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Okay, when using ANY room in your house for ANY OTHER purpose then what it was intended to be is always a NO NO when selling your home. In this house we staged a few weeks ago, the bedroom were being used as kind of a dumping ground for all items that the sellers could not find space for. When yo...
Time and time again when I am doing a walk through consultation with my clients I am always stressing the fact to them that if I have to ask what this room's purpose is, then for sure buyer's do NOT know how to set up their furniture. I am especially finding this to be true with the larger homes ...
In today's market the one room that most builders are concentrating their efforts on is the GREAT ROOM. The kitchen and great room are the hub of the home. The family will gather to read, watch TV and entertain. BUT WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A BUYER SEES NOTHING BUT SPACE, AND LOTS OF IT?? When I was bei...
I always tell my clients that we are STAGING their home to sell, not DECORATING their home to live. So what is my purpose as a home stager? It is my job to present that home in it's best light. We want to show a buyer how they can live with that dated kitchen or bath for a year until they can aff...
When sellers listen to their stager and their real estate agent their house will SELL and sometimes for over asking, even in today's market. Here is a blog that was written by the manager of Gloria Nilson in Middletown, NJ. I am that Stager and here are the pics of the house that sold for over as...
As a professional Home Stager it is my job to create that environment in the home that will make a buyer feel welcomed and relaxed when they view your home. One  such room is the  master bedroom. Does your master bedroom feel relaxed? Do you have an environment that is clutter free and calming?If...
To all my clients I cannot stress this point enough...keep the main thing, the main thing. What do I mean by that?  Take a look at the next picture and you will see..... A buyer's first impression of your house can make or break a deal. So what is this room? Well, it is SUPPOSE to be the living r...
Sellers today are finding it difficult to deal with the real estate market. They already are dealing with price reductions and many days on the market. Yet, the buzz is order to sell you need to have your home STAGED. So what options are open to the sellers?As a professional home stager...
I have seen a common thread in the real estate market today.....STAGING! That seems odd that as a home stager I would say that but it does seem that sellers and their agents are realizing they CANNOT LIST THEIR PROPERTY today without having it STAGED!So are you considering listing without followi...
Every home and every room can be improved with the professional services of a home stager. But as you can see in these 3 rooms, they each presented some unique challenges. My first bedroom came with built ins along the whole back wall. While the possibility of removing them was not a practical so...

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