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The contingency period can be the most stressful time in a home purchase transaction. The findings in a home inspection report can cause a stir. This blog will share information with buyers and agents so thatsome of the anxiety can be reduced. Entries will clarify the intent of an inspection, why comments are worded the way they are, and what to expect from houses from certain decades. Important safety information will also be addressed for the benefit of buyers and agents alike.
  Introduction Carbon Monoxide is a poisonous gas that is a by-product of combustion. Whenever we burn something, Carbon Monoxide (CO) is released. Many items in a home can produce CO. If you have gas burning appliances such as a range or oven, furnace, water heater or fireplace, you could be exp...
“What issues should I be aware of when buying a house built in the 1970’s?” Introduction One of the biggest disappointments in the home buying process is getting a home inspection report with tons of stuff you didn’t expect. Often it is not the severity of the items in the report, but the realiz...
We work for many first time home buyers in San Diego. As first time buyers, they are often drawn to older homes which fit into their price range. San Diego has tens of thousands of houses that were built right after World War II. With a huge military population, the GI Bill made these houses idea...
There I was laying in bed at 2:00 AM this morning listening to my smoke detector Chirp. OK, I'm guilty. I did not follow the simple routine of changing my smoke detector batteries when I changed my clocks back a few weeks ago. So I guess I deserve it. Before I explain why the alarms go off in the...
Keep Your Air Clean and Healty One common household maintenance item that is often overlooked is the air filter for the heating/AC system. We find this all the time on home inspections. Some homeowners don't know where the filter is, and others have no idea that it requires regular replacement. S...
  New Transfer Disclosure Law Requires CO Detectors California Senate Bill 183 was signed into law which requires the installation of Carbon Monoxide detectors in rental units, and dwellings that are being transferred (sold) by January 1, 2011. It also requires that Carbon Monoxide detectors are ...
Are you one of those agents interested in the latest technology to market yourself? QR codes could give you an advantage over other agents in your area. QR codes are cell phone readable bar codes that can store URL's, contact info, phone numbers, etc. "QR" stands for Quick Results, and is a simpl...
Now Serving Temecula and Murrieta In 2004, we set out to create a home inspection company that "raised the bar". The San Diego Real Estate Inspection Company was one of the first companies to embrace computer-generated inspection reports. These reports are a huge improvement over checkbox style o...
Asphalt Shigle Roof A roof is one of the most expensive components of a home. Hundreds of different materials have been used as roofing material from sticks to plastic, and grass to glass. When you are looking for a home you need to know what type of roofing material is installed, if it was insta...
Ever since the first indoor plumbing system was installed, homeowners have had to deal with leaks. Early drain lines were made from metal, often by black smiths, out of lead, steel or brass. Little was Old toilet known about hydrolics, venting, or drainage. But indoor plumbing was seen as such an...

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