patricia feager: Inspirational Thoughts & Images of Nature - 07/07/18 09:03 AM
by Patricia Feager, 7/7/18
"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others;
for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness;
and for poise walk with the knowledge that you're never alone."
--- Audrey Hepburn
These photos of mine were captured in Switzerland and other places I traveled in Europe. Aside from cropping to fit the collage, they represent the true form without computer manipulation. Wildlife sets the example of being natural by expressing your own individuality while paying attention to your surroundings. I believe every living creature on earth can connect with others on an emotional level with their eyes and facial expressions. 
"It is not … (8 comments)

patricia feager: Pondering at the Pond at TX Woman's University - 07/05/18 07:21 AM
by Patricia Feager, 78/5/2018
Summer is a great time to discover nature at a pond. I came upon this one at Texas Woman's University in the gardens located in Denton, TX. On campus you can enjoy beautiful flowers, song birds, and the peaceful serenity at the pond.
Knowledge begins from the moment you are born. Everyday after that you begin to exercise your mind. Over time you grow up, become educated at school and may go on to higher education. As we age, we ventured farther, discovering many interesting people, places, things, and soaking up information. Texas Woman's University offers many unique opportunities to … (22 comments)

patricia feager: Home Remodeling? It's All About the Balance! - 06/28/18 03:53 PM
by Patricia Feager, 6/28/18
Have you ever noticed that when a home owner only does one major repair and doesn't finish the job, meaning, the entire kitchen or bath, it doesn't seem to matter how much the materials, i.e., Granite, Ceramic Tile, etc., cost, if everything else is still old. 
Take for example new kitchen counter tops. On the surface, the new counter tops may look great and probably cost a lot of money; however, if the cabinets are still old, scratched, nicked, out-of-date, than how much extra value is there in that kitchen? Sadly, even though the new counter tops glisten and … (24 comments)

patricia feager: The Value of Sunlight to Buyers & Sellers - 06/27/18 08:53 AM
by Patricia Feager 6/27/2018
Photo by Patricia Feager
"Organic buildings are the strength and lightness of the 
spiders' spinning, buildings qualified by light,
bred by native character to environment
married to the ground."
--- Frank Lloyd Wright 
When I ask sellers what they like best about their home to use in marketing their listing, the number one answer is the light. Then, the seller moves towards the light and shows me what he or she enjoyed most about living in their dwelling. As I stand next to the seller, whether it's a bright and sunny kitchen, breakfast area, or whatever room they picked, I feel the warmth of … (45 comments)

patricia feager: Motivational Monday - 6/25/18 - 06/25/18 02:48 PM
by Patricia Feager, 6/26/18
Keep your face always towards the sunshine -
and shadows will fall behind you 
--- Walt Whitman
If you landed on my blog post today, you're in luck! There is still time to live the life you always wanted. Green is for growing - keep growing! Light helps us see - keep looking! Don't worry that there are only six more months in the year, be thankful you're still here! 
Tall plants and flowers in summer are a reminder to walk tall throughout the day. Find your strength and refuse to surrender. Keep your face to the sun and have no fear … (13 comments)

patricia feager: Your Home Is Not Your Cheese - Sell it Right - 06/20/18 07:46 AM
by Patricia Feager, 6/20/2018
"Age is something that doesn't matter, unless you are cheese." --- Luis Bunuel
A home is made of material things, i.e., bricks, mortar, wood, cement, sealants, chalking, glass windows, brass, metal hardware, etc. It is not cheese. It doesn't have feelings. However, like humans, a home does age.  
The best homes will improve with age. In order for sellers to maintain value in their homes, they must know and understand age has its limitations and challenges. This is not to say one has to be concerned about aging; however, owners should be aware of what is considered real property and how … (55 comments)

patricia feager: Local 11 Year Old Girl/Cancer Survivor Goes To Washington - 06/18/18 03:42 AM
by Patricia Feager
"I keep dreaming of a future, a future with a long healthy life,
not lived in the shadow of cancer but in the light."
--- Patrick Swayze
No parent wants to learn their child has cancer and no child wants it either. Sadie Keller, a beautiful 11 year old girl is changing lives for other little boys and girls who are fighting cancer and hopes that in the future, no child will ever be diagnosed again. Her biggest concern now, are the long-term effects of chemotherapy on children. You can read all about what this little sweetheart has done and how … (25 comments)

patricia feager: Bricks, Sunflower & Flower Mound - 06/11/18 11:16 AM
by Patricia Feager, 6/11/2018
A Dedication to the Sunflower
The sunflower isn't visible from the street,
nor can you see it when you drive around the cul-de-sac,
rather it salutes you at the rear garage.
Like a well groomed tall soldier,
it stands at attention.
The masonry work of the soldier bricks

supporting the shiners separated by mortar beds

above the lintel surrounded by rows of brick and mortar

doesn't get as much attention
as the sunflower.

