realtor: Moving is Emotional - Hire a Member of NAR - 01/19/19 09:52 AM
Motivational Thoughts 1/19/19
by Patricia Feager
Here is an important truth. For as exciting as a move is, it is also a roller coaster ride, filled with emotions! All of us have things that we struggle with and things that at times seem to overwhelm us. Moving is no exception. These are the times when buyers need strength, courage, and the power to make rational and realistic decisions. Focusing on needs take time. How individuals respond to change can impact their quality of life. It is crucial for buyers to have the right licensed agent to build a relationship with. You just … (18 comments)

realtor: When Buying a Home, What Do People Really Want? - 05/16/14 11:44 PM

A shoe is not only a design,
but it's a part of your body language,
the way you walk.
The way you're going to move
is quite dictated by
your shoes
--- Christian Louboutin 
I went shopping for shoes but I came home empty handed. For some reason, I just couldn't find what I was looking for - I need smart looking, quality, comfortable shoes, and for me it just wasn't there!
The quote by Christian Louboutin got me thinking about a lot of things, but mainly when I dissected his … (9 comments)

realtor: A REALTORS LIFE - 02/27/14 11:52 PM
I've known a lot of agents who got into the business because they thought it will be fun because they could make a lot of money by taking people to show them houses. If you have a Real Estate Agent that tells you that, my advice is to RUN... get away from them as fast as you can.
Being a professional requires training, knowledge of the industry, patience, experience, professional skills unique to the Real Estate industry, understanding of human behavior, trust, integrity, and the ability to negotiate on their clients behalf. These are just a few of the skills it takes to … (10 comments)

realtor: Should I Show My Property During the Holidays? - 12/24/13 12:27 AM
Buyers Are Actively Looking
If a property is listed for sale, buyers are still looking even more aggressively today than years past. Gone are the days when everyone takes time off. When it comes to INTERNET, IPad, Resources & Research consumers are looking on the plane, train, trails, in their homes, cars, trucks, restaurants, SPAS, on the beach, in a hotel, and they are driving their cars around the neighborhoods to see for themselves properties for sale. Holidays are the best time because most people have more time to travel. Shopping for houses doesn't stop just because of holidays - it IS a … (55 comments)

realtor: I'm Not a Rockett or a Rocky but I'll be Your Rock! - 12/06/13 02:43 AM
Here we go with another contest initiated by Kathleen Daniels: 2013 Theme Your Business with a Song Title Challenge. Thanks Kathleen! This was a GREAT idea! The song that best describes where I get my drive, determination, and the guts to run my business and keep on, keeping on is The Theme from ROCKY.

The movie and theme song for ROCKY came at a time in my life when even though I was a much younger version of myself, the challenges in my 20's were many! At that time, I was still renting and my … (23 comments)

realtor: It's a Great and Gloomy Day! - 10/30/13 01:23 AM
It's a great and gloomy day today, storms are brewing. I am happy!

I woke up this morning without the sound of dogs barking, nor did I have to suffer through the noise of lawnmowers, the sound of grinding tree cutters, or the leaf blowers from neighbors and city landscaping services. In other words, silence comes with cloudy skies. The weatherman for DFW predicted bad weather and people are staying indoors. I love it!
Sunny days in Texas are wonderful; yet gloomy days can get me to lead generate, make phone calls to people who will more than likely answer the phone, get organized, learn … (26 comments)

realtor: I Am Woman & Humble Beginnings - 10/20/13 01:38 PM
1970 - 1979 was a time in my life for humble beginnings. Over the years, I've learned that no one enters this world without challenges and opportunties. Obstacles are part of life. The pages of history are being written every day, as we live and breathe. How we live our life, learn from our experiences, and meet the challenges makes us who we are today.
During the 70s era, I was a High School student, introduced to school busing and the Chicago riots, had the courage to get on a plane to visit New York and Washington, D.C., was privileged to leave school early to work on … (18 comments)

realtor: So You Bought a New House & You Need New Furniture - 03/07/13 12:09 PM
You just bought a new house and your old furniture looks too old, worn out, stained and saggy. In other words, you can’t believe that it’s the same couch, and furthermore, what was it doing in your house? You even begin to wonder, what was I thinking when I got that couch to begin with?  
You start looking at furniture and you can’t believe what it costs to replace your old furniture and you start to shop and compare. Your Realtor® taught you a lot about negotiating skills, marketing and comparative … (21 comments)

realtor: Go Away! Be Happy! Life is Good! - 08/29/12 10:08 PM
On a hot summer day in Texas, sometimes a woman like me just needs a cooling breeze to blow through my hair and remind me that it’s okay to open the windows of your mind. In Bridgton, Maine, I found the perfect cool summer breeze to remind me that it’s my job as a Texas Realtor to open and close doors and windows for others, but to be the best I can be in the business, and to unlock the meaning and wellspring of creativity within my soul, I best serve others when I use all … (41 comments)

realtor: Life is Good - Life is Hard - 08/21/12 03:45 PM
The old barn that I photographed in Denmark, Maine on August 20, 2012 reminded me that even though life presents hardship, better days are ahead. I imagine it took incredible strength and courage to run a farm and every day brought new challenges. In this photograph, I recognized that in order to seek better things, it takes hard work, family strength, support, problem solving and creative solutions. I would imagine that hard times brought the family together to work as a team and that each member of the family, regardless of size needed to be sensitive to the … (32 comments)

realtor: It's Not Where You Live But How You Live - 03/02/12 07:21 PM
It’s not where you live but how you live that really matters.
I was reminded of this while traveling to Sarasota, FL to honor the memory of my Aunt who recently passed away. She had lived a long, good life and this statue at the Marina in Sarasota reminded me that “Unconditional Surrender,” is not a bad way to live.

