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How to Help Your Seller When the Buyer Can't Get Conventional Financing The common way to buy real estate is to go to a bank and apply for conventional financing.  In some circumstances, getting a loan from a bank to purchase real estate is impossible.  We are currently in the midst of an economi...
How to Sell Your Real Estate Note for the Cash YOU Need! Part 1 If you receive payments from a privately held real estate note, there may come a time when you consider selling your note for lump sum cash.  If you've decided to do this, hopefully you have done some careful planning in structuring ...
Hildebrand Farms Dairy Harvest Festival - Junction City, KS Are you looking for something fun to do in Junction City, KS on Saturday September 25, 2010?  Come out to Hildebrand Farms Dairy for their first-ever Harvest Festival!  This is an event that people of all ages will enjoy!  The festivitie...
Focus on the Positive If you are feeling like things could be better, you may be right! However, things could also be worse. Life is full of things that create difficulty. A friend recently reminded me to look at the positive things going for me - I'm alive, I'm employed, I have friends! I guess ...
My 30 Day Challenge - A Win-Win for You and Me! Today is September 12, 2010.  My 30 Day Challenge begins now!  The goal I set out to accomplish is not simply for my own benefit.  If successful, the result will be a win-win!  What do I set out to do?  Beginning today, I challenge myself to help at...
Our Goals Serve a Purpose Beyond Ourselves I've heard it is important to set goals.  Setting goals is a good way to develop a focus on what you want to accomplish.  And once it is defined, putting that goal in writing and making it known is the best practice for achieving the goal.  That must be ...
The Similarities Between Playing the Lottery and Investing in a Business Although I would say it is more wise to invest in a business than to play the lottery on a regular basis, the two money pursuits have their similiarities! YOU HAVE TO PAY TO PLAY. If you want to play the lottery, you have to...
How Did You Spend Labor Day 2010? For many people in the United States, Labor Day is a day off from the job.  If you work for an employer who recognizes this day as a Federal Holiday, you get to enjoy an extended weekend and return to work on Tuesday!  And there are many others who do not get the...
What Do You Consider a Waste of Money? As a follow up to my recent blog, 10 Ways to Waste Your Money, I'd like to know what YOU consider to be a waste of money!  Everyone has their own opinion of what wasteful spending is and we all could probably use our money more wisely at times.  From day-to-...

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