alpharetta homes for sale: Listen Here Toots Put Your God in the Closet or Keep The House... - 08/29/13 09:35 PM
The other day, I published a blog post about incense in a seller's home. It sparked a good conversation and we all agreed on what we already knew: keep the smells to a minimum. I did mention the uses for such a thing in my post and one of the uses was for spiritual purposes. One commenter mentioned an experience about showing a home and seeing five altars setup in the home. This sparked a thought. 
HOW DO YOU TELL A SELLER TO … (0 comments)

alpharetta homes for sale: To Burn or Not To Burn: Will Your Incense Interfere With Your Selling? - 08/27/13 10:58 PM
I'm a burner. So naturally, when I toured a home with my buyer recently, the smell of incense when I walked in didn't bother me. It actually made me interested in just who these sellers were. My buyer however, thought the smell was from cigarettes, and immediately had thoughts of how she was going to get that smell out if she bought the house or if the seller would have the home professionally cleaned to remove the smell. Having experience with incense and being an ex-smoker, I was able to assure her that the smell was not from cigarettes and incense … (30 comments)

alpharetta homes for sale: Your Landlord Wants Their Property Back...Now What? - 08/24/13 01:43 AM

When I got a call from a buyer recently, I thought she was calling because she loved the blog post I wrote about the Enclave at Milton Park since she had registered to my website and called me the day after to view a listing in that subdivision. Truth is, she probably did love the blog post but my ego wouldn't probe for admiration after listening to her story. 
She needed to buy and needed to close fairly quickly. When I say "quickly, I mean like 6-8 weeks quickly. While this is possible, it is a little hasty. … (4 comments)

alpharetta homes for sale: Geez What Did You REALTORS Do To This Seller? - 08/23/13 06:48 AM
So I was browsing through homes for sale in Alpharetta, GA online for a client of mine who is relocating. FSBO's are not excluded from that search. I see a home on Craigslist that I want to go preview. Now keep in mind that I leave FSBO's right where they are. If I see one I am interested in for a buyer, I go preview. If it's not a good fit, I keep it moving. Good fit or not, I leave my card as I do with everyone. I offer my assistance if they ever have a question and go … (3 comments)

alpharetta homes for sale: The Enclave at Milton Park Alpharetta, GA - 04/28/13 02:06 AM
Enclave at Milton Park Alpharetta, GA
What’s so cool about The Enclave?
This Yankee was in awe when she discovered the loveliness that is The Enclave at Milton Park. If you’re a city slicker then you will absolutely love the place. The tree lined streets and stoops reminded me of the brownstone covered neighborhoods of Center City in Philadelphia, PA. Cars parked out in front of the owner’s homes in the absence of driveways and neighbors walking out of their doors, down the front stairs stopping to chit chat before getting in their cars and driving off, third floor windows … (5 comments)

alpharetta homes for sale: Alpharetta, Ga: For The Foodie In You - 01/09/13 06:17 AM

If you're anything like me, then you're a foodie. You love to experiment in your kitchen and treat your family's tastebuds to treats from around the world. If you don't know now then you should know that residents of Alpharetta, Georgia have at their hands an array of eateries boasting many different cuisines. But what about supermarkets? How much can you tantalize your tastebuds in traditional markets? Not much outside of commericial Asian and Spanish foods right? Weeellll,  yeah but a scavenger around your neighborhood might lead you to some interesting things.
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