sellers: Our Conscious and Our Clutter - 08/12/19 03:51 AM
by Patricia Feager, 8/12/19
Clutter is a word that makes some people uncomfortable. Yet, when people move it is a word that comes up in conversations. Another word I think about is conscious. It is something we live with our entire life. Clutter, on the other hand, accumulates over time and can be controlled. 
Like many people, my family was affected by Alzheimer. If you ever lived with or known anyone with Alzheimer, you know it is startling when something out of the blue triggers a memory. Something in their subconscious comes back, unexpectedly, crisp and clear. At times, being with my aunt in Florida … (17 comments)

sellers: Sellers: The Early Bird Catches The Worm - 04/04/19 05:56 AM
Educational Post for 4/4/19
by Patricia Feager
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Neighbors - Spring Into Action!
Sellers - Spring Into Action
"The Early Bird Catches the Worm"
Quote: From the Dictionary of Proverbs and Cliches
Content and Photograph From Patricia Feager
People move for many different reasons. Spring is a great time to list and sell. After all, "The Early Bird Catches the Worm!" My experiences as a Real Estate Agent and life, in general, taught me early always brings about unexpected nice surprises and less stress. Why is April a good month to list your home for sale?
Serious buyers who are early risers … (20 comments)

sellers: Sellers - Spring Into Action - 03/25/19 06:23 AM
Motivational Post for 3/25/19
by Patricia Feager
Spring is a great time to sell! After lots of planning, plotting, and getting prepared, a Seller typically looks forward to seeing a For Sale Sign in their lawn and Neighbors are often surprised. How can Sellers help their neighbors during the transition?

Tell your neighbors you're moving one or two before the sign goes public
Saying something is better than nothing at all or letting them jump to wrong conclusions
Before throwing things out, perhaps your neighbors would appreciate first offers
Pass out your Agent's business cards to your neighbors for potential buyers
Don't let … (10 comments)

sellers: Smart Moving Tips You Might Not Have Thought Of - 10/10/18 10:50 AM
by Patricia Feager, 10/10/18
--- L L Cool J
Moving can be FUN or not..... A funny thing happened to me while driving today. I was following a U-Haul and couldn't move out of my lane, so I was focused on moving towards my goal, while reading the advertising on the back of the truck at each traffic light. This company advertised "Easy load ramp," and the other moving guys offer, "Deck Height!"
Ah ha! I thought to myself, if I were moving, I'd choose a company with an "Easy load ramp," and definitely … (16 comments)

sellers: Morning Coffee Is Just As Valuable as a Good Roof - 09/14/18 04:25 AM
by Patricia Feager
"Kimzey's Coffee dreams of a world brought together by
good coffee, a kind community, and a whimsical imagination."
Actually, there's nothing wrong with the roof in my photograph taken at a delightful coffee shop in Argyle that serves delicious GOOD coffee unlike anyone else in this small European settlement, population approximately 3,282, settled in 1850. The roof is really designed this way and functions just fine. 
"I like coffee because it gives me the illusion that I might be awake."
--- Lewis Black
The Art of Marketing You must include imagination and bring people to you and the product you sell. Once … (28 comments)

sellers: The Value of Sunlight to Buyers & Sellers - 06/27/18 08:53 AM
by Patricia Feager 6/27/2018
Photo by Patricia Feager
"Organic buildings are the strength and lightness of the 
spiders' spinning, buildings qualified by light,
bred by native character to environment
married to the ground."
--- Frank Lloyd Wright 
When I ask sellers what they like best about their home to use in marketing their listing, the number one answer is the light. Then, the seller moves towards the light and shows me what he or she enjoyed most about living in their dwelling. As I stand next to the seller, whether it's a bright and sunny kitchen, breakfast area, or whatever room they picked, I feel the warmth of … (45 comments)

