flower mound: December 2016 Housing Report for Flower Mound - 01/14/17 12:18 AM
Flower Mound Housing Report
(All percentages compared to December 2015)
    Median home price $364,000  - Up 1.1%
   Number of Active Listings (185 in Dec 2016) - Down 4.6%
   Days on Market (7 days more than Dec 2015) - 51
   Singe Family Homes Sold (104 in Dec 2016) - Down 4.6%
  Months of Inventory (compared to 1.8 in Dec 2015) - 1.7
Research Data Analysis from the MLS Association of REALTORS®
Current Active Listings in Flower Mound, TX are 177. For the Month of December a total of 24 properties were added to the inventory listings.  The median … (8 comments)

flower mound: Moviehouse Eatery Flower Mound - 01/11/17 04:26 AM
by ©Patricia 1/11/2017
Official 2017 Blog JUMPSTART Challenge - Enhance YOUR Personal Best 
In support of my community, I'd like to introduce it's newest permanent attraction - Moviehouse Eatery Lakeside. With a relatively small population of about 66,000, it's easy to jump off the main drag, Long Prairie Road onto 121, 35E or 35W, 635, or 114 to hit the big cities of Dallas or Fort Worth. There, you'll find many large major attractions. In a hometown family community, such as Flower Mound, about a year ago we got our very first Moviehouse Eatery Lakeside. It is located between Long Prairie Road and Lake … (14 comments)

flower mound: New Listings for Flower Mound as of 1/6/2017 - 01/06/17 08:11 AM
by Patricia Feager 1/6/2017
Today is the first Friday of the completion of the first week in January 2017. Skies are cloudy in Flower Mound. With temperatures at 26 degrees this morning, the forecast predicts snow showers, 30% precipitation, 57% humidity, 17 mph winds. It's a GREAT day for serious buyers to look at houses!
Serious Buyers concentrate on what's new on the market. Here's a list of what buyers need to know:
4 new listings $200,000 or less built between 1940 - 1990, 1,181 -1,350 square feet per tax records. 
1 new listing between $200,000-300,000 built in 1992, 1,800 square feet per tax records.
3 new … (4 comments)

flower mound: Romancing Your Marketplace With A KISS in Flower Mound - 09/22/16 12:43 AM
When AR members Alexandra & Ron Seigle challenged members to a Romanticize Your Marketplace: September Active Rain Contest! I began to think about the laws of attraction and how it relates to my marketplace. They say, "Most people buy homes based on their emotions and then justify their choices with logic." I began to give this serious thought.

People come in all different sizes, shapes, and personality traits. Unless you're a licensed Psychologists it may be difficult to pinpoint CORE mapping. Even though I have a Bachelor's degree in Applied Behaviorial Science, and in my former career, I was a Recruiter in … (8 comments)

flower mound: What's Great About Flower Mound - 09/20/16 02:39 PM
What's great about Flower Mound is the mutual feeling about patriotism. It's not unusual to see both the American Flag and the Texas Flag posted within just about every mile. Also, whenever there are school functions, City Council, Civic Groups, Chamber Meetings, Sporting Events, Meetings for groups, such as members belonging to the Greater Lewisville Association of REALTORS® everyone Pledges Allegiance to the Flag and to the State of Texas. 
Honor the Texas Flag; I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas,
one State under God; one and indivisible.
Community Spirit
Another great thing about Flower Mound is the Community Spirit to give back. One of the … (5 comments)

flower mound: A Bird's Eye View of Flower Mound, TX - 09/19/16 08:18 AM


Today is Monday, September 19, 2016. Here's a bird's eye view of Flower Mound, Texas. The wind is calm and the sky the color of azure mixed with white clouds. The weather is hot!
Hi, my name is Patricia. When I'm not selling Real Estate or working with clients, I'm driving the roads, looking for opportunities and discovering what's new within the community. Life is good! I'm relaxed, taking advantage of opportunities to breathe, think, and take photographs of Flower Mound, the city in which I live and work. … (21 comments)

