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And if you did see it, were you as disappointed as I was?? I found this show to be more about "the Stagers" personalities and lives than actual staging and what goes on behind the scenes as well as the day of staging. I especially found it unreal to see how CALM everyone was most times. I don't k...
Home is a place where memories are made, and children are born and raised. Home is where the HEART IS! So why would anyone want to change that when it is time to sell that home? Isn't this what makes buyers feel all warm and fuzzy??  NO!!! As a Professional Home Staging Expert the FIRST THING I a...
When staging a home for sale I always tell my clients to update their bathrooms with paint, new shower curtains and accessories. This can be achieved very easily and for a minimal cost, but the change is HUGE and one that will always appeal to buyers. Too many times sellers think they need to upd...
NOTHING! Yes you heard right Don't Do NOTHING!! ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING! So often when meeting with clients they have had friends and neighbors over telling them things like their house is so lovely I am sure you will have no problem selling it. Your furniture looks great, your wallpaper ...
There are many aspects to being a professional home stager. First and foremost you must have a good sense of design and spacial planning. You must be creative and thrifty, as most jobs are limited in budget. BUT must be a counselor to many! Does this shock you?? Well let me give yo...
I hear this time and time again....we should have staged sooner!! SO WHY ARE SELLERS WAITING? They are afraid of losing money. Well aren't you losing money when you reduce the price of your home?? Here is an email I just received from a client: Hi! Forgive me for not keeping you in the loop.  TWO...
In today's market, so many sellers are concerned about the sale of their home so they are turning to their realtors for answers.  The realtors who are teaming up with a professional home stager are providing a valuable service to their clients and therefore  are doing all they could to help  them...
This is a little humorous story that I thought I would share with my fellow AR's. I just finished staging a home for a client as of yesterday and it was quite an experience. Let me backtrack a few days... I met with the realtor last Friday as usual for my initial consultation. The seller answered...
For the first time in a long time I had the evening off and caught up on some TV. I watched a program called Peter Perfect. Has anyone ever seen it?? It was GREAT! Peter Perfect is a well known Salon Owner and Entrepeneur who is called upon to help struggling business owners achieve their goals. ...
Here is an easy fix for that awful textured wallpaper. First you MUST have an EXCELLENT TEAM OF PAINTERS to pull this off. Upon my initial consultation, the realtor made sure to keep reminding me that SOMETHING had to be done with this bathroom. When I see wallpaper I most ALWAYS recommend removi...

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