sellers: 2018 Market Update for Area 41, Denton County, Texas - 02/12/18 02:29 PM
Author: Patricia Feager, 2/12/2018
The landscape for Area 41, Denton County, is a tapestry of approximately 780, 612 people, an array of architectural styles, a variety of price ranges, thriving business owners, neighborhood communities, great schools, restaurant diversity, and when you throw in a few peacocks, donkeys, bulls, and horses, it's just a nice place to live and call home. 
Something most people want to know is, "How's the market?" 2017 was one of the strongest markets we have experienced with housing price increases. While many sellers did and will continue to get multiple offers, there's no guarantee it will happen for everyone. Being … (6 comments)

sellers: 1713 Meyerwood LN S - Flower Mound, TX - 04/19/17 06:27 PM
The countdown to closing begins effective 4/19/2017. An offer brings joy to sellers. Acceptance is even better. There are many parts of a home sale and everyone has to cooperate to make things work. It's a team effort, no matter how you look at it. Putting a home on the market really gets owners outside of their comfort zone. The search for the perfect house takes a lot of effort. Marketing, open houses, advertising, rearranging schedules, keeping a house clean and organized, making sure every detail is taken care of requires a lot of … (12 comments)

sellers: What Every Seller Needs To Know - 03/05/17 07:27 AM
Something every Seller wants is Buyer's Feedback. Over the years, I've collected feedback for reasons why buyers did not make an offer. Hopefully, this list will help and provide possible reasons and explanations.
The first impression scared them off, e.g., poor condition of neighborhood or exterior of property, poor curb appeal, water towers, railroad tracks, barking dogs, cracked sidewalks, no landscaping or a jungle of weeds, overgrown shrubs, no lights on at the front porch, lock-box couldn't be found - Something offensive or outside of their control sent them away before they got inside. 

sellers: Courage - A Projection of Peoples' Dreams - 02/22/17 09:35 PM
©Patricia Feager, 2/22/17
As a follow-up to Results are a Vision - Happiness is Contagious! today's post is about Courage - A Projection of People's Dreams. Twenty years ago I was filled with hope, courage, determination, excitement, and encouragement when my employer, Abbott Laboratories offered to relocate me to Dallas, Texas. It was here at Williams Square in Los Colinas where the Relocation Company had me meet my Real Estate Agent. She made a good first impression. As we walked around the Mustangs I felt confident that all my dreams would be fulfilled. This morning, around 8:00 a.m., I returned to this spot to … (18 comments)

sellers: Sellers Are You Sheepish? - 02/08/17 07:34 AM
By ©Patricia Feager, 2/8/2017
I photographed this Big Horn Sheep last fall in Switzerland. How could I resist? Such a beautiful animal deserves to be photographed for its uniqueness and magnificent beauty! After studying the photo, I took a closer look and examined the face. Now I understand the definition of being sheepish to a fuller extent! According to the definition, "When you're sheepish, you're like a sheep --- embarrassed and not confident."
Seller do you want to sell but are you feeling embarrassed about the appearance of your home? After looking all day on the Internet at what's for sale, and comparing what you … (26 comments)

sellers: Seller's Tips For Listing - 06/14/16 04:36 AM
©by Patricia Feager 6/14/2016
When putting your home on the market, make a check-list with comments; then keep your list in a safe place to reference later. There are many tasks to do and things to think about when putting a home on the market. It's easy to forget where you put things. Remember, your home is on the market to sell, not to invite guests over to stay overnight. Therefore, if you're owner occupied, keep it simple. A check-list will help you to follow-through and remember what actions you took.
Take inventory of your valuables. If you can't put valuables in … (19 comments)

sellers: How Do You Sell Your House When Your Closet Is In Crisis? - 04/08/16 10:04 PM
As a Real Estate Agent, one of the chief complaints I hear from women is the closets are not BIG enough! The challenge begins to try to find the biggest closet for a buyer who may be on a tight budget and can't afford a bigger home with bigger closets. Unless a home is custom built most homes will have similar floor plans and that means same size, similar closets. This is NOT a healthy move for the buyer and it is just as stressful on the Sellers. 
To overcome the buyers objection the buyer needs the Seller to adjust their … (32 comments)

sellers: When it Comes to Real Estate, My Clients Deserve the Best - 05/09/14 11:57 PM

