patricia feager: Life is Good - Seek Happiness - 12/07/12 02:23 AM
Life is Good – Seek Happiness
I want to thank everyone who replied to my last post dated November 29th in reference to “All About You.” If you were one of the ones who commented on my previous post and I did not reply to your comments, I want to express my apologies and I feel I owe you an explanation. First, I want to say, hearing from you and reading your comments had a profound effect on me. Since then, I have been caught up in taking care of business while directing 20% of my energy … (49 comments)

patricia feager: SELLING YOUR HOME IN 30 DAYS OR LESS - 11/27/12 11:17 PM
Sellers, when you sign an Exclusive Right to List your Home you are now in the business to sell. This is a Broker’s Listing – Read the Listing Agreement. Your Listing Agent represents you in the sale of your home. If you trusted your Agent enough to sign the Broker’s Listing Agreement, agree to listen. Expect to be inconvenienced because your Agent is working with other REALTORS® and many different resources, spending their own money on marketing and using their own time  to sell your home as quickly as possible, for the most money, within a short period … (25 comments)

patricia feager: Sold 2024 Winding Creek Boulevard, Flower Mound, TX - 09/28/12 05:04 PM

                                   2024 Winding Creek Boulevard in Flower Mound, TX 75028
As the Listing Agent for this property, I am proud to say the home went on the market on August 31, 2012. There were 42 showings and it closed and funded on September 28, 2012.  The Buyer’s Lender and Capital Title in Argyle contributed to an expeditiously and successful transaction; there were no excuses or delays.
McKamy Creek is a beautiful neighborhood with established trees and custom homes. All schools, elementary, middle and high school in this subdivision are rated exemplary. … (27 comments)

patricia feager: Life is Good - But are you Retro? - 07/14/12 02:13 AM
Well, here we are folks less than half way away from the first of the year. Life is good for some but are you caught up in a Retro World?
Retro means culturally outdated. As they say in fashion, today you are in; tomorrow you are out!
Now is a good time to take inventory of electronic media. iPads sure are cool and seems to be a wave of the future. With an iPad, there’s always something new to learn. The longer you wait to join the iPad world, the further away you’ll be from everybody else … (44 comments)

patricia feager: Life is Good Through Observation - 06/15/12 12:37 AM
For as much as I love flowers; I cannot overlook the beauty of leaves. Leaves come in all difference shapes and sizes - not all leaves are green.

These leaves have distinct markings. They remind me "that to everything there is a purpose."
Observe - you don't have to be perfect to be who you are. It's the holes that sets this one apart!

This leaf is big and strong, notice the veins and how they curve from the center of the vein to its outer edges. This one reminds me of a rib cage and the vein … (28 comments)

patricia feager: Life is Good When You Shut Up & Listen - 06/10/12 12:12 AM
Life is good when inspiration comes naturally. There is something about creativity in nature that causes me to pause, and wonder, does it take a creative person to stand out in a crowd - are flaws just as important to the overall picture?

Life is good when something jumps out at you and you can't help but notice that even though we may all look the same, if you look deep enough, there is a unique difference - is it the differences that sets you apart?

Life is good when by the very nature a new inspirational thought goes against the … (29 comments)

patricia feager: Life is Good When there is PANDA - 06/03/12 09:59 PM
After the excitment of the NAR REALTOR® Rally in D.C., I wondered off to the Zoo to find solace. I looked into the eyes of this Panda and was reminded, Life is Good when there is PANDA.


Every now and then, it's a good idea to exam your conscious and remember what your purpose is in life. At the Zoo, I was filled with inspiration. This beautiful Panda reminded me that I was put on this earth to build relationships. At the center of my core is caring and compassion. Every day of … (23 comments)

patricia feager: LIFE IS GOOD - WHEN YOU'RE IN CHARGE - 05/31/12 12:14 AM
It rests with heaven to decide who shall be chief among us, but you shall be master in your own house and over your own possessions. ---Homer,The Odyssey
I remember how excited I was to leave my parent’s home – wasn’t that the reason why I got married in the first place? A teenager doesn't want to live with their parents forever, you know...
Eight years of grammar school PLUS kindergarten and FOUR years of High School, AND living my whole life under my parents roof taught me everything I needed to you, you know...  What's the big deal and how hard could … (13 comments)

patricia feager: Body Language Ain't No Bull - 04/29/12 07:59 PM
While out and about my business Sunday afternoon in Flower Mound, Texas, I came upon this bull. They say 90% of communication consists of body langauge and this bull was out to teach me a lesson! 
In the beginning, I was merely trying to get a photo of this magnificent animal. I had just closed my car door with camera in hand. The bull was obviously, going about his own business - until he noticed me. 

The bull was either in the middle of lunch or needing an energy boost. I figured I was no threat and that he was … (82 comments)

patricia feager: Orchid Series for a Divine Detour #4 - 03/16/12 05:55 PM
Today I feature Orchid Series for a Divine Detour #4. I was tickled to find this unusual orchid. There was a definite connection! Examine all that you can and make connections with every man, woman, child, flower, plant, and animal. What’s your connection? I’d love to know.
Mother Nature can be comical, and she reminded me, that sometimes things can get hairy, even scary, and that’s alright. All we need to do is to choose our attitude and be merry. Plato once said that the unexamined life isn’t worth living. The orchid seems to beckon me with a sigh... 
Happy St. Pat's … (21 comments)

patricia feager: Life Lessons of Territorial Domination and The Real Estate Agent - 07/30/11 12:21 AM
From the beginning of time, the ecological and historical relationships between nature and the environment has taught us life lessons. For example, each bird dominates a nesting territory and most birds accept the ultimatum and keep to their own territories.

