======================================================================= Many homeowners think that selling their home alone without the help of a real estate agent will help save them money in the end. The fact of the matter is that selling your home on your own isn't easy work. In fact, you may...
DowMany people are responding to our economic downfall by spending less money  by  downsizing in every which way they can.  Less has really become More; in fact, Less is the new trend.  Cutting back on your spending can easily leave you feeling deprived if you view it in a negative light. But foc...
    Did you ever wonder where does your electric consumption go? And did you ever wonder how are you going to save on your electric bill? Well, you need not to ask these questions without getting the right answers anymore. This article will tell you the answers to these 2 questions. The largest p...
Radiant Heat: 5 Hot Reasons to Love It Radiant heat warms the body, not the air, producing a toasty feeling that takes the chill out of winter. Read Visit for more articles like this. Copyright 2011 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®
                1.       The purpose of lead follow up is getting an appointment so don't forget to ask for the appointment after all what the worst thing that can happen is?  They Say no and you can move on to the next lead.   Meeting in your office or a neutral place like a coffee shop can be m...
    I was showing a property in Story City Iowa last week and decided to talk a short drive across the intestate and check out where I went to school in Roland Iowa and then venture to see a home I lived in for 3 years of my childhood.  I found my way to the countryside and found the home, the cr...
  As I look back on the year 2010 things were a bit bizarre.  What do I mean by that?  Well interesting enough I had a year that really didn't get me where I wanted to go so this year I will be implementing systems and using tools to focus on the direction I will be going with my Real Estate thi...
Someone that has given alot not only to the City of Altoona but, Dollars for Scholars. Paulette was very active in the Altoona Chamber for many years and as a matter of fact many of us thought of Paulette when you talked about the  Altoona Chamber.  Paulette gave many hours to our city and was al...
          The green revolution is slowly making its home in the construction industry.  With Global warming and environmental issues becoming common knowledge it is important to adapt good"Green Habits" in our home as well.  It is important to become more aware of what we can do to build a Green ...
  Here are a few planning steps to prepare you before buying a home. •1.       Talk to a lender •2.       Get your free credit report to make sure that there isn't anything on your report that shouldn't be there.  •3.       If you have any credit issues to work through make sure to talk to your L...

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