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I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what I do as a Professional Home Staging Expert! Every home is a new adventure as we look to turn them into new creations. BUT, WHAT I LOVE MOST IS THAT, sometimes the staging can be as simple as switching out furniture from one room to another and WALLA, we have a room that wi...
So what do you do when you have a lot of living to do, and very little living space to do it in?? Take that small room and give it three different functions.... Here is a picture of a condo we staged today! Buyers could not see the room for what it could be, they only saw what it was not! For ins...
Selling your home can be a daunting process. Emotions run high and stress can overtake you as you begin to prepare your home to sell. Too many times, children are left with the task of selling their parents home. As you begin to sort through the items that have accumulated over the years, the pro...
Are buyers getting turned off because they feel they will not be able to fit their furniture in the space? In today's market it is an absolute necessity to stage vacant homes. WHY?? For the very reason I stated above! Today, I had the pleasure of staging a bedroom for Pulte Home Builders in their...
Let's face it, things are tough all over and everyone these days are concerned about the economy and the cost of living. So when a buyer sets out to buy a home the last thing they need to see is RED!! So what's the solution? PAINT OF COURSE! When selling your home it is not only important that it...
Spring is here and the real estate market is heating up. With the large amount of inventory out there for buyers to choose from it is vitally important that your pics SHINE when placing them on the MLS. SO IF YOU WERE A BUYER SHOPPING FOR A HOME VIA THE INTERNET, WHICH HOUSE WOULD YOU WANT TO SEE...
Today's real estate market is competitive and any edge you can get to help your listings move, really helps you stand out.  With your busy schedule, you can't do it all!  ReStyled to Sell  offers you the best staging resources to help you be more successful in today's fast-paced market. Continue ...
I will be the first to admit that I LOVE BOLD COLOR! I am a cedar chest red and Gold kind of girl! While these colors are rich and beautiful, they are not appropriate when you are selling your home. I remember, years ago, my sister in law and I went to look at model homes. The models were decorat...
With the right scale furniture this room WORKS!! When we were called in to give an estimate on this house, the builders were concerned about how small the LR was and what we would be able to do with it. They wanted a buyer to see this room as a sitting room that would also feel warm and welcomin...
First let me wish all my friends on AR a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. As you approach 2009 with great anticipation I would love to share a quote that has been at the core of my business model since day one IF ONE ADVANCES CONFIDENTLY IN THE DIRECTION OF HIS DREAMS AND ENDEAVORS TO...

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