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Seems like a simple question, right? As a professional home staging expert I ask this to many sellers because when it comes time to prepare your home for sale...MOST SELLERS ARE RESISTANT TO DO WHAT THEY NEED TO DO IN ORDER TO SELL!!! First, you must remember that the way you live in your home an...
I ask you this question, because the builder I just finished working with is asking himself this question. He is kicking himself because he cannot believe the difference staging his home has made and he is sorry he did not stage months ago. Everytime your house is shown is an opportunity to sell ...
What do you do when buyers complain that your home does not offer enough living space? Do you think of knocking down walls and adding on?? I certainly hope not! Instead you should be seriously considering the services of a professional home stager...Enter the team of ReStyled to Sell Home Staging...
Awhile back I wrote a blog..STAGING FOR THE RICH AND FAMOUS, WILL YOU KNOW IT? I DIDN'T. I have repeated this blog below and you will notice that I never mentioned the client's name because I felt it was important to keep his private life, private. But tonight I heard the shocking news that this ...
Here is a project we worked on in Linden, NJ. The units are beautifully done and when we asked what the demographics were, we were told young, first time buyers and older professionals. OKAY SO WE NEED TO APPEAL TO BUYERS WITH A LITTLE TRADITIONAL FLAIR AND A LITTLE MODERN EDGE...Here is what we ...
Okay, okay you have heard me say it thousands of times, REMOVE THE WALLPAPER, buyers don't want to deal with it...wallpaper is like getting a tatoo, it is a great idea at the time but a painful process to remove!! SO WHY DID I WALLPAPER THIS ROOM?? Let's take a look! OFFICE SPACE BEFORE....Too ma...
I have to give a SHOUT OUT TO MY TEAM MEMBERS on this one! On Monday morning myself and my assistants Al and Andrew showed up at this home and began the tedious task of removing wallpaper. My fabulous moving company, All Jersey Movers, were there packing, decluttering and putting the many pieces ...
Okay this was a biggy both for my team and the client. As you can see the clients were pretty overwhelmed with the prospect of preparing their home for sale. Sometimes all it takes is someone to come along with a plan and alot of helping hands. ENTER THE TEAM OF RESTYLED TO SELL..... LR BEFORE......
Today we staged a lovely home in Newark, NJ. When the sellers first called me, they were in the middle of doing many extensive renovations of the home. My client thought that she may want to stage the property herself and she actually called rental companies and had received quotes based on the i...
When the Team of ReStyled to Sell is called on a Home Staging Consultation the first thing that we look at is HOW CAN WE MAKE THEIR HOUSE COME ALIVE BY USING THEIR ITEMS...That is the most fun that we have as we search diligently through basements, closets and garages. Here is what we came up wit...

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