Life is a reflection of ever changing memories.
My aunt was born in 1917 and married my uncle who was born in 1914 – in some ways, I … (88 comments)

realtor: Diary of a Flower Mound Realtor: Recap of Week One For 2012 - 01/09/12 08:24 AM
Housing, the economy, job situations, and our government continue to challenge people and the way we live. If there’s one good thing that happened in 2011, is that the media brought public awareness. When people realize, that not all income, mortgage companies, Realtors, Lenders, situations, locations, and circumstances are equal, and they believe in the American Dream, home purchases and sales are possible. The biggest boost to our economy is housing. To name a few, for every home that sells, hardware stores, contractors, flooring companies, paint stores, and furniture stores stimulates the economy and people have jobs.
“Now, I say to … (13 comments)

realtor: Cut Off Your Nose to Spite Your Face vs. Good Horse Sense - 06/26/11 03:29 AM
When things get out of hand and you're feeling kind of mad, don't cut off your nose to spite your face. In a situation like this, things will get blurry because your brain is out of focus. The problem is still there, it may be staring at you right in the face, but whatever you do, don't cut off your nose to spite your face. According to Wikipedia, simply put, "don't engage in acts of anger or revenge that will hurt you more than it hurts anyone else; it's an expression used to describe a needlessly self-destructive over-reactive to a problem." 

Successful business … (14 comments)

realtor: On the Topic of Death & Dying - 03/26/11 05:52 AM
On the Topic of Death and Dying
March 26, 2011
Not a cheery topic, I know... but I have read several posts over the last few days and months about AR members who are going through a personal loss. I am sure this is not a topic that people want to read, after all, we are conditioned to have a positive attitude and not think negative thoughts. But this is life and some of you are suffering; therefore, I want you to know that others care about you.
With the focus on income, setting goals, retirement plans, life achievements, we all … (33 comments)

realtor: Gasoline Savings - T or F - What do you Think? - 03/15/11 10:42 AM
 March 15, 2011
I received the following information in BOLD from another member. I don't know if the information is True or False, but if anyone on AR knows whether or not it's true, it might help all of us with fuel costs.
I don't know what you guys are paying for gasoline.... but here in California we are paying up to $3.75 to $4.10 per gallon. My line of work is in petroleum for about 31 years now, so here are some tricks to get more of your money's worth for every gallon:
Here at the Kinder Morgan Pipeline where I … (15 comments)

realtor: SPRING FEVER - 02/21/11 06:39 AM
February 21, 2011
Spring Fever has come to Flower Mound, TX. That means prospects for First Time Home Buyers or for people who have decided they want to spend their life together. Deciding on where two lovers want to live together is very important. Love is a journey. Love is patient. Love is kind. When two people are on the same path they usually share the same passion and that includes home making and perhaps starting a family.

Be the first to offer your services to the love birds who are seeking a home or a place to nest. Keep your eyes open. There … (16 comments)


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Are you afraid to make a decision about buying a home because of what you hear on the media? A reporter reports the news the way they see things; let's face it, bad news is what gets reported. The fact is there is a lot of good news about the Real Estate Industry and there are as many people who are buying Real Estate at unbelievably low interest rates! A Real Estate Agent hears the stories directly from the people and it's always good to hear about how much happier people are to own, rather than rent. … (13 comments)

realtor: Things Are Gearing Up for SuperBowl Sunday in Dallas! - 01/30/11 05:24 AM
There are lots of activities in Downtown Dallas and people are very excited about SuperBowl Sunday on February 6, 2011 for the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. GreenBay Packers Game. Hopefully, the skies will stay blue and the spirit of championship will remain calm and that those who come to cheer on their favorite teams will see a great game. Calm? Who am I kidding! The crowds are going to go WILD!
February 6 is going to be a FUN day and hopefully people will enjoy the day. What makes a team great is how they listen to their coach. With all the … (7 comments)

realtor: Thinking About Selling? How's your Kitchen? - 01/24/11 04:10 AM
How does your kitchen compare to a restaurant? Is it sanitized? Does it look like a place where meals are being properly prepared, free of bacteria and dirt? Would people want to gather around your table and break bread together and drink fine wine? Or does it look cluttered, a mess, smelly, a place where people would be afraid to sit down to eat for fear that they may be sitting in the dog or cat's chair?
If you were putting your home on the market to sell, a home inspector would check the temperatures on the stove, dishwasher and … (23 comments)

realtor: TO TEXT OR NOT TO TEXT - THAT IS THE QUESTION - 12/19/10 03:11 AM
In running a business, when is it appropriate to TEXT? Is the Smart Phone really all that smart or has texting gotten out of control? Since purchasing Real Estate is one of the most expensive investments a person can make, as Agents we have an obligation and a responsibility to make sure that nothing we say or do in writing can be taken out of text and/or misinterpreted.
What I find annoying are all those abbreviations that people are using whenever they send a text.  Since anything we do can and will be subject to interpretation in the court of law, how … (8 comments)

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