degrees
Friday 9/21, PM Thunderstorms, 87/74 degrees
Saturday 9/22, Scattered Thunderstorms, 85/73 degrees
Sunday 9/23, Scattered Thunderstorms, 85/72 degrees
"Weather forecast for tonight: DARK"
--- George Carlin
Housing Marketing Reports as of August 18, 2018
Flower Mound, Active Listings ↑22.5% (327 in August 2018), Closed ↑8% 
Months of Inventory ↑3.0% (Compared to 2.5% in August 2017)
Medium Price $392,450, ↓1% (Compared to August 2017)
Days on Market 34, Days to Close 30 (Total 64, 1 more day than 2017
Lewisville, Active Listings ↑85.7% (195 in August 2018), Closed ↓15.7% 
Months of Inventory ↑2.3% (Compared to 1.1% in … (10 comments)

flower mound: 2817 Lake Flower - Roll Back Price Improvement - 08/07/18 05:39 AM
by Patricia Feager, 8/7/18
There has been a roll back price improvement for 2817 Lake Flower Dr in Flower Mound. Please click on the link for 2817  Lake Flower DR to see MLS photos. Showings are easy with no restrictions or pet to removal. Property is competitively priced with added value to 4 bedroom home, 3.1 updated baths, 2 car garage, storm doors, all new custom, grid-free, Pella Windows with a lifetime transferable warranty. Foundation has lifetime transferrable foundation warranty. New windows throughout means significant energy savings. Custom features inside and out, including retractable awnings in backyard, iron Gazebo, large Gunite pool and … (9 comments)

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