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This drives me CRAZY!!! If you're an agent that understands this, SHOUT OUT TO THE OTHER AGENTS and HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE! Ever drive to the store and see a house that just came on the market?  And as you pull up, you notice there's no flyers.  Okay, you say to yourself, it's a new listing, no bi...
The Time is NOW! If you ask me when is a good time to buy a computer, I would respond with a question, it depends on your situation.  What is your current situation?  What exactly are you using the computer for?  Do you need it to be portable?  What kind of work do you want it to do?  Who will be...
I was coming back from lunch just hours ago when suddenly, I came across this beautiful home, it was For Sale By Owner.  I wanted the listing so I quickly wrote the information down for further research upon getting back to the office.  Then it hit me... Why don't they invent an in-dash software ...
I've been saying it and tried it once but to no avail.  And yet I believe it is the best thing for anyone in the business. I am starting a MasterMind Group in the Portland Metro Area.  The group will be anyone in the Real Estate Business, i.e. Realtors and Lenders, First Level Vendors and Provide...
At the time of this writing, I have since revamped my real estate business model to reflect the current market conditions. I have rediscovered the many reasons as to why I fell in love with this business and the many reasons I found out during the process of becoming a seasoned Realtor, why I did...
I met a wonderful mother of four wonderful kids yesterday.  She asked when would be a good time to become a Realtor?  She was interested because her family had been in the escrow business for many years. My response was that NOW is the best time in my opinion.  Why?  Why would now be a good time ...
With the current state of affairs the way they are in the Real Estate Market, it's more important than ever to work together as a collective group of Realtors. This means when we have a listing, we share them immediately.  We get them out there.  We work out circle first of course, then if that d...
Can someone point me to a really well thought out IDX solution that is not cheesy, too cheap that it looks unprofessional and also not so eye popping that it will cost an arm and leg per month? Currently I am using a map base version.  (Not to name the company) But, this company charges you 80 bu...
I am offering a 60% referral fee to any agent who refers buyers or sellers to me in the Portland Metro area.  Here's how it works... You get 40% when they buy or sell.  Then when they buy or sell again, you receive automatically an additional 20%, a total of 60%.  How's that for easy money? Pleas...
What's the newest or latest greatest software or tech toy that is making a difference in your business?

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