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These words are music to my ears. But let me start from the beginning which might take a little convincing.As I mentioned, I recently returned from a much needed Carribean cruise. While it is always hard to not think about work, I guess we as professionals are always speaking about our work. Such...
How many times have you entered into your clients bathroom and were faced with the dreaded GRAY TILED BATHROOM??? Well, I have to confess more than once, but not more than the BLUE TILED bathroom. So what's a stager to do? Here is a before pic of a bathroom that I recently staged. While you canno...
When you are ready to sell your home, your home must first become a "Product" to sell and market. Turning it back into just a HOUSE  is exactly what a Professional Home Stager will need to do so your realtor can successfully market it.Here is a scenario to think about...When you trade in your use...
After returning from a 9 day cruise, it was back to work as usual and I must admit it was TOUGH!! I had endless days of sunning, reading and definitely over eating. Anyone that has been on a cruise can testify to that. I enjoyed taking the time to read a good book and I read the life story of Pau...
Well everyone I am writing this blog because I just returned from vacation. A wonderful vacation actually. A 9 day family cruise to the caribbean. While this has been my first vacation in 4 years I do not have to tell you that it was very much needed. BUT AT THE SAME TIME, HOW DOES ONE FIND THE T...
Let's face it, Staging is the new buzz word and everyone thinks they can stage. Here was a perfect example of what just happened to me.About 2 weeks ago I ran into an old neighbor from good ole Staten Island in the supermarket. She started to ask about my life and asked what I am doing now and I ...
I have come across a certain problem, road block, if you may, in my business. What is it?? It is my website.When I began my business 2 years ago, I immediately started staging houses and had a small website designed so I can refer customers to it, if asked. Since then I have had 3 different web d...
I was sorting through my paperwork yesterday and came up with a list I had typed for myself about a year ago. I felt this was worth sharing with all1. Always answer your phone. if your business phone is your cell phone, always answer it in a professional manner. Remember, clients are shopping aro...
As a professional Home Stager, we are often times faced with the undaunting challenge of trying to make something beautiful out of something chaotic and may at times could things have gotten so out of control??I have seen many homes that have had MAJOR challenges and wondered how cou...
Do you remember a time when NO ONE knew what HOME STAGING was? I do! I remember in the early days of my business I found it difficult to market because I had to come up with words that described what I could accomplish in a home to help it to sell, BUT NEVER MENTION THE WORDS HOME STAGING...WHY??...

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