patricia feager: Inspirational Sunday with a Golden Twist - 10/21/18 07:05 AM
by Patricia Feager, 10/21/18
"Friendship is the shadow of the evening,
which increases with the setting sun of life."
--- Jean de La Fontaine
One of the many aspects of friendship that fascinates me is how incredibly connected we become over time when we genuinely support one another during the course of each others life journey.
Like property, friendship is an investment that we hope grows over time. These particular friends I'm writing about this morning have been a special part of my life for more than 21 years. We became fast friends long before I got into the real estate business. Over the ages we became … (19 comments)

patricia feager: Motivational Monday for Social Media - 10/01/18 05:46 AM
by Patricia Feager, 10/1/18
"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see."
--- Henry David Thoreau
Happy Monday! My daughter sent me a photo of herself in the Swiss Alps yesterday and her picture reminded of a meaningful quote by Henry David Thoreau. As the receiver of this photograph, I see my daughter cares about me. How many times do people take photos that seems meaningless, i.e., cup of coffee, a plate of vegetables, fruit, or desert, etc. Posting various digital photos are a common trend on Instagram, Facebook, and other Social Media Platforms. People are taking advantage of digital photos … (20 comments)

patricia feager: Adrift at Sea - Could You Survive? - 09/24/18 09:31 AM
by Patricia Feager
Today's story was inspired by a just released BBC News Story this morning on 9/24/18.
As a recap, teen got loss at sea for 49 days by himself. He used survival skills to keep himself alive, such as using "wood taken from his vessel," to cook and eat. He was out at sea because it was his job to trap fish but when "heavy winds, which  caused his moorrings to snap," he found himself in danger, getting lost at sea. 
When boats sailed past him and didn't stop, he never gave … (18 comments)

patricia feager: Autumn in Flower Mound - 09/23/18 11:15 PM
by Patricia Feager, Sunday - 9/23/18
Autumn in Flower Mound
Photos by Patricia - Taken on a Vacant Lot
Like an embryo that ripens inside of Mother's Earth, a big rock appears in the most unusual place. While living in Maine I found many rocks like the one in my photograph. They were very common in New England. This is the first one I saw in Flower Mound. Striking red berries reminds me that the holidays are right around the corner. A dragonfly enjoys tasty treats and seems to fly slower than usual. And this daisy must have gotten a second chance at life to breathe … (10 comments)

patricia feager: Green Anatole is Common in Flower Mound, TX - 09/18/18 04:51 PM
by Patricia Feager
Little lizards are common in Flower Mound, Texas. This one is a male and found something in the garden to blow out his sack under his chin to proclaim he is territorial. I'm glad they eat bugs but I would not touch them. Although people can turn them into a reptile pet, I prefer to keep them outside where they are free to roam on anything or anywhere, except me. 
In summer they are a very pretty shade of green. Now that autumn is near, I noticed they are more brown. Just like scavengers, they eat insects. Although some people … (5 comments)

patricia feager: Morning Coffee Is Just As Valuable as a Good Roof - 09/14/18 04:25 AM
by Patricia Feager
"Kimzey's Coffee dreams of a world brought together by
good coffee, a kind community, and a whimsical imagination."
Actually, there's nothing wrong with the roof in my photograph taken at a delightful coffee shop in Argyle that serves delicious GOOD coffee unlike anyone else in this small European settlement, population approximately 3,282, settled in 1850. The roof is really designed this way and functions just fine. 
"I like coffee because it gives me the illusion that I might be awake."
--- Lewis Black
The Art of Marketing You must include imagination and bring people to you and the product you sell. Once … (28 comments)

patricia feager: A Tribute to Aretha Franklin, "Queen of Rock & Soul" - 08/16/18 09:44 AM
by Patricia Feager, 8/16/18
"If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help
make the world safe for diversity." --- John F. Kennedy
As of Thurday, August 16, 2018, the soul of Aretha Franklin now rests; however, the "Queen of Rock & Soul," will live on as one of the greatest and most beloved vocalists of all times. Since the day she was born, she risked all types of adversities to rise up to be a better human being at a time when it wasn't easy for a woman to stand out on her own. Her presence on stage was dynamic … (29 comments)

