patricia feager: Active --- Rain --- ActiveRain - 04/26/18 01:23 PM
by Patricia Feager, 4/26/18
All around me memories
Of people who failed to bloom
Or bloomed too soon
then quit
Rainers contemplate
The winds of change
Sucked into a cloud of hope
Active nope
nothing changes
--- Patricia Feager
Until now a blog has been a lifestyle, a unique personality, creative style; others, including myself have shared the current and interesting industry news, local expertise, including personal life stories, hope, thoughts, and dreams. Carefully or carelessly, words are chosen in content, photos, and comments. Does anyone care? Do members matter at all? Is ActiveRain simply about the Real Estate business? Can the process of blogging become obsolete and outdated? Is Social Media dead … (26 comments)

patricia feager: Is RED the new Stainless Steel??? - 04/25/18 09:09 AM
by Patricia Feager, 4/25/18
While visiting Elite Appliance located at 4901 Alpha RD #300, in Dallas, TX, I confirmed the elegance of the color RED in kitchen appliances is just as beautiful in America as I saw in Switzerland and Italy in recent travels. For more information about Elite Appliance, click on the highlighed/underscored word Elite Appliance above and the link will follow directly to their Company website. 
The color red was bold and beautiful. I was wowed immediately by a complete set up in the showcase floor room. There was just enough stainless steel to give me that "gourmet" feel so often … (29 comments)

patricia feager: The Psychology of Luxury in Marketing & Branding - 04/19/18 08:53 AM
by Patricia Feager, 4/19/18
(Revised on 6/7/18)
Silver or Gold

"Persuasion is clearly a sort of demonstration,
since we are more fully persuaded when we 
consider a thing to have been demonstrated"
--- Aristotle
While window shopping in Lucerne, Switzerland, I couldn't help but notice the silver and gold shoes in the window. My eyes shifted to barefoot mannequins who more closely expressed comfort my feet enjoy most of all. I'm 100% certain, the goal of the entrepreneur who designed them was to sell silver or gold shoes and still my mind drifted as to how effective persuasive marketing is to consumers. 
Luxurious thoughts swirled in my head. What a statement … (21 comments)

patricia feager: Flowers From Around the World in Switzerland - 04/18/18 04:02 PM
by Patricia Feager
Flowers are the friendly gift we discover
in the silent walks of life
--- Patricia Feager
The flowers in the collages I created above and below are Spring flowers from Switzerland. For me, they are like ancestors from an ancient world, the custodians of the earth for butterflies, bees and other useful insects. Plus, they are intimate when it comes to human connections. Through my eyes, spring flowers exalt awareness that winter is about to end and spring is in transition.  
Swiss flowers grew through stone masonry, in the forest, on trees in the middle of farm land, and were seen … (12 comments)

patricia feager: How is the Housing Market in Flower Mound? - 04/18/18 05:17 AM
Flower Mound, Texas is located 3 miles north of DFW International Airport,  28 miles northwest of Dallas and 25 miles northeast of Fort Worth. Flower Mound is bounded north by the cities of Argyle, Bartonville, Lantana, Double Oak, Copper Canyon, and Highland Village. To the east is Lewisville. South - Grapevine Lake, Coppell, Trophy Club, Roanoke, and to the west Justin. Nearly the entire city of Flower Mound is in Denton County with a small portion in Tarrant County. 
What attracts people to Flower Mound is close proximity to DFW International Airport and Lewisville Independent Schools. Property values have increased in values.
Compared … (12 comments)

patricia feager: Scenic Views & Unforgettable Moments - 04/17/18 01:22 PM
by Patricia Feager, 4/17/2018
Scenic views are glorious fleeting moments that can last in memory and better yet with great photographs. How you see the world through your eyes versus a camera makes a big difference. When it comes to landscape and/or action photography, I have learned that you may only have one shot, and if you have to think about it first, you may miss an extraordinary opportunity. Assuming you can do it later, at a more convenient time rarely gets the same results. For more discussion, see a few of my favorite photographs captured on my recent vacation to Switzerland … (20 comments)

