patricia feager: The Most Important Aspect of a Real Estate Transaction - 06/17/17 08:52 AM
by Patricia Feager, 6/17/2017
F&Q - Part 5 of 5
What is the most important aspect of a Real Estate Transaction?
Communication is the most important aspect of purchasing a home. Our brains are lateralized and depending on whether a person is left brain or right brain, humans process information in different ways. The ability to remember what we see, hear, read, and write is critical to achieving success. Effective communication is necessary to feel comfortable.
Effective communication is a skill that takes practice to comprehend words, understand meaning, talk back with cogency, intelligence, and express feeling. Language has been evolving before we were even … (43 comments)

patricia feager: Greyhounds - 06/05/17 10:33 PM
by Patricia Feager, 6/5/2017
GALT (Greyhound Adoption League of Texas) is a wonderful place to adopt or foster a Greyhound. No animal should be bred for the purpose of being abused. GALT is an organization that does a thorough job checking references on people who want to adopt or foster a Greyhound. It's a process that the organization does well. Every year the Greyhound Adoption League has an annual birthday party for Greyhounds and pet owners which includes lunch, beverages, birthday cake (one for dogs; one for people), prizes for different categories, nail trimmings, auctions, and photographers. 
Over the years, I have had … (16 comments)

patricia feager: The Road to Repair Doesn't Have to be that Long - 06/02/17 08:24 AM
by Patricia Feager, 6/2/2017
Living in Flower Mound, Texas has many advantages. In addition to affordable housing, excellent schools, shopping, medical facilities including hospitals, parks and recreation, caring people who work with the Town of Flower Mound  is something that may not be available in other communities or that residents in Flower may be aware of exists.  
The road to repairs can be strenuous and more difficult for some than others. Financial distress, sickness, loss of income, family catastrophes, personal loss, and death in the family can happen to anyone. There is a Program available for Flower Mound residents with people from the … (9 comments)

patricia feager: Mother Nature's Portraits of Flower Mound - 05/25/17 03:33 AM
People moving to Flower Mound may wonder about scenic views when there is no ocean or mountains. I find Flower Mound an interesting place to live to discover unusual plants, butterflies, and reptiles locally. Sure, it's all about location, location, location, but what else can a person learn besides schools, taxes, shopping, hospitals, and medical facilities?
Spring is a beautiful time of year. The collage I created above is a sample of some of the beautiful sights I saw within the last five days in Flower Mound. While many families are busy with graduations, curriculum activities, … (15 comments)

patricia feager: April Showers Brought May Flowers - 05/20/17 06:53 AM
Musings by Patricia Feager
After a wet and windy spring, this is the result of my annual manual labor in my Flower Mound garden. I enjoy planting and adding something new every year. The flowers in the top left was a complete surprise! When I planted it into the earth, there were no buds or flowers! To me, it looks uniquely exotic and I am proud of how it turned out! The photo on the top right was taken a few days ago when the winds were blowing fast. I felt as if the petals waved back at me, letting me know … (53 comments)

patricia feager: Mother's Day Musings - 5/14/2017 - 05/14/17 09:35 AM
©Musings by Patricia Feager, 5/14/2017
A mother's womb is a vessle, just a vehicle to transport life into the world. There is no greater closeness than an infant to their mother after birth. A mother's body adapts and instinctively knows more than she thought she did and graduates to Motherhood on a daily basis. 
A woman, a mother who stands strong in the face of adversity has a direct impact on her child. Many children do not know the suffering their mother endured before, during, or after they were born. A mother who loves her children protects them. She is a woman warrior, … (25 comments)

patricia feager: Talking: The Forgotten Skill - 05/08/17 06:12 AM
by ©Patricia Feager 5/8/2017
In the land of texting is talking becoming a lost art? The forgotten skill?