patricia feager: Skyscraper - 08/06/18 03:31 PM
by Patricia Feager, 8/6/18
between the clouds
over North Dallas
glass walls
steely blue
in vertical position
architecturally stunning
rising above
75 North Central Expressway
late afternoon Sunday
August 5, 2018
--- Patricia Feager
Like many major cities, Dallas boasts beautiful skyscrapers. The first steel-frame skyscraper, Home Insurance Building was built in the year 1885 in downtown Chicago, located on the corner of Adams and LaSalle Street. It was demolished in 1931 and replaced with the Field Building, also known as the LaSalle Bank Building. The architect for the Home Insurance Building skyscraper was William Lee Baron Jenney. His successful innovation gave rise to many exceptionally talented architects who constructed skyscrapers … (20 comments)

patricia feager: Staying True To Your Values - 08/04/18 07:02 AM
by Patricia Feager 8/4/18
A lot of changes have occurred in the City of Lewisville, TX. One is that the old Mall at Vista Ridge was purchased at auction last September, paid for in cash by John Bushman's family owned Investment Corporation of America . Since I'm not a shopper, it has taken quite a while for me to pop inside to check out what's new. Surprising changes and thoughts about the mall:
Although it is not unusual to see glass ceilings in malls anymore, I was reminded in a lot of places within this mall how … (14 comments)

patricia feager: American Rain! - 07/30/18 10:04 PM
by Patricia Feager, 7/30/2018
North Texas had 21 days in July of triple digits. How wonderful it was to wake up to the swirling winds this morning, trees bending, leaves falling, dark clouds moving in rapidly. I thought for sure we were going to have a terrible thunderstorm in Flower Mound; yet barely enough rain fell to the earth.
I checked on my listing, the one with the pool. It was covered in leaves. I took the net and skimmed as many as I could. Sure, I could have contacted the sellers and say, "You need to get your pool service … (24 comments)

patricia feager: Making Money In Real Estate - 07/25/18 08:43 PM
by Patricia Feager, 7/25/18
While flipping through channels between 2:00 and 3:00 a.m., I noticed different channels all with the same type of show called "Make $$ in Real Estate Locally." This post reflects a continuous interest in the media, different channels, same message, promoting consumer interest in making money in real estate using stars on T.V. to capture a late night audience by using fast talkers who are marketing themselves as experts while talking about how easy it is to become rich if you follow their program. First and foremost, I'm not an advocate for this type of selling real estate … (29 comments)

patricia feager: Summer Lovin - Read With or Without Your Dictionary - 07/23/18 09:15 PM
by Patricia Feager, 7/23/18
Summer heat. Summer rain. Summer thunderstorms. Summer nights. These are all good reasons to cuddle up with a book and read. Below are my picks for summer reading and why I've chosen them:
CRIMINALS - My family's life on both sides of the law by Robert Anthony Siegle. Deeply personal. A memoir. Sielge lives in NC with his family. Who is his family? Hell's Angels! 
1) WACKY TALES OF ANIMAL ANTICS - Sterly, best dog ever by Aidan Cassie
2) DID YOU EAT THE PARAKEET? - By Mark Iacolina. Two great books to read with children and you'll love them too!
THE … (13 comments)

patricia feager: A Paradigm Shift Can Make You A Star - 07/22/18 08:17 AM
by Patricia Feager, 7/22/18
The pond-lily is a star
and takes the first place among lilies;
and the expeditions to her haunts,
and the gathering her where she rocks upon the dark,
secluded waters of some pool or lakelet,
are the crown and summit of the floral expeditions of summer
--- John Burroughs
Pondering pond life causes me to deepen my awareness of the uniqueness and importance of relationships with other people. Whether some people think it's all about the money, best technology, presentation, first impression, being first, competition, or something else, to me, without being real with people, nothing else seems to matter, any more. 
All of these things mentioned is important; … (19 comments)

patricia feager: ActiveRain "Hath Friends at Hand" - 07/20/18 10:58 AM
by Patricia Feager, 7/20/2018
                                          Who Hath A Book by Wilbur D. Nesbit
Who have a book
Hath friends at hand,
And gold and gear
At his command;
And rich estates,
If he but look,
Are held by him
Who hath a book.
Who hath a book
Hath but to read
And he may be
A king, indeed.
His kingdom is
His inglenook-
All this is his
Who hath a book.
Be all you can be says the Bee
Reading pollinates the mind says Patricia Feager
All religions, arts, and sciences are branches from the same tree.
--- Albert Einstein
All of these photos were … (9 comments)