patricia feager: Spring at the Dallas Arboretum - Guest Martha Stewart - 04/16/18 07:30 PM
Spring at the Dallas Arboretum is a wonderful treat. The birds are happy. Flowers are blooming. Buds have burst into blossoms and bright leaves. As of Sunday, 4/15/18, it was lush green with tulips still blooming, new azaleas, a spectacular rose garden, and there is an array of vivid colors and gorgeous flowers. The scent of the gardens are simply heavenly. A harpist played her harp to familiar tunes, such as "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."
With late spring I was surprised to see all the Red Maple Trees which usually don't bloom until later in summer. Spring is truly filled with surprises! The Arboretum was … (11 comments)

patricia feager: Happiness is the Creation of Seeking Joy - Part 3 - 04/12/18 07:00 AM
Something near and dear to everyone in the Real Estate Industry is building construction. Lenders process loans. Interior Decorators and Stagers work their magic to increase the odds of buying and selling homes and vacant land. Investors seek out ways to make a profit by renting or flipping houses.
Real Estate Agents sell property. They have seen many different types of developments, including new and pre-existing construction. Through all types of weather conditions, they have trampled or drove through mud and dirt, and different types of villages, subdivisions, and neighborhoods. Never did it occur to me my daughter would introduce me … (37 comments)

patricia feager: 1517 Presley, Argle - SOLD - 04/11/18 11:43 PM
With the right people, technology, and life experiences, anything in Real Estate can happen well. 1517 Presley in Argyle successfully closed and funded during the final days in March, 2018. My client, the buyer and his spouse closed at the U.S. Embassy in Budapest. I was in between domestic and international flights, and the Seller was OpenDoor. 
This wasn't my client's first rodeo buying property, nor was it my first closing with this amazing man and his family. Every transaction is different and has its own challenges but when success follows it is a great feeling of accomplishment. When people work together … (9 comments)

patricia feager: Sold - 1102 Wildflower in Mesquite, TX - 04/10/18 02:20 PM
It was an honor and a privilege to represent the Sellers of 1102 Wildflower in Mesquite, TX. They closed on the sale of their home on Monday, April 8, 2018. Ironically, it was the same calendar date and Title Company where they purchased their home about 20 years ago. 
I adore my clients. They are good and kind and put so much love and attention to details into their home. "Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts." --- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. 
Over the years, I've come to know my clients and appreciate their friendship. … (17 comments)

patricia feager: Inspiration for Sunday 3/18/2018 - 03/18/18 06:43 AM
by Patricia Feager, 3/18/2018
Professor Stephen Williams Hawking was born on January 1, 1942 and died on March 14, 2018. I'm just waking up to the news and didn't even know he came into this world "300 years after the death of Galileo." Like most people, Stephen's parents hoped for a healthy baby. But to imagine a life would change due to ALS on that child's 21st birthday is unimaginable. And to think, up until the 14th day of March one of the greatest minds of all times lived in our lifetime is rather astonishing. The following quotes by Stephen Williams Hawking … (54 comments)

patricia feager: Who Are The People in Your AR Neighborhood (Part 16) - 03/17/18 10:04 AM
by Patricia Feager, 3/17/2018
Today I count my Irish blessings for the People in Your AR Neighborhood that are from the State of Arizona. Several series ago, I included Anna Banana Kruchten CRB, CRS, Broker from the great state of AZ whom I am proud to know all because of ActiveRain. There are many more great and honorable People in Your AR Neighborhood who are deserving of feature recognition. I hope you follow them because they have so much to offer. Respectfully, there is no doubt in my mind how much they love their career. They serve their clients with utmost respect and kindness. If … (22 comments)

patricia feager: 1102 Wildflower, Mesquite - Pending - 03/17/18 06:49 AM
by Patricia Feager, 3/17/2018
1102 Wildflower Lane listed in winter and will be home in spring. The property is now Pending. The Sellers and I are in the home stretch moving towards closing. Mesquite is a suburb east of Dallas, home to Mesquite Champion Rodeo Shows. 
Prior to going under contract on March 8, I walked to the pond four doors down from 1102 Wildflower. There, on a bright and sunny morning I captured the rainbow of the water feature inside the natural pond. I'm sure it will brighten the new owners day as it has my Sellers over the years. 
Also within a … (14 comments)