Personal Communication
What impact does texting have on loved ones and friends? 
Body language is missing People can be misunderstood There could be wrong interpretation Absence of voice recognition  People are oblivious to their surroundings Major distractions and lack of concentration Communication breakdowns Personal touch isn't really personal at all Kids can get bored and zone out  
If talking is becoming a lost art of effective communication, it may take years before we know if there are harmful effects and future problems linking texting to people problems … (88 comments)

patricia feager: The Magical World of Color - 05/07/17 07:02 AM
by ©Patricia Feager, 5/7/2017
Artscape at the Dallas Arboretum was wonderful. The gardens were literally dripping in color! I saw these vendors selling their wares and couldn't resist - I had to take a photograph. 
Interesting people are creative and they brighten up our world. Their fascination with color makes other people happy. An artist challenges me to think outside the box with highlighted thoughts in brighter colors. Through their work, an artist makes bold statements and we begin to see things differently. Not everything is black and white, soft and hard, large or small. Variations in thought is what makes it a more … (24 comments)

patricia feager: First Watch Flower Mound, TX - 05/06/17 11:33 AM
There's a great new Restaurant in Flower Mound called "First Watch." In my opinion, it's one of the best new restaurants in the area located near the corner of Morris Road and FM 407/Justin Road. See their website for menu features: Not only is the coffee, juice, and food delicious, the Host and the Waitress' and Waiters provide the best quality services I've experienced in a very, very long time.
I enjoyed my visit at First Watch and received exceptional services. My Waitress and the Hostess made me feel like I was an invited guest into their homes. We had conversations … (7 comments)

patricia feager: Timber Creek Subdivision in Flower Mound - 05/04/17 12:53 PM
by ©Patricia Feager 5/4/2017
Timber Creek Subdivision is a place in Flower Mound, TX where kids can quack like ducks and ducks can grow old. Both can live in harmony. This beautiful subdivision has walking trails to school for Elementary and Middle School and it's closely patrolled. It's a wonderful place for kids to grow up and be inspired by ducks, trees, fish, plants, and animals. As of 4/28/17 there were 8 "Coming Soon," homes with square footage from 1,259 square feet to 3,533, ranging from $195,000 to $420,000.
Adults and children can play tennis using 1 of four Tennis Courts. Every morning someone from … (5 comments)

patricia feager: Wordless Wednesday - Make Me Taller - 05/03/17 08:18 AM
From the Collection of Zimscuplt by Patricia Feager

patricia feager: Do People Still Eat, Pray & Love? - 04/25/17 08:06 AM
©Musings by Patricia Feager, 4/25/2017
In the book "Eat, Pray & Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert she references people to "Soul Mates." As she poignantly explains the perception of what people think is a "Soul Mate," may not be what we imagine they should be, or perhaps they are in love in the beginning, but true life experience paints the real picture and the picture is subject to change. Same is true with houses - in the beginning something attracted you to where you live but if you put the house on the market, something changed with the occupants, the location may not suit your needs, perhaps … (14 comments)

patricia feager: Ice is Nice & Other Lessons on Success & Failure - 04/24/17 06:15 AM
©Patricia Feager, 4/24/2017 
The temperatures in Dallas on Friday, 4/24/17 was 86 degrees but the ice was nice at the Dallas Galleria. Shoppers were mingling, people were taking brisk walks, some folks were sitting at cafe tables on the main floor; others like myself were hanging over the balcony watching skaters skate fearlessly! 

As an observer, what can we learn about success and failure?
Success propels one to move forward Failure requires forgiveness Success releases us from our fears Failure welcomes second chances Success is the result of hard work Failure is a learning lesson Success is the result of persistence Failure doesn't … (28 comments)

patricia feager: Simply Speechless - Does Size Matter? - 04/23/17 08:08 AM
Good Morning! I captured this photo in my neighborhood on Saturday 4/22/17. The bird was sitting on top my neighbor's house. Using Ribbet I edited the photo to appear more mystical. The size of the bird on top of the 2-story house was pretty enormous. In the grand scheme of things how big is big, and does size really matter, at all?
Is it just an illusion or proof that bigger is better? When applying the Pareto Principle (80/20 Rule), 80 percent of the effects come from 20 percent of the causes.  By the same rule of thumb, most decisions are made … (22 comments)