A mother bird chooses a location to have her babies, feeds them and teaches them how to fly away from the nest. Respectfully, most birds accept the ultimatum and keep to their own territories. They do not disturb the nest, encroach upon their territory, nor do they interfere with the mother bird and her babies.  She builds a nest in an area … (57 comments)

patricia feager: The Rose and What It Means To Me - 07/19/11 02:45 AM
The rose is a gift I give myself. It grows in my garden. I planted it with my own two hands and it continues to grow, without fail since 1998. I planted the rose with love and it gives love back to me. I love cut flowers from the Flower Shop; but why buy them cut, when you can have the bush? I clipped this rose and placed it next to my dishwasher to get a dark background and this is what I got. At first, I wanted to get rid of the mirrored shadow effect on top but then I … (41 comments)

patricia feager: Marvelous Monday: Never Turn Your Back On Life - 07/17/11 10:42 PM
"Life was meant to be lived and curiosity must be kept alive. One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back on life." --- Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962), American first lady, lecturer, humanitarian

Having a hard time getting started this Monday morning? At least you have a choice in how you start your day.
Do you feel like you have a heavy load to carry? Think again, it could be worse.
Are you easily annoyed by the little things in life that don't seem to matter - what if only the little things in life really mattered?
Can't find something to … (54 comments)

patricia feager: Bright Lights & Shadows - 07/17/11 02:15 AM
The life cycle is a continuation of bright lights and shadows. May you always have the strength to live with courage when you pass through the shadows. To get through the rough patches, you have to experience a little of both, light and shadow to bring everything to a happy and successful conclusion. However, not all conclusions are meant to be happy and we can't always get what we want. They are what they are...
Why? Because sometimes, it's not about us, but about other people. That's why we should not take things personally. All people must go through the shadows to experience … (18 comments)

patricia feager: Silent Saturday - Even A Tree Can Grow Up to Be Anything! - 07/15/11 11:04 PM

If a tree can grow up to be anything, why can't we?
The state of the economy can either stifle our growth or cause us to change the way we think by using the natural resources that we have within our reach. Inspiration has been in existence since the beginning of time. Why should we let the state of the economy stop us now?
We have the tools, we have the brains, and we have many of the same things on this planet that was given to us from centuries ago. Sometimes we act like children and … (44 comments)

patricia feager: Spirit of Adventure & The Magic Key - 07/15/11 05:36 AM
There's something about the spirit of adventure in being a new home owner. If it is your first house, it's an opportunity to make major decisions that impacts your world. There is a feeling of confidence and a sense of accomplishment. Creativity easily flows as you enter stores that sell items that actually begin to get you even more excited, for example, paint, light fixtures, brooms, hardware, plumbing, tools, landscaping supplies and other materials.
As you leave the store with your goods in hand, there is a magic key that opens the heart and rekindles the spirit of many people who yearn for a … (24 comments)

patricia feager: Hot Days in Texas are Really Cool! - 07/14/11 12:35 PM
Some people like to talk and complain about the hot summer days. Happy kids growing up in Texas, who may not have the best of everything, just make the best of everything around them and they know how to have fun while staying cool. We can all learn a lot from children.

The Shops of Highland Village with water shooting out of the sidewalk is a Great way to Cool Off!
The Dallas Galleria Shopping Mall offers Ice Skating year round. Here kids learn that you can keep going long after you think you can't. When hot people are dripping wet from the heat, these kids are in … (41 comments)

patricia feager: Why I Chose Real Estate: Or Did It Choose Me? - 07/12/11 01:12 AM
Once upon a time, there was a little bitty girl who lived in a big old house who dreamt about getting married some day, having six children, and living in a big NEW house. She wasn't the first born, or the second, she came in third and turned out to be a huge disappointment to her parents because she wasn't a boy. Although two more girls were to follow, she never heard the end of it, about how the doctor promised her mom and dad that he was never wrong, and this child was definitely a boy.
Her father taught her how to … (36 comments)

patricia feager: I Have This Theory About Chocolate.... - 06/30/11 12:09 AM
"I have this theory that Chocolate slows down the aging process... It may not be true, but do I dare take chances?" --- Author unknown.

Grandbury is a quaint little town located in Hood County, Texas. On the Square are many interesting shops. The city, which was founded in 1873 is rich with history, and has many historic landmarks. The buildings are architecturally intesting; however it was this one, "The Art of Chocolate," that caught my attention!
"I never met a chocolate I didn't like," by Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis) in Star Trek, The Next Generation.
"Life is like a … (25 comments)

patricia feager: Motivational Monday's Mojo - 06/27/11 03:01 AM
Today is the need to achieve and the need to nurture - the need to be strong and the need to be tender. No matter what's the weather, or whether or not you're having a good day,look to the good, dig deep, be creative and explore the seed within you.  People, like plants are always growing. Even when conditions seem wild and out of control, creativity flows - just give growth a  chance.

All photos (random wildflowers growing off the side of the road in Denton County, Texas) and written content produced by Patricia Feager, Keller Williams … (31 comments)

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