patricia feager: Who Are the People In Your AR Neighborhood (Part 15) - 03/16/18 03:10 AM
by Patricia Feager, 3/16/18
ActiveRain is a very special place to go anytime day or night. Here I can read interesting stories and think about points of interest. Growing up during turbulent times, I often waited until it was safe and possible for me to go to the public library. There I could read in a quiet environment while shutting out all the chaos around me. Today, it is possible to wake up at 2:30 a.m. when I can't sleep and find peace of mind on ActiveRain. The first story I read today was a feature story written by Jeff Dowler. It was … (23 comments)

patricia feager: Sellers, Do You Have Questions About VA Loans? - 03/14/18 07:23 AM
by Patricia Feager, 3/14/18
Something I feel passionate about are our Veterans and helping them find a home. When I think about all the places they have been, nobody deserves a roof over their head, a front door where they can enter without fear, a nice bedroom where they can sleep peacefully, and a private dwelling where they can be themselves. The greatest gift I gave to my spouse back in 1979 was the focus to succeed in getting a VA Loan by being thrifty about spending, watching where every penny went, paying bills on time, and protecting our financial security. Back … (8 comments)

patricia feager: Who Are The People In Your AR Neighborhood (Part 13) - 03/12/18 05:52 AM
by Patricia Feager
Who Are the People in your AR Neighborhood? Today's post is about the women of Texas. By proclamation of the Governor of Texas and in recognition of Women's History Month, "Congress has designated March for an awareness campaign," honoring Women who have "demonstrated incredible ingenuity and fortitude in building this great nation we call home." 

Women of Texas who have been recognized by Governor Greg Abbott for their accomplishments in history include: 
Sally Ride - first American woman in space Miriam "Ma" Ferguson - one of the first female governors in our nation Carrie Marcus Neiman - cofounder of Neiman … (23 comments)

patricia feager: Who Are the People In Your AR Neighborhood (Part 12) - 03/11/18 09:55 AM
by Patricia Feager
I admire so many members of ActiveRain, their wit and savoir faire! When you think about it, there are volumes of blog posts with a string of magnificent words that touches the hearts of many. Even if some are no longer active, or can't write, their words continue to echo and inspire. People, are like a good blog. They are immortal. Each one deserves to be featured individually, but sadly, it is not my decision to make behind the scenes. For this reason, I am on a mission to spotlight them. This series is not about me.
The men and … (34 comments)

patricia feager: Thoughts To Brighten Your Day - 03/10/18 11:36 PM
by Patricia Feager, 3/11/2018
Spring is a time for growth
Keep growing
Seasons are a time for transformation
Make dramatic transformations
Citrus makes us healthy
Stay healthy
As the sun rises
The inspiration for these words came about from a walk through the Dallas Arboretum where this branch seemed to reach down and touch me. I just had to take a picture. Until today I never thought what a significant contribution flowers and trees bring to mankind leaving lasting impressions. And it all stems from planting a seed and then it grows. Is there anything more astonishing than new growth? One thing I feel certain of is this flower didn't … (13 comments)

patricia feager: Tiptoe Through The Tulips - Spring 2018 - 03/09/18 08:30 PM
Author: Patricia Feager
March 9, 2018, was the perfect day to tiptoe through the Tulips at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.
The afternoon sun provided the perfect lighting. The colors were vivid and the air was filled with perfume. My only regrets are that this blog post isn't a scratch and sniff. 
Tulips are blooming in splendid color, shapes, and sizes. There was peace in the gardens. Although tulips are short lived when they are blooming, it's a scene you don't want to miss. 
Love blooms at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. It is a place where you can be inspired to dream and imagine … (23 comments)

patricia feager: Who Are the People In Your AR Neighborhood? (Part 9) - 03/05/18 10:08 PM
by Patricia Feager
It's only human nature to have a sense of belonging. Here on ActiveRain there are many people with diverse personalities and skill sets. Who Are the People In Your Neighborhood was created to give you pause to appreciate some great neighbors here on ActiveRain. For those following this series, thank you! I made it a goal to gather up some great neighbors who have really been a pleasure to get to know. As individuals in the real estate industry, we are all facing adversities, some bad weather, difficult transactions, and we have personal lives too. But there are 3 … (30 comments)

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