anaheim real estate: Don't forget to take time for yourself - 08/26/09 07:50 AM
In this busy, crazy, mixed up real estate profession it's so easy to work 24/7. You will go nuts if you don't schedule time out. Don't loose sight of the important things in life. Stop and smell the roses. That's what has kept me going for the last 22 years. Always, make yourself a priority. That 10:30 call with the offer can wait until tomorrow. It's not a life threatening situation...I'm not saying: "Don't give it all you've got" but evaluate the situation and FIGURE IT OUT.
Have a GREAT day!

anaheim real estate: They don't give money away every day! - 08/26/09 06:22 AM
This is what I tell my prospective first time buyers, and it's true.
I have worked with many first time buyers for the last 22 years and it is such a pleasure to find them their home and get them settled in. The bonus lately has been the $8,000 incentive.
I just recently closed escrow with a family that was so happy to be able to get into a home of their own. They put most of their money towards the purchase. Now they have some additional money at their disposal for the little extras that come up and for new furniture.

anaheim real estate: Agent's actions: Unforgivable - 06/01/07 06:59 AM
I recently took a listing for the parents of some dear friends of mine. Their house is located about 10 min. up the freeway, still in the general area that I work. Then on the following Friday as I'm picking up my son and some of his freshman friends from high school, I get a call from a gentleman interested in seeing the property. I make arrangements with the kids to hang out together while I go show the house, but when I get there, I recognize the man. He was a real estate agent I had met at a fundraiser … (18 comments)

anaheim real estate: Advertising Dollars: Where are they best spent? - 05/31/07 06:50 AM
It seems that the general opinion on dollars spent on advertising is to localize the ads for listings rather than go to the larger publications, such as the "Times". I asked the experts and the answers I received was that most of the attention, 65% of the action on a listing, comes from the actual sign on the property, with the flyer box. The next best suggestion was to go to the web. Most agents find that their clients are relying on web sites, such as, to find the home on their own. If this is the case, why are so many agents … (9 comments)


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