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Loved this! I do have to add one more. Thou shalt not lie to your Realtor!!1. Thou shalt not change jobs, become self-employed or quit your job. Longer employment time shows stability and a reduced likelyhood of default. 2. Thou shalt not buy a car, truck or van (or you may be living in it)! This...
I had to re-blog this because of it's educational value! So many Innocent people have been hurt. Most people can not even contemplate a scheme like this. Hopefully someone, somewhere will read this and be better prepared should a situation like this occur.Here is another example of a recent legal...
As I sit at my computer coughing my lungs out with Bronchitis I feel the urge to reflect on yesterday, today and tomorrow in Real Estate. Having said that, I really wonder why customers are not banging down doors to buy homes. In our market outside Philadelphia Pa., we are in good shape! Not a lo...
   I think I have this straight- First time buyers tax credit Facts Well, we all know that the bill was signed by the President. But, it still has a long way to go. And I am not so clear on what it will do in terms of helping the buyers. I remember in the 80's a program like this.  So as it stand...
My buyer would not listen. No, the bargain short sale was what they wanted! Well I tired to explain the pit falls of such a purchase. And now they have to move and have no home to go to. To get back on track***** Repeatedly I told them: 1) this process does move at a snails pace. 2) Of course I t...
I found it fascinating how now that the market is sluggish people's creative juices start flowing. All these ideas are just incredible. It amazes me that people come up with this stuff. It just goes to show that we professional Realtors are smarter than the average bear. And that our sellers shou...
Hello everyone. I pay also every year for and I have forgotten why! Can someone please let me know what the benefits are and convince me why I should keep paying them. In these times of tightening our belts cleaning out the closet is the first place to start.
Having just returned from an Exciting trip to Egypt. I started to think about how lucky we are in America! As this picture shows in Egypt you only are taxed when your home is done. So because of this law about 90% of the homes are not complete!Now can you imagine that. See the top . They just kee...
You know that we are being sold a bag of goods. Our market has slowed down but has absolutely not stopped. Lansdale and Montgomery are great areas for schools, recreation and homes. Our taxes are a lot less than surrounding areas like Bucks county. That's why people want to move to Montgomery cou...
You know and I know you can not believe everything you hear on TV and in the newspapers. Anyone with any common sense realizes that the up swing in Real Estate prices could not go on forever. If it did, Our children would never be able to be a home owner. The market for sure has slowed down but o...

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