Sunflowers don't usually grow this close

to houses, unless relocated by a bird,

squirrels, no doubt, who knows

how it got there

but there she grows!
The sunflower with her bright yellow face
welcomes the day and faces the sun.  
Texas heat doesn't … (24 comments)

patricia feager: In a Seller's Low Inventory Market There is No Shortage - 06/01/18 05:33 AM
In a Seller's Market with low inventory, there is no shortage of hungry Sales Agents. Nor is there a shortage of new agents in your area. Everyone is out to get the same thing - listings and buyers. 
Delivering the effective presentation to get the Seller to list is the hallmark of a successful Real Estate Agent. The mailboxes are flooded with direct mail. Phones are ringing. A listing presentation has to produce high impact. The focus isn't solely on low inventory, it is on the ability to convince a home owner to list with you. 
Clarity, simplicity, and accuracy in communication is essential. Avoiding miscommunication … (9 comments)

patricia feager: Tanks A Lot - 05/31/18 04:51 AM
by Patricia Feager, 5/31/2018
Today is the last day in May. These tanks were on display where the Flower Mound Memorial celebration was held along with the Flower Mound Fire Engine that proudly displayed the American Flag. Freshly still on my mind is, tanks a lot! 
What can I say about these Military tanks, except they represent the following:
Freedom Security Envy  
Most people understand how important it is to have freedom and security. For this blog post, my emphasis is on envy. Meaning, there are many people from other countries envious of American freedom, security, power, material advantages, way of life, … (37 comments)

patricia feager: Pegasus Appliance Repair - Dallas, TX - 05/29/18 01:26 PM
by Patricia Feager, 5/29/2018
If you want great service, sometimes it pays to go directly to the horses mouth. This is a big shout out for Pegasus Appliance Repair Company. They serve the Dallas area. For more information or services follow the link to Pegasus Appliance Repair,, or call 1-800-816-1359. You can also follow them on FaceBook.
After a very stressful experience trying to go through an extended warranty company, I was finally directed to Pegasus. As soon as AJ picked up the phone, he focused on Customer Needs. He listened. Most important of all, I didn't have to repeat, get transferred, or … (19 comments)

patricia feager: Swiss Architecture - 05/22/18 10:44 PM
by Patricia Feager, 5/22/18
In awe, I marveled at the architecture in Switzerland. Below are a few samples for you to see, with description of what I observed.
This is Lucerne, one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland.  I looked at the architecture and wondered, how is it possible to keep standing erect without cracks and deterioration? This tower is built inside the Reuss River.
What makes the bricks stay in place and keeps the tower from leaning? It is such a mystery to me.
Creating is a gift. When you really stop to think about it, everything starts with a vision, a dream, and followed up … (4 comments)

patricia feager: Motivational Monday - Make It Rain - 05/20/18 11:20 PM
by Patricia Feager
 Make It Rain
Find your niche marketing
These boots are made for walking
You can walk, run, and jump in the rain
Or you can just stand still and get wet
Sidestep booby traps
Stay grounded
Make it Rain
The first steps are the hardest
Stay pointed in the right direction
You can get in touch with the rain
Or you can just dry up
No pain, no gain
Don't be afraid of the rain
Make it Rain
Keep your ducks in a row
Mind your manners
Pride of ownership
Life is priceless
Take inventory
Sink or Swim
I remember walking down the streets of Lucern in Switzerland, as if it was yesterday. The boots in the window got my … (32 comments)

