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Well when the walls are bare and flooring is not in you cannot stage the house. So how do you show buyers how beautiful the space can be?? SIMPLE, DRAW IT OUT FOR ALL TO SEE! ReStyled to Sell Home Staging Experts are the only staging company in NJ that offers Design Illustration. My assistant and...
We had the best time staging this fabulous condo in Bayonne today. The weather was great, the boats were sailing by and the staging plan was coming together without a hitch. Not always the case as many of you may know. This condo had an open floor plan, which for many buyers is almost impossible ...
When staging a house to sell it is so important to dress the space to make it warm and appealing to buyers. Here is home we just staged for one of our builders. By placing furniture and accessories to highlight the features of the room, this kitchen comes alive and any buyer can imagine themselv...
When staging your house to sell, oftentimes sellers think they need to get rid of their OLD, OUTDATED furniture. I SAY, NOT SO! The Team of ReStyled to Sell Home Staging Experts will work with what you have by dressing it so that is appeals to a larger number of buyers. In this master bedroom the...
This could be the biggest project that the Team of ReStyled to Sell has tackled over the past few years. A kitchen renovation that needed to be done quickly due to a burst pipe in the wall. What started out as a simple kitchen renovation, became a major project. Walls were taken down to open up t...
I have said this over a millions times...the way that you live is NOT THE WAY THAT YOU SELL! When preparing to sell your home it is so important that the way you need to present your home to potential buyers is the complete opposite of the way you have lived in your home over the last several yea...
I am amazed with all the success and popularity that Home Staging has brought to this economy, that SOME BUILDERS STILL DO NOT SEE THE VALUE IN STAGING THEIR VACANT HOMES!!! Thankfully, this builder did. WHY?? I had the pleasure of staging his private home for sale and it sold QUICKLY. His realto...
When selling your home it is SOOO IMPORTANT that each room be staged to show buyers just how large the room actually is. Poor furniture arrangement, too many items on the floors, misplaced pieces can all lend themselves to downsizing the rooms true potential. Here are just two examples of bedroom...
When selling your home it is important that each room shows beautifully. The room should welcome buyers into a space, making them feel welcomed. In this Master Bedroom, the bed seemed too large for the space because the rug and tables were not to scale. The room seemed empty and cold. All we need...
Buyers like SPACE!! But just because your home is big does not mean that the space will be warm and welcoming to a buyer. This LARGE FAMILY ROOM is the first room a buyer will see when entering this home. Is it welcoming you in?? This room has a beautiful stone fireplace and large windows that go...

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