patricia feager: Water Conservation - 07/19/18 04:01 PM
by Patricia Feager, 7/19/18
The City of Dallas wants people to conserve and save water consumption. Learn more by attending a FREE WORKSHOP on Saturday, July 21, 2018 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. at Richland Community College located at 12800 Abrams Road, Dallas, TX 75243. Or check out their website at Savedallaswater or if link doesn't work go directly to
Tips on saving water How to check your bill for water consumption Looking for Irrigation Leaks Indoor and Outdoor water usage  
Conservation is not just for children. Everyone needs to take … (4 comments)

patricia feager: " Bravery is the Engine of Change" - 07/19/18 07:23 AM
by Patricia Feager, 7/19/2018
"Bravery is the engine of change." ---- Aisha Tyler
"Z niczego, nic nie bedzie." (Polish Proverb)
Strauss, Emmanuel (1998). Concise Dictionary of European Proverbs (Abbreviated ed.). Routledge. p 238. ISBN -0415160502English equivalent: From nothing, nothing will be - Meaning: If you don't do anything, nothing will come to you.
When people make a good presentation, it is more likely to be remembered. Recently, Flower Mound and other local cities had Classic Car shows. As an observer, many of the photos I took and the people I met made a great first impression. One of the greatest challenges in taking photos is … (11 comments)

patricia feager: Attention: CA DREAMERS - 2817 Lake Flower is For Sale - 07/16/18 08:51 PM
by Patricia Feager
2817 Lake Flower Drive
Flower Mound, TX 75028
MLS # 13879152
For what this home would cost in California (less than one half million), you could have so much more if you move to 2817 Lake Flower Drive,  Flower Mound, TX. Located in close proximity to DFW International Airport, you could still afford many trips back to sunny California or anywhere else you need to go. In other words, you can have your TX sun or your CA sun and life would still be bright and beautiful!  
3,764  Square FT (per Appraisal District)
12,877  Square FT Lot Size (per Appraisal District)
4 Bedrooms (Master … (11 comments)

patricia feager: Home Ownership - Lovers and Not - 07/14/18 05:29 AM
by Patricia Feager, 7/14/2018
"Nothing Can Bring A Real Sense of Security 
Into The Home Except True Love"
Some people get married just to get away from the home they are living in now. Escaping the life you live, is never a good enough reason to get married. Find true love.
Others get married to get the type of life they think the other person can provide that they can't afford on their own. True love doesn't depend on others to give you what  you need and want. Find true love.
You can't make someone love you, … (22 comments)

patricia feager: Excellence is Classic - 07/12/18 05:46 AM
by Patricia Feager
2017 Patriotic Corvette StingRay
"You have to find that thing about you
that distinguishes you from all others, and through
true talent, hard work, and passion,
anything can happen." --- Dr. Dre
This 2017 Patriotic Corvette StingRay on display at Parkers Square in Flower Mound, TX, recently got me thinking about what motivates people? Clearly, the owner of this beautiful cherry red, fire engine red, or real red Corvette StingRay had a clear perception of style and the impact it has on others. In my mind, the true color here is assertiveness because the owner, a United States Coast Guard Retiree from Frisco, illustrated … (17 comments)

patricia feager: Just Listed 2817 Lake Flower in Flower Mound - 07/09/18 05:29 AM
by Patricia Feager
Just listed 2817 Lake Flower Mound Drive in Flower Mound - click on link underscored for panoramic video. 
Listed by Patricia Feager
2900 W Southlake BLVD #180
Southlake, Texas 786092
Texas is a non-disclosure state; therefore no list price for marketing purposes only. Property has been recorded with the Tax Appraisal District to have 3,764 square feet, ~12,877 square ft lot per Tax Records. Originally built by Dress. Property has been updated and is located on a Cul-de-sac. 4 bedrooms, 3 and one half baths all completely updated to the finest details with decorative and intricate custom tiles, marble vanity tops, … (16 comments)

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