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Did you ever walk into a house and ask the question...what's this room suppose to be? I know that we all have and if we have to ask that question, then you know the buyers are going to be confused. So what do you do with a long, narrow room that is vacant?   When staging a long narrow room like t...
Yesterday I staged a house that was a bit small but completely renovated from top to bottom. A buyer could simply just move in and place their furniture. They don't even need to paint. All three bathrooms were completely renovated and the house had brand new carpeting and tile floors throughout. ...
Okay I am bragging...that is a mother's right. I just had to show you all the birthday cake that my daughter made my little Giovanni. She is sooooo talented. The cakes that she makes (all from scratch) are so incredibly delicious as well.Here it is....yes that is ALL CAKE and ALL EDIBLE.. I guess...
On August 22nd I got a call from a realtor I know and she asked if I can do an EMERGENCY staging, has that ever happened to you?? Here was the scenario. The house was sold and a week from the closing date the deal died because the house underappraised. Not surprising in this market.Anyway, the bu...
As more and more vacant homes are on linguering on the market, many spec builders are faced with the reality that they must stage in order to present their homes in a positive manner to buyers. Here is their dilemma...should they rent for a year or purchase outright?Let's look at some of the good...
We all know that Less is More when it comes to staging a home for sale. We should make the space take centerstage and not have the stuff be the only thing that buyers notice. I notice something interesting and wanted to bring it to your attention. I never watch the Style Network Fashion shows, ju...
Have you ever asked yourself the question what is the difference between a Staged Home and Builders Model Home? Let's look at the purpose of each...A builder's model home is specifically decorated to show off all the upgrades and of course make each home appealing so that buyers will fall in love...
Well, once again home stagers everywhere can say thank you to HGTV for giving us publicity and educating sellers about the benefits of home staging for a quick sale. There is just one problem!Designed to Sell is one of many shows on HGTV that teaches sellers how to prepare their home for sale. Ev...
Every homeowner at one time or another have placed a mirror in a well strategic area to reflect more light and expand the space. It is true that mirrors can make a space seem larger. But while that concept remains true, a mirror will also reflect what is opposite of it, right? So, think about thi...
You heard the old saying that a shoemakers kids goes without shoes, right?? Well that saying is ringing true for this home stager. Over the past few months, Home Staging and it's popularity has increased 10 fold. That is all anyone is talking about and let's face it.... it is GREAT for those of u...

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