When God created me to be a Real Estate Agent, HE made me humble. I began to see very quickly how hard I'd have to work to earn a living. Serving people is a sacred thing, you begin a journey that's interesting with new people (sometimes repeat clients); then you watch them pick out houses that appeal to their senses. Under fiduciary responsibility, you begin to understand other people's needs, desires, and wants. With courage and integrity I learned to educate, inform, and negotiate contracts - all of this under trust and confidence... it works two ways.
I organize my day and my … (19 comments)

sellers: The Reality of the MLS Search - 03/16/14 08:34 AM
I travel many miles, days, weeks, months, and years. For some people, the journey never seems to end; for others it happens quickly. Why does it take some people longer than others? In my professional opinion, the decision to buy is all about the senses: vision, hearing, touch, feeling, taste, smell, thermoception, physiological pain, equilibrioception, and the kinesthetic sense. For some, it is more painful than others.
The search in MLS for that perfect place has no time limits. For others the yearning is so great they are ready, willing, and able to settle as quickly as they can. Could … (41 comments)

sellers: Sellers & REALTORS® Must Shoot for Optimum Results - 01/17/14 09:44 PM
What do Sellers & Real Estate Agents have to do to sell property? 
Shoot for optimum results.
Why wait for that special holiday, like Valentine's Day, or that right Buyer who brings you a full price offer? Sellers and their agents have an important task to complete.
Like the Bachelor trying to win over the right one, every prospective Buyer deserves a good first impression.
The Buyer needs a house. The Seller needs to sell. Like a first impression rose, when happiness floods you (the Buyer) with joy, the Seller and the Buyer make an instant rapport. People want to do business with people that make … (16 comments)

sellers: What Do Sellers & REALTORS Have in Common? - 01/16/14 08:17 PM
Every day you must wake up feeling fresh as a daisy. A Seller can't sell (or will have a harder time selling) and a REALTOR® can't get a property sold (or will have a harder time) if they are not rested, waking up bright and early, being fresh, as fresh as a daisy. 
Winter may not be the season for daisies and it may not be the traditional time of the year to sell; however, whether you're a Seller or a REALTOR® motivation is strongest when you and your surroundings are as fresh as a daisy.


sellers: Should I Show My Property During the Holidays? - 12/24/13 12:27 AM
Buyers Are Actively Looking
If a property is listed for sale, buyers are still looking even more aggressively today than years past. Gone are the days when everyone takes time off. When it comes to INTERNET, IPad, Resources & Research consumers are looking on the plane, train, trails, in their homes, cars, trucks, restaurants, SPAS, on the beach, in a hotel, and they are driving their cars around the neighborhoods to see for themselves properties for sale. Holidays are the best time because most people have more time to travel. Shopping for houses doesn't stop just because of holidays - it IS a … (55 comments)

sellers: What's Your Serial Number and Model Number??? - 09/03/13 01:55 AM
The excitement of buying new appliances can soon fizzle when something goes wrong. Most appliances offer at least a one year warranty; however, if you don't know where to look for the Serial Number and Model Number, you will more than likely not get a service person at your house to fix the problem until you provide both Serial Number and Model Number. The person who works for the Manufacturing Company does not care where you live or what your name is - they want your Serial Number and Model Number.
The problem with newer appliances is that they put the Model Number and … (25 comments)

sellers: Life is Good When You Hit a Double! - 06/20/12 04:45 PM
Life is Good when you hit a double. I’ve been a very busy bee and it paid off when I executed two contracts on Tuesday, June 20th – both are my listings.
Both Sellers are good friends of mine. What keeps our friendship solid is honesty and trust. We respect each other, communicate frequently and we can easily slip into each other’s shoes because we understand business should not come between friends but should strengthen friendship.
What makes this double even better are the other REALTORS® representing the buyers. I have never worked with either one of them before; … (32 comments)

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