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 If you have not been convinced before if Staging your house for sale will be worth it, then please read on. Here is an email I just received from one of my clients.  Hi PhyllisI thought you would want to know that we have sold our home.  Thank you for your help - I am certain that the improvemen...
Today I finally completed my friend Nick's house. We would laugh and talk about how I would stage his "bachelor pad" when he got ready to sell. He always dreamed of buying his house on the water. Unfortunately his dream never came true and I wasn't laughing when I staged his house.My friend Nick ...
Today I awoke early and dressed and was out the door. I had a staging to go to, but this one was different. Oh it began like most stagings. I first starting putting away items that did not belong, like blow dryers and mouthwash on the bathroom counters and shoes by the front door, just to name a ...
Well, okay maybe that is not entirely true. As a professional Home Stager I do come and help you clear out your clutter and reorganize and restyle your space, but a little elbow grease and prep work from the seller is ALWAYS a welcomed rendition!Here is how Home Staging can take your home from cl...
I staged a house last week in Flemington, NJ and one of the nicest features of this house (there were many) was the wonderful Master Bedroom with a fireplace that warmed you up at night when lying in bed, but a fireplace that you could gaze at while soaking in your large tub.When I first arrived ...
In today's competitive Real Estate Market it is important that you stage your home so that each room has a purpose. Buyers need to see how the room can be used and then envision themselves living there. In this home that I recently staged, the dining room was not a large room but with a few key p...
Since I started my company ReStyled to Sell Home Staging I have found some things that work when staging and some things that I simply cannot live without. I have my little black bag packed with goodies that MUST accompany me on every job.I could NOT live without my rubberbands and pushpins. I al...
When preparing your home for sale, consider EVERY SPACE that could be valuable to a potential buyer. In this home that was recently staged by ReStyled to Sell, it was more about decluttering and giving it a purpose other than storage for the kid's toys.Now boys have their space and little girls h...
Today I staged a large home in Flemington, NJ. This was a unique situation as it was an occupied home with a few areas that needed rental furniture. The homeowner had really beautiful things and the colors on the wall were perfect. This home had some neat features like a dual sided wall fireplace...
As inventory for the real estate market continues to grow, more realtors and sellers alike are calling upon the services of a professional home stager. Realtors have begun to use Home Staging as part of their marketing strategy which is very wise. But I am still finding that while the popularity ...

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