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When staging your home to sell, there may not be room in the budget to completely renovate each room, but doing something is always better than doing nothing at all. I have helped thousands of clients with the preparation of their home and the two bedrooms I never neglect are that of the Master B...
Getting ready to sell?? If so, take a fresh look at your home and then call on the Team of ReStyled to Sell Home Staging Experts. Here are some examples of Living Rooms that went from uninviting to rooms that say WELCOME HOME TO BUYERS LIVING ROOM BEFORE: This room boasted large windows, beautifu...
Hey Everyone, I am excited to say that a property I staged in Red Bank, NJ is being featured on the TODAY SHOW this Friday, May 14th @ 9AM!! Barbara Corcoran of the Corcoran Group will be doing a piece on Red Bank, NJ and will be talking about real estate for sale in this area.  Red Bank is a fab...
There is no better title that I can think of than this....STAGE YOUR HOME TO SELL!!!! The message is clear and simple, the results are dramatic and the time your home sits on market makes all the difference in the world! Staging is not out of reach for sellers and it is unfortunate that sellers a...
When selling your home it is important that each room show it's absolute best! Kitchens and baths are important when selling your homes as buyers will be looking for updated features in these rooms. BUT WHAT IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A BUDGET TO INVEST IN GRANITE OR NEW CABINETS, should you go for broke...
A little bit of accessorizing can go a long way when selling your home. A professional home staging expert is experienced in knowing where to place accessories around the home that will draw a buyers eye to specific selling features of the home. Too often, homes are either under accessorized or o...
When selling your home it is important to remember that your tastes and ideas of how your home should be shown will always be very different from the professional opinion of a home staging expert. LR BEFORE....This home was newly remodeled but the seller was afraid that putting furniture in the r...
As a professional Home Staging Expert I have the privilege of helping hundreds of sellers with the preparation of their home. I find it fun and challenging, but in the end it is always rewarding as we hear of the great news that another house sold and sold quickly. When staging your home to sell ...
How important is it for you to stage your home PRIOR TO LISTING?? As a seller, you may think it is not necessary because your house shows well, or it is so minimally priced that staging is NOT something you would be able to afford. Before you cast the idea of staging your home aside, please take ...
I have always said this in the past and it still holds true today. The worst thing a client can do when selling their home is NOTHING!! Even a little preparation can go a long way. Over the past several weeks we have had the opportunity to work with many sellers in the preparation and staging of ...

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