patricia feager: At Home With Diversity Certification - 04/22/17 11:17 AM
©Patricia Feager, 4/22/2017
One of the best incentives to being a Member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of REALTORS© is that it offers excellent certification programs such as At Home With Diversity®. As a result of taking the class on Friday, April 21, 2017, I was able to appreciate diversity even more today than the day before. The instructor for my class was Marion Napoleon and the course was taught at DFW MetroTex Association of REALTORS©. Roxie Glen, Director of Professional Development of  the Association does an outstanding job offering Education and Training to all Real Estate Agents taught by the best Instructors … (13 comments)

patricia feager: An AR Contest - What's My Secret Niche? - 04/16/17 07:52 PM
©An AR Contest - What's My Niche? by Patricia Feager, 4/16/2017
One of the many reasons why I love ActiveRain and its membership is because I am consistently challenged to think differently about everything from business concepts to personal issues. This month's challenge is by Evelyn Johnston - Setting Yourself Apart - A Niche Contest.
I would like to say I've developed a successful niche in a "tightly focused segment of a marketplace," called ____________. But my mind goes blank. The truth is, if I just focus on one aspect of the business, I would be a lone wolf in a dying … (37 comments)

patricia feager: Just Listed - 1713 Meyerwood LN S in Flower Mound - 04/10/17 02:12 AM
1713 Meyerwood LN S
Flower Mound, TX 75028
NEXT? It's Always Your Next Move! --- Napolean Hill
People know when it's time to move on. This beautiful three bedroom, 2.1 bath, Kitchen with Granite Countertops, Island and Breakfast Bar with Granite too, 42 inch cabinets, Breakfast Area, Study, Master Suite Down with Hollywood Tub, very large closet, separate shower, large vanity with dual sinks, Game Room upstairs with two bedrooms is perfect for someone wanting to stay in the Lewisville Independent School District (Timbercreek, Lamar, and Marcus High School). Two car Garage and no HOA dues. 2,033 Square Feet, per Tax Records but … (15 comments)

patricia feager: I Flew The Coop & Soaring at DFW FINE PROPERTIES - 04/06/17 07:56 PM
Musings by ©Patricia Feager, 4/6/2017
Every day is a new day, and you'll never be able
to find happiness if you don't move on... Carrie Underwood
After 14 years I flew the coop at Keller Williams Realty and soaring higher that I could imagine at DFW FINE PROPERTIES in Southlake, Texas. I am feeling:
Time to open up a new chapter in life, and to explore a larger centre.
--- Lillian Russell
My humble beginnings at my former Real Estate Company were great years. Regrets, I have none but a new beginning changes your perceptions and the long and winding hallway of … (25 comments)

patricia feager: Madame Butterfly - Dallas Opera - 03/27/17 02:48 AM
©Patricia Feager, 3/27/2017
Music by World famous Giacomo Puccini with a cast of best Opera Singers in the world Hui He (Cio-Cio-San), Chinese soprano playing Madame Butterfly, Gianluca Terranova (Lt. B.F. Pinkerton), born in Rome, Manuela Custer (Suzuki), most popular for performances throughout Europe, Baritone great, Lucas Meachem (Sharpless), and more superlative Opera Singers graced the Dallas Opera stage presented at the Winspear Opera House at the AT&T Performing Arts Center for their last performance in Dallas, Texas on Sunday, March 26, 2017. The stage was set with a house full of anxious audience guests for a performance of a lifetime. Below is … (17 comments)

patricia feager: Who Are ActiveRain Members? - 03/20/17 11:55 PM
©Patricia Feager, 3/22/2017
Members of ActiveRain are professionals in the Real Estate Industry who live in every city, state, and region of the country. Some are even International Real Estate Specialists. Real Estate Agents like myself are self-employed entrepreneurs and many others in the industry are too. For example, Residential Real Estate Agents, Commercial Real Estate Agents, Property Managers, Brokers, Investors, Mortgage Lenders, Financial Advisors, Stagers, Home Interior Designers, Builders, Home Inspectors, Appraisers, Escrow Officers, Real Estate Attorneys, Virtual Assistants, and more are pulling the economy out of the slumps when the market is down, working feverishly when it's a Seller or … (26 comments)

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