patricia feager: How's the Market & Things to Think about When Moving - 05/20/18 03:06 AM
by Patricia Feager, 5/20/18
The first time I came to Dallas was for a Job Interview. Before I even got back home in Northern, Illinois, I had a recorded message telling me I was hired and Relocation Papers would be delivered by FedX. Relocation was exciting but there were many things to do, i.e., get my house ready to go on the market, hire a Real Estate Agent, make arrangements with the Moving Company that my Company arranged for me to use, fly back to Dallas, and find a place to live. It took all of 13 days to fly to Dallas … (16 comments)

patricia feager: Using Advertising Words To Make Sense - 05/18/18 04:27 AM
by Patricia Feager, 5/18/18
A Top Agent in my area created a Property Flyer. I noticed she had 24-bullet points on one side of the paper. For a pre-existing home, built more than 20 years ago, I just had to see what words she chose to market this property. Also, was it necessary to include 24-bullet points? As for advertising, what sets this listed agent apart from all other agents in the area? 
At first glace, the descriptions seemed routine, something I'd see on most listings; however, on further examination the whole list of words seemed rather absurd. Do agents really choose … (46 comments)

patricia feager: Thinking With Deep Gratitude - It's About Love & Light - 05/16/18 04:12 PM
by Patricia Feager, 5/16/2018
At times our own light goes out & is rekindled 
by a spark from another person.
Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude
of those who have lighted the flame within us... 
-- John F Kennedy
I don't know what is going on in your life today; however, let me say somebody out there is grateful for the love and light that shines through you. There is strength in light and peace in gratitude. 
If the rose from my garden seems momentarily comforting, know it was meant to be seen by your eyes. And if it pleases you, acknowledge that others … (34 comments)

patricia feager: Moving to Highland Village, TX? Here's Something To Know - 05/14/18 06:29 PM
by Patricia Feager, 5/14/18
Highland Village located in a suburb of North Texas is surrounded by Lake Lewisville, Flower Mound, Copper Canyon, Double Oak, and the City of Lewisville.
Effective 5/14/18 there are 45 (12 just listed within the past week) Active Listings and 3 "Coming Soon." 
List Prices range from $285,000 to $1,074,000.
Minimum sq / ft 1,938
Median sq / ft 3,515
Maximum sq / ft 5,278
With Pool - 16
Coming Soon - 3 are "Coming Soon." All three have 4 bedrooms, 2 with 3/1 baths, and 1  with 2/1 baths. 2 No pool; 1 with pool
Click on the word Schools for Public School information. 
There are many … (15 comments)

patricia feager: Some Music Is For Selling - 05/08/18 09:45 AM
by Patricia Feager, 5/8/2018
Some homeowners and their Agents use music to market homes. While some music is for selling, some is not...
Why Should I Use Music?
Improve buyer's memory about houses under consideration Create a sense of inner peace for help in decision-making Bring a sense of cheerfulness Change the mood Calm the nerves of anxious buyers  
Why Shouldn't I Use Music?
The wrong music can be a turn-off If the music is too loud, buyers may be distracted Buyers may leave feeling more depressed instead of happy If the wrong music triggers the wrong memory, buyers may have no interest Music … (73 comments)

patricia feager: Know the Difference Between Dilemma and a Decision - 05/06/18 09:48 AM
by Patricia Feager, 5/6/2018
The weekend news: 
Nour Malas from The Wall Street Journal reported on May 5, 2018, "Hawaii Officials Step Up Warnings as Kilauea Spews More Lava and Gases." In the article, a resident by the name of Gary Hoffeld told the reporter, "Many make calculated choices to stay home and monitor the situation because they feel they are safe for now."
As I dwell on the news and weave together my own thoughts, my focus remains on two important words in the English language that has many difference consequences. For that reason, my topic today is as follows:  Know the difference between … (18 comments)

patricia feager: Spring Is Severe Weather Preparedness Season - 05/04/18 08:30 AM
by Patricia Feager, 5/4/18
A fierce, dark storm blew through Flower Mound, TX yesterday morning. More rain today! The sound of wind, thunder, lightening, and Fire Engines reminded me that Spring is Severe Weather Preparedness Season. It's not enough for you to know what to do. Others need help too:
Children Seniors Disabled Physically & Mentally Challenged Anyone with Poor Eyesight & Motor Skills Anyone without Transportation Pregnant Women Pets Farm Animals  
In preparation for more bad weather, I put together a sample of a check list that may be helpful to you and others.
Home Owners
Family Emergency Plan Sign Up for … (14 comments)

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