flower mound: Wordless Wednesday - Empowerment! - 07/26/16 11:06 PM
©Photo by Patricia at sunset on 7/26/16 in Flower Mound, Texas

flower mound: What's Hot in DFW - 07/17/16 07:12 PM
©by Patricia Feager 7/18/2016
Located in close proximity to DFW Airport and Love Field, the DFW Metroplex is ideal for people who travel frequently, such as Pilots, Flight Attendants, Aircraft Mechanics, and people who travel for business and/or pleasure. If you’re a City Slicker, Dallas may appeal to you, especially if you like to experience diverse cultural events, entertainment, and the arts. Here you’ll discover the eclectic lifestyle, great opportunities to mix and mingle with like kinds of whatever style you prefer. Dallas Zoo, Dallas Arboretum, American Airlines Dallas, The Arts District, Dallas Convention Center are just a few places to unwind.
Fort … (5 comments)

flower mound: 2016 - Half Over & What's Happening Now in North Dallas - 06/09/16 03:01 AM
©by Patricia Feager 6/9/2016
As El Nino calms down and the heavy rains stop, the heat turns up in North Dallas, Texas. White Clouds pushed away the rain and blue skies are here again! Lizards are actively sucking up bugs on my bricks and mortar but too quick for me to take photographs. Both are a welcome sight outside my window! 
Flowers in my Flower Mound garden are confused but still offering an array of color and many surprises. Though spring sprung up too quickly and with all that rain it was hard to notice; yet buds continued to bloom. Hydrangeas are doing great. There … (8 comments)

flower mound: I Saw Fire & I Saw Rain - 05/11/16 02:59 AM
by Patricia Feager 5/11/2016
Last night's storm passed through quickly. Here are clouds from yesterday's storm in Flower Mound on May 10, 2016: Current Weather Conditions Flower Mound, TX  Wind gusts were powerful. But after the wind died down, I saw fire and I saw rain. These are my photos taken after the winds died down while still raining. 
Quickly, I thought how fast a current situation can change. Life is a game of chance. When severe weather warnings prevail, storm clouds is something to pay attention to closely. A swift change in conditions means one must pay attention, look, listen, problem solve, and act … (23 comments)

flower mound: The Girls Are Back In Town!!! - 04/11/16 11:24 PM
What's happening in Flower Mound, TX now???
The Girls are back in town all dressed up in lilac. They are my late bloomers standing 4 feet tall this year! Rain is in the forecast, causing havoc to other parts of Texas but Flower Mound is feeling the love of gentle and just enough rains. Cloudy skies in North Dallas this morning but that didn't stop the girls from showing up in my backyard. They were the brightest thing I saw when I peaked outside my kitchen window!
The soft petals of lilac reflect sentiments of emotion, that feeling of hope! I don't mind … (13 comments)

flower mound: Hope - 04/01/16 08:58 PM
Iris blowing in the wind
Reminiscent of white linens
Pinned on clotheslines
Wind blows
Smell the freshness
April showers
Windy weather
Enjoy the results
It's in the air
--- ©Patricia Feager
Though air may be damp and the winds may blow, life goes on in Flower Mound, Texas. It has been a week of executing contracts and home inspections. People are on the move! 
Personal letters stuffed inside stamped envelopes went out from the Post Office before sunset yesterday. They will be delivered to family and friends from distant places, overseas and the Midwest. As I walked out the swinging glass door my eyes drifted to the white Iris planted below the trees, … (41 comments)

flower mound: Whatever Happened to Landon Klotz from Flower Mound? - 03/07/16 08:36 PM
When little Landon Klotz' parents listed their home in Flower Mound with me back in 2011 and finally moved to California in January 2012, I never dreamed he'd become a child actor. All grown up now, he got a part through the Brogan Agency in L.A. He'll be starring tonight on Fox in New Girl. 
Congratulations Landon!!!
Your Friends from Flower Mound
Will be watching YOU!!!

flower mound: March 1, 2016 - Lion or a Lamb - 03/01/16 08:04 AM
This Tree stands tall and proud on the corner of Eaton and Timber Creek
Between Lamar Middle School and Timber Creek Elementary
March came in like a lamb with refreshing blue skies and an abundance of blossoms from Bradford Pear Trees in Flower Mound, Texas. Mother Nature was kind today in Dallas Metro North. Trees are an important part of the culture in any community. They change the environment during the growing seasons. Spring blossoms are an awaking! Listening to TWEETS from birds hidden amongst the tree branches without cell phones is sheer delight! One of the greatest joys in life is when … (20 comments)

flower mound: SKYWARN® - The EYES of Texas Are Upon Us - 02/28/16 08:04 AM
©by Patricia Feager 2/28/2016
As March 1st and Spring Weather nears, it is good to know the EYES of Texas are upon us! While driving around Flower Mound, I was lucky enough to see my first SKYWARN® Vehicle and the driver was very, very friendly!
Once I got home, I found the website at www.skywarn.org  and was surprised to learn Storm Spotters are volunteers! It's a National Weather Organization. Now I know, we ALL owe our lives to these brave individuals who are rarely spoken of and many of us know nothing about, expect they put their lives at risk to warn everyone … (16 comments)

flower mound: What Is It Like To Live In Flower Mound, Texas? - 06/07/14 02:45 AM
I like to get up early and experience the birth of a new day. Right now, it is nearly noon and the sun isn’t quite hot yet, so a perfect day to enjoy the parade of flowers in my Flower Mound garden. In Flower Mound, or North Dallas, after the Crane Flies depart (they usually arrive mid-March and are gone in about a week or two), it’s time I start planting my flowers. A Crane Fly is nothing like a fly at all. They are harmless; they float in the air with very light bodies; they don’t bite … (7 comments)

flower mound: COMING ATTRACTIONS - 02/18/14 06:43 AM
What is fertile and can live in cold or hot climates all around the world with no shame, humiliation, or worries? This thing doesn’t care about its image or what anyone thinks about it and it continues to grow successfully. It lives in harmony with all types of plants and minerals and it doesn’t care who got there first --- if it wants more space, it will take it!  Domination is its game! Urban, suburban or by a rock it will pop its face and stare right back at you! It loves the sun and doesn’t seem to … (14 comments)

flower mound: Snug As a Bug in a Rug on a Cold November Day - 11/11/13 10:43 PM
Temperatures plummeted to 45.5 degrees F this morning in Flower Mound, TX. They are expected to drop down to 27 degrees F by tonight with a high of 52 degrees F tomorrow. I saw this beautiful rose through my window this morning and I just had to snap its picture. It's a reminder for all of us who are affected by the Arctic blast to stay Snug as a bug in a rug on this cold November day. I shall cut the rose branch and bring it indoors in the hopes it gets to finish blooming. 
What I … (21 comments)

flower mound: Writing is an Art - A Blog is a Personal Gift - 10/26/13 08:24 PM
Writing is an art, like a painting or a portrait that produces vibrant impact; the right words open up the heart to emotion and feelings. Flowers from my Flower Mound garden reminds me that we grow through the seasons of life and we have a responsibility to grow strong and healthy in an environment that produces continuous challenges. 

Writing, like the beauty of a flower reminds me to live in the paradox of striving to be joyful and happy while we make plans for the future. Good thoughts and flowers are an instant pick-me-up; … (43 comments)

flower mound: Flower Mound, Texas - There's No Place Like Home - 10/05/13 08:13 PM
Flower Mound, Texas is where I call home. People can choose whether or not to live in a community that does or does not have an HOA. As a property owner, I live in a neighborhood without an HOA. Therefore, I have the independence and the freedom to improve the exterior of my home without asking for permission. What I decide to do on the inside of my home is entirely up to me. I have the ability to paint, tile, decide on window treatments, flooring, appliances, and choose the type of lifestyle that best … (34 comments)

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