building a new home: Why to build a new home now - 03/20/16 01:42 AM
Why to build a new home now
1. Interest Rates
Rates are low so you get more house for your money! Even only a 1% increase can cost you hundreds more, each and every month for 30 years!
2. Energy Savings
With new energy efficient windows and doors, better insulation technology, energy efficient new appliances, and modern heating & cooling system, your energy savings adds up and saves you money on utility bills.
3. Indoor air quality
The new homes today meet energy standards and codes that were not in place in the past.
4. Design your dream home your way
Don’t settle for someone else’s choices when … (2 comments)

building a new home: Making a home more Green friendly. - 12/19/10 02:50 PM

The green revolution is slowly making its home in the construction industry.  With Global warming and environmental issues becoming common knowledge it is important to adapt good"Green Habits" in our home as well.  It is important to become more aware of what we can do to build a Green Home from the ground up.  Here are a few ideas to make your new home more green Friendly.
 Increase energy efficiency
Energy Efficiency
Energy efficiency is the foundation of any green building project.
To create a greener home you can start with your heating … (1 comments)

building a new home: So you think you want to build a Home? - 08/22/10 01:38 PM

If you are thinking of building a new home what things do you want in a home?
Sometimes it is many things as when more people live in a home more wants/needs may prevail.
Someone wants a large Kitchen with Granite counter tops and a walk in pantry while the other may say the three car garage and large deck are important to them and the Family room is important to both.
You need to do your homework and shop the open house's in the area's you are interested to see what would be resonable wants in your budget. 

building a new home: So You are ready for your first meeting with the builder? - 07/23/10 07:49 AM
The first meeting with the builder can be an eye opener to say the least.  If you don't have some questions for the builder and information on what type of home, location preferred and budget hurry up and make a list.  The more prepared you are for the first meeting the more information you will leave with or at least should.  If you haven't at least spoke to your Loan originator get on the phone and call them and see what your options are.  This can be an exciting journey and very rewarding if you have a good team to work … (0 comments)

building a new home: Five Questions you should ask a builder before your initial meeting. - 07/11/10 08:36 AM
•1.       Do you have references?  Names and contact information of at least two.
•2.       Where do you build at? Do I have to purchase the lot or do you?
•3.       Do you have any Homes Currently being built or completed so that I can see the quality and styles?
•4.       How long does it take to build a home after we have purchased the lot and have the plan?
•5.       When we meet for our initial meeting will you explain how the process of building a home with you goes?
There are many other questions to ask your builder … (0 comments)

building a new home: You think you can't afford to build a home - think again! - 07/07/10 01:40 PM

I am getting more people who think they can't afford to build a home but, are looking at homes $165,000 and above.  Let me share something with you.  "You may be able to build a Home".
 From deciding where to live, evaluating the tax advantages of home ownership, to settlement and moving, find a REALTOR and builder to help you organize your thoughts and sift through the details before you make a decision.  Finding a builder who will help you resolving problems, work through the details with you may be just what you need to help you decide if building … (1 comments)

building a new home: Checklist to build the home that fits your family. - 01/09/10 04:07 AM
•A.    LOT
1. What is your preferred location?
2. Size/Dimensions of the lot. 3. Do you want egress, daylight or walkout elevation? 4. Special features (views, water, trees, and adjacent property). 5. Owner requirements (views, driveway access, other)
B. House - General Requirements
1. Square footage.
2. Type of Home (Ranch, Two story, Foyer, split level or  1 ½ story3. Preferred  architectural style4. If two-story, how many staircases and location.5. Basement Yes___ No____6. Preferred exterior materials/colors.7. Window style preferences.8. Door style preferences (4-panel, 6-panel, solid-core, hollow-core, etc.)9. How many garages
10. Special garage requirements (location, storage, hobby area, other11. Number / … (2 comments)

building a new home: The Top New Home Trends - 01/03/10 09:11 AM
New Top Trends in New Homes
Today's trends point to smaller, cozier and energy efficient homes with smaller spaces that seem larger.
The Home buyers today are focusing of more efficient use of smaller spaces
- Focus on Smaller Homes
Many builders are shifting from a focus on homes in the2000 to 3000 sq ft range to homes mainly in the 130000 to 2000 sq ft range.  The average and median square footage in new homes has dropped for the first time in many years.  Smaller homes cost less too!
- "Great Room" Instead of Formals
More homebuyers are looking for … (0 comments)

building a new home: Four Steps to getting prepared to build your New Home - 10/18/09 08:27 AM

Plan a budget for your new home.  Break down what your costs should be and do your best to stay close within your budget. Get your facts before you dream of having that gormet kitchen that you think will be $20,000 when in fact it will be $50,000 you don't want to bust your budget before you get to the rest of the house. Pick the area you want to live in.  Check out the neighborhoods you would like to live in and design your home to fit into the neighborhood. You don't want to build a home that is